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HTI Presentation (PowerPoint)


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HTI Presentation (PowerPoint)

  1. 1. A Market Study Presentation for<br />Presented by: <br />Olli. Lainto<br />Adriana. Mancilla<br />Charise. Mason<br />Natalya. Mogilevskaya<br />Arief. Njonoriswondo<br />Paul. Pitou<br />Erika. Raigoso<br />
  2. 2. Quick Overview of HTI<br />A recognized training institute for the British Society of Hypnotherapists.<br />Provider of 7 (seven) comprehensive training programs from therapeutic transformation to Hypno-surgery for surgeons.<br /> Note: The Institution was used as “the brand” and was promoted as a whole. <br />
  3. 3. HTI’S CUSTOMER DATA: <br />Data Based on participants in the last starter course from HTI, with a quantity of 19 students. <br />*Note that we can see that majority of HTI’s participants are women from the UK, from 35-39 and who are complementary therapists.*<br />
  4. 4. C. Mason<br /> HTI’S CUSTOMER DATA: <br />INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT PROFILES AND WHAT THEY WANT TO ACHIEVE WITH THE PROGRAM<br />**Based on data of participants in the last starter course from HTI, with a quantity of 19 students, 3 contrasting customer profiles were taken for a sample detailed profile ** <br />
  5. 5. Key Issues & Challenges of “Hypnotherapy”<br />Clients<br />Company<br />Environment<br />c<br />c<br />c<br /><ul><li>Low promotion
  6. 6. Unclear Value Selling Proposition
  7. 7. Unappealing Web-site
  8. 8. Not certified
  9. 9. Lack of recognition
  10. 10. Message targeted to a wide audience
  11. 11. Inconsistent message
  12. 12. One person training and promoting
  13. 13. Brand personality needs a refreshment
  14. 14. Poor use of social media
  15. 15. Negative image of hypnotherapy
  16. 16. Under-qualified practitioners, Charlatans, quick-fix courses
  17. 17. Lots of alternatives ways to “heal”
  18. 18. No hypnosis certifications by any government monitored branch
  19. 19. Misconceptions about what hypnosis is
  20. 20. Fear of losing control with under-qualifed practitioners
  21. 21. Lack of knowledge on the benefits and uses
  22. 22. Strong cultural barriers</li></li></ul><li>C. Mason<br />Key Objectives:<br />1. Develop a “craze” and “replicable” business model to create a new community of practitioners. <br />2. Develop a new creative concept, strong enough to stand on its own and un-attach the company from the hypnotherapy general misconceptions.<br />3. Develop a massive, low-cost, integrated marketing campaign to generate brand awareness. <br />4. Identify a global market that will pick up the “craze” and easily adapt to the new creative concept.<br />
  23. 23. Our proposed solution: <br />From the creators of:<br />Established in 1950, Recognized by:<br />
  24. 24. What is NEO?<br />Arebirth/ re-launch/ re-packaged …re-branded strategy to replace negative pre-misconceptions of “hypnotherapy”. <br />It is a fresh start to a new world… a new approach. <br />Program re-designed to help human sustainability… <br />It is HTI’s “new brand”, while HTI will be the “science” behind. <br />An ancient practice to mind purification, studied by Science and Technology. <br />
  25. 25. The NEO program <br />1. NEO Pro <br />Doctors, Dentists, Surgeons (et all medical practice)<br />2. NEO Plus <br />Wellness Gurus, Teachers (NEO as a career)<br />3. Neo Personal <br />Personal Growth, Life change, purification<br />C. Mason<br />
  26. 26. C. Mason<br />Key Approach<br />Position NEO into the growing Global Wellness Market. . .<br />Global Campaign Goal: (a healthy mind, body = healthy spirit)<br />A Healthy body and a healthy mind to an over all healthy humanity….<br />NEO shall be promoting “A healthy mind” and therefore shall align itself easily with the other existing global wellness campaigns. <br />
  27. 27. Why Wellness?<br />There is already a market and it is growing rapidly<br />Fortune 500 companies have already recognized this growing need and riding in the craze<br />People WANT to change their lifestyle<br />People are in NEED of ways on how to change their life<br />The market is already THERE…as they say… ”Fish Where The Fish Are”<br />There are already existing campaigns just waiting to be tapped and added content/information<br />Simply because a change in eating habits, regular exercise is NOT enough…a healthy mind means having to “PURIFY” one’s OVERALL ENTIRE BEING. <br />
  28. 28. Objectives & Strategies<br />Brand Vision:<br /><ul><li>NEO to be recognized as the latest craze in </li></ul>the global wellness industry. <br />Over-all Objective:<br /><ul><li>Certify NEO instructors in KEY target regions </li></ul> in UK, USA and Asia and be the people’s <br /> choice to complete their wellness journey. <br />C. Mason<br />
