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  • Question 4 powerpoint

    2. 2. MEDIA TECHNOLOGIESThe use of media technologies has played a important role in my research, planning and construction. Without them, my products wouldn’t look professional or be successful. They have not only gave me with different ways to present my work, but allowed me to gain experience in new software and technologies such as Photoshop, Final Cut and Garage Band.
    3. 3. PHOTOSHOPThroughout the process of creating my trailer, magazine coverand poster, I used Photoshop constantly, helping me increase mylittle knowledge of the software and also to create high qualityproducts. After using Photoshop for a number of months, I havebecame more confortable using the software and feel like I havea standard amount of knowledge using the software. To create myposter, I used Photoshop to insert my main image and edit it tolook more professional. I also used the software to createinteretitles for my trailer and the layout of my magazine cover. Ioften used the Lasso Tool to cut my images and place them onmy poster/magazine cover. I then would edit these images byadjusting the brightness or contrast the colour, making themstand out from the rest of the page. I also used the text tool,shape tool and fill tool on my products. Without Photoshop, Iwould have been unable to construct my products at aprofessional and successful level.
    4. 4. ADOBE PREMIERE PROThe use of Adobe Premiere Pro as enabled me to create a horror trailerto a professional, highest standards possible. At the beginning of thecourse, alongside Photoshop, I had little knowledge of the software,however, as a group, we filmed and edited a practice trailer at thebeginning of the year, allowing me to learn the basics. I am nowultimately aware of editing technologies Adobe Premiere Pro has tooffer as I have used video filters effectively when editing my trailer. Notonly has Adobe Premiere Pro helped me produce my trailer, but alsoallowed me to use the software effectively for my evaluation questionone. I have learnt to perform various things such as editing the footageby adding effects, such as fading, brightness and colour effects. Once Iwas pleased with my final products, I could easily export my productionas a QuickTime Movie which changed my work into a mov. File,allowing me to upload my trailer to This allowed me toalso gain feedback from viewers by the use of AdobePremiere Pro allowed me to insert sound effects and place them on mytimeline to play efficiently to my footage, making the production moreprofessional. It was easy to insert intertitles which I designed usingPhotoshop as an image, making my trailer overall stand out.
    5. 5. FACEBOOKIn order to receive feedback on my trailer, magazinecover and poster, I uploaded each product toFacebook allowing the public to freely comment onmy print products and production. Each individualgave both positive and negative feedback, allowingme to make improvements to my products if needed.Facebook also allowed me to easily keep in touchwith my actresses and actors, informing them of theproducts progress and if they were needed forfootage and images. The use of uploaded myproducts to Facebook also is a method of promotion,allowing a wide range of audiences to witness mytrailer and pay attention to my print products.
    6. 6. IMACSMedia studies gave me unlimited access to a Mac whichallowed me to have access to a range of softwares onlysuitable for iMacs such as Final Cut Pro, Photoshop andPhotobooth. The use a Mac has also allowed me to keep upto date with my work and check on my progress with up todate softwares.PHOTO BOOTHPhoto Booth has allowed me to upload numerous videos ofmyself and others giving feedback on my products, allowing meto take in others opinions and make adjustments to myproducts. This has been important for my development andplanning of my products. Photo Booth also saves time ratherthan using a camcorder as each video saves directly to yourMac, allowing them to be easily accessible and used. However,many people didn’t feel comfortable talking to the Mac withPhoto Booth which made feedback limited.
    7. 7. POWERPOINT Microsoft PowerPoint has enabled me show my intentions in comparison to a blog post. PowerPoint has also helped me use different technologies for my evaluation, presenting my ideas in many different ways possible. PowerPoint also always me to develop my ideas in a clean, more sophisticated way other than Microsoft Word, Prezi and Photo Booth. PREZIPrezi has also allowed me to present my work in a different way,however, prezi can be hard to use but makes work look moreneat and professional. As Prezi is like a mind map, it has allowedme to build ideas gradually for research and planning. Prezi ismost definitely and professional way to present work as it allowsyou to go into detail as well as inserting images, videos from filesand youtube and links to various sites. Prezi allows you to buildyour information and transfer information to conclude ideas. Thisallows me to show my fellow student and teachers my progressand how my work is growing.
    8. 8. SLIDESHARESlide Share is another website which has allowed me topresent my finding in a new method and has allowed me toupload my PowerPoint Presentations and upload them intomy blog. This makes my presentations easily assessablethrough and to be witnessed by others. Theprogramme also saves PowerPoint that’s you upload if youneed to return to them. GOOGLEGoogle has been a useful tool for my research andplanning as the search engine allowed me to access anumber of other successful products and numerouswebsites. It also allowed me to search for images tocompare my own products too, allowing me to build myproducts even further by making them look more detailedlike professional products. This has allowed me to build myideas and intentions gradually.
    9. 9. YOUTUBEYoutube has allowed me to look at other mediaproducts from previous students from my own collegeand other colleges, this helped me learn theconventions of the genre and also allowed me to buildmy ideas. Youtube also enabled me to witnessprofessional trailer so I could compare my ownproducts to those which have been successful. At thebeginning of the year, I had to make a youtubeaccount, which allowed me to upload my product forfuture media students to witness along side the public,allowing me to gain further feedback. Youtube hasbeen beneficial throughout my research as I have usedit constantly.
    10. 10. BLOGGERBlogger has be very beneficial throughout the processof my studies. It has allowed me to upload all aspects ofmy research and ideas and has helped me keep up todate with all of my assignments. I now have outstandingknowledge of blogger and know what it has to offer tomy studies. It has allowed me to present my work in aprofessional manor. Blogger has allowed me to createdetailed posts and also insert other methods ofpresenting work in a more professional way.
    11. 11. GRABThe Grab Tool has allowed me to screen print my progressthroughout. Enabling me to insert images of my progresswith Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and othersoftwares, which allows me to show others how I builttowards my final product in a neat, professional has become a website which I have usedregularly throughout my work, allowing me to downloaddifferent fonts for my products, making them stand out to mytarget audience as much as possible. I used toresearch different fonts and debate whether they were usefulor not for my chosen genre. Overall, this website as allowedme to use a range of different font styles, to build my productsand to allow them to look as professional as they can be.
    12. 12. VIDEO CAMERAThe use of a video camera as allowed my trailer to besuccessful, without it, my production would have failed. It hasallowed me to take ideas from my development and planningand turn them into a production, enabling me to create a traileras professional as possible. A video camera is an easy,portable way to take all footage in the most professional andeasy manor, allowing all scenes to be clear and detailed.TRIPODA Tripod allowed me to ensure the production of my trailer wassuccessful, by making sure every single shot was steady andsmooth, making each scene more professional.
    13. 13. CAMERAThe use of a camera has allowed me to take photographof my progress, whether is were costume and make upor location. It has allowed me to research differentpotential areas to use for my trailer and also enabled meto have professional looking images for my printproducts.