  29. 29. Franchising Business model<br />Develop NEO for a HIGH RECALL in the wellness industry<br />Each graduate certified by HTI will have the chance to use the image and know how of NEO.<br />Doing this will have these benefits: <br />Obtaining revenue from other works<br />Protect the discipline from malpractices <br />Gain more people talking about the brand<br />
  30. 30. C. Mason<br />Franchising Business model<br />NOTE! THIS SLIDE NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!<br />
  31. 31. Marketing Strategy <br />Mission:<br /><ul><li>Segment between different market needs
  32. 32. Develop awareness
  33. 33. Increase sales
  34. 34. Develop credibility </li></ul>C. Mason<br />
  35. 35. How are we going to create the “craze”?<br />C. Mason<br />Major Launch and tie ups into the Global Wellness industry <br />
  36. 36. C. Mason<br />Drive people to the new website from the integrated Marketing Initiatives <br />New<br />
  37. 37. C. Mason<br />Create WEBINARS and on-line sales of products, example of this is: <br />
  38. 38. Content Publishing<br /><ul><li>Publish articles through blog and forums and Social media
  39. 39. Content targeted for each NEO product market segment
  40. 40. Articles on different levels of difficulty
  41. 41. Practical exercises
  42. 42. Content written from current and ex students and John Buttler’s
  43. 43. Having Webinars
  44. 44. Have past Webcast that would be downloadable at a small price for non- students
  45. 45. Tie ups with known wellness practitioners
  46. 46. Align with big company wellness campaigns </li></li></ul><li>SEO Optimisation:<br /><ul><li>Appear at the top of the Google rankings.
  47. 47. Headline and link text reflecting the editorial content: primary, secondary and tertiary.
  48. 48. Previews of 200-400 word articles will work as a good entry method to the full-length articles.
  49. 49. Use synonymous in different parts of the web page.
  50. 50. Add different applications hosted on the web such as Flickr, Google maps or blogging services such as
  51. 51. Create links, inbound and back links, to the main page of the website and to the different content material on the site.Link-building will based on high relevancy, legitimacy and quality.
  52. 52. We will make NEO page the “hubs” to all all of the alumni related sites and of sitemap pages.</li></li></ul><li>SEO Key wording<br />Therapeutic solutions<br />Trauma/traumatic experiences/shocks<br />Relaxation/stress<br />NLP<br />John Butler<br />Empowering people<br />Goals achievement<br />hypnosis/hypnotism/hypnotic<br />Weight loss<br />stop smoking<br />Relieve stress and anxiety<br />Remove fears and phobias<br />Break habits and addictions<br />Gain confidence and motivation<br />Overcome sadness and depression <br />Improve sleep<br />Overcome problems etc….<br />Wider consumer interests<br />well-being<br />improve lives<br />alternative career<br />help others<br />personal growth and development<br />healing body<br />conscious/sub-conscious<br />clinical professionals<br />medicine skills provider<br />Nature<br />Enlightenment<br />
  53. 53. C. Mason<br /><ul><li>Reach: There are 28 million users in UK and 130 million in the US
  54. 54. Reasons for using it:
  55. 55. Its exponential reach
  56. 56. Getting endorsement from those who have experienced it.
  57. 57. Easy to segment according to interest.
  58. 58. Activities:
  59. 59. Place an advertisement.
  60. 60. The like button at HTI web page.
  61. 61. Fanpage with little articles about personal growth.
  62. 62. “gain financial success with creative mind power”
  63. 63. “Wondering minds lead to unhappiness”
  64. 64. “stopping smoking is easier than it looks like”
  65. 65. Post past “webinars” at the photo profile tab.
  66. 66. At the end of every week we will track how many people was attracted by the article or subject of discussion. </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Reach: 3 million professional in Uk.
  67. 67. Reasons for using it:
  68. 68. Measure the interest of business people communities in topics related to business growth.
  69. 69. Sell small articles and business related bibliography.
  70. 70. Topics:</li></ul>“gain financial success with creative mind power<br />“Why today´s managers fail?”<br />“Set your mind to achieve your goals”<br />“Couch yourself to succeed”<br />“Empower your team”<br />“Achieve personal and professional advancement”<br />
  71. 71. <ul><li>Reach: Twitter has approximately 106 million users
  72. 72. Reasons for using it:
  73. 73. Maintain strong ties to our community of alumni and partners.
  74. 74. Keep sending people to the website
  75. 75. Activities:
  76. 76. Develop 3 segment groups
  77. 77. Alert about new articles releases (once a week)
  78. 78. Remind followers about the webinar they subscribed to attend
  79. 79. Give away to customers codes they can plug in in order to get discounts in the e-library.
  80. 80. Maintain the community of “franchisers” informed about new members or new resources.
  81. 81. Respond quick questions about the services.</li>