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RIO Tinto TV

  1. 1. 3/355  S&rling  Highway  Claremont  WA  6010  Ph:  08  9284  4111  Email:  
  2. 2. Rio Tinto TV Proposal 10/11/11 ! Right   now   many   companies   around   the   world   are   u&lising   video   as   a   means   of   communica&on   of   key   messages   to   their   staff,   stakeholders   and  the  community.     Video   offers   a   unique   way   to   communicate   tailored   messages   to   a   target   audience   with   higher   engagement   levels   than   text,   images   or   audio  recordings,  second  only  to  direct  verbal  communica&on.   But  how  can  a  company  organise  and  distribute  their  video  content,  on   demand  and  around  the  world,  in  a  safe,  structured  and  cost  effec&ve   way?   And  what  benefits  are  there  for  the  viewer  other  than  just  watching  a   video?  
  3. 3. About Nutwork! Nutwork   was   formed   in   2005   and   is   owned   and   run   by   local   West   Australians   from   its   head   office   in   Claremont.   It   offers   a   full   range   of   web   and   digital   products   to   its   client   base   which   includes   private,   public,   government  and  not-­‐for-­‐profit  sectors.   Nutwork  is  the  company  behind  several  innova&ve  web  projects  including   the   Loconut   Social   Network   that   has   in   excess   of   50,000   members   and   the   Loco   TV   online   television   sta&on   that   has   delivered   over   4   million   video  views  since  its  incep&on  in  2009.   Nutwork,  via  its  sister  company  Out  Of  The  Box  Produc&ons  (OOTB),  also   produces   high   quality   television   and   video   content   for   free   to   air,   cable   and  internet  TV  broadcast.   Nutwork  is  close  to  the  Australian  Mining  Industry  as  the  web  and  digital   partner  of  AMEC,  the  Associa&on  of  Mining  and  Explora&on  Companies.   Nutwork   was   recently   commissioned   to   produce   a   new   online   presence   for  AMEC.    
  4. 4. Assumptions made ! •  Rio  Tinto  produces  regular  video  content   •  It  believes  that  video  can  be  used  to  communicate   strong  messages  to  targeted  audiences   •  It  sees  value  in  broadcas&ng  that  video  to  select  groups   within  and  outside  the  organisa&on     •  It  is  a  market  leader  in  its  uptake  of  and  uses  to  its   advantage    innova&ve  digital  solu&ons   •  It  does  not  currently  have  a  system  that  operates  in  the               ways  introduced  in  this  document.      
  5. 5. Examples of video content! Progressive   companies   around   the   world   are   u&lising   video   for   many   internal  and  external  purposes  including  but  not  limited  to   •  Recruitment   •  Induc&on   •  Site  tours   •  Health  and  safety  training   •  Formal  and  informal  company  communica&ons   •  Marke&ng  and  media  promo&on   •  Employee  generated  video   •  Shareholder  and  community  interest  content  
  6. 6. Why a TV Station?!Having  its  own  TV  sta&on  will  allow  Rio  Tinto  to  enjoy  many  benefits  that  can  not  be  achieved  by  housing  video  content  on    one  or  more  intranets,  company  websites  or  third  party  video  sharing  websites  like  YouTube.     A  central  hub  to  store  all  of  the  video  content  produced,  whatever  category  it  may  fit   in   to.   The   company   has   many   videos   stored   in   different   loca&ons   and   in   different   formats   including   on   DVD,   company   intranets,   company   websites   and   external   websites   including   Youtube.   Housing   all   company   produced   video   content   in   one   loca&on   via   one   simple   FTP   upload   means   employees   will   know   where   to   find   video   content  and  ensures  it  will  not  get  lost  over  &me.     It’s  a  great  communica7ons  tool  for  the  organisa&on  as  all  management  and    staff  can   view   “general   audience”   videos   whilst   using   the   plaform   to   view   another   video.   For   example,  a  new  employee  must  enter  the  Rio  Tinto  TV  sta&on  to  view  an  induc&on  video   and  whilst  there,  in  front  of  their  eyes  can  be  recommended  videos  of  recent  company   events,  a  tour  of  a  new  opera&on,  internal  promo&onal  videos  such  as  social  events,  the   Mine  TV  video  newsleger  and  many  others.  
  7. 7. Why a TV Station?!Each   video   and   each   channel   can   be   limited   to   different   internal   or   external   user   groups.   For   instance,   a  mine   site   tour   video   may   be   available   to   all   staff   via   a   password   protected   page.   Or   a   safety   video   may   be  made  available  to  contractors  by  simply  emailing  them  login  details.  There  may  be  a  media  channel  where  approved   media   can   access   specific   content.   There   may   even   be   a   channel   for   shareholders   or   for   the   public,  accessible  by  anyone  at  any  &me.  This  permissions  system  is  a  simple  “check  box”  where    videos  or    channels  can  be  selected  so  access  levels  can  be  totally  controlled,  making  it  a  safe  and  confiden&al  system.       The   system   can   be   pla<orm   agnos7c,   meaning   the   content   can   be   viewed   on   any   web   connected   device   including   a   PC   or   Mac,   tablet   or   mobile   phone,   a   web   connected   TV   or   even   through   a   connected   gaming   console.   It’s   not   about   siing   at   a   desk   watching   video.   This   system   can  be  where  the  employees  are,  any  place,  any  &me  (subject  to  internet  connec&on).   There’s   func7onality   to   run   adver7sements,   whether   management   messages,   those   from   staff   social   clubs   or   Rio   Tinto   suppliers.   These   adver&sements   can   include   sta&c   display   banners,  video  pre-­‐roll  and  mid-­‐roll  or  text  links.  These  adver&sing  spaces  can  even  be  sold  to   companies   that   wish   to   be   in   front   of   the   eyes   of   this   great   cap&ve   audience.   Ul&mately,   it   is   a   simple   way   to   either   mone&se   the   system   by   selling   some   of   these   ads   or   allow   the   company,  suppliers  and  staff  reach  out  to  all  users  of  the  TV  sta&on  at  no  cost.      
  8. 8. Why a TV Station?! Employees   can   get   involved.   There   can   be   one   or   more   dedicated   channels   for   employee   content.  Fun  stuff,  social  events,  compe&&ons,  amazing  things  employees  do  in  their  &me  off.   Giving  employees  ownership  of  part  of  the  TV  sta&on  will  encourage  them  to  use  it  and  could   generate  some  remarkable  content  that  becomes  “the  talk  of  Rio  Tinto”.       Control   and   customisa7on.   There   are   many   op&ons   to   customise   the   service   for   specific   Rio   Tinto  needs.                              Rio  Tinto  TV  is  easy  to  operate.  It’s  a  turn-­‐key  video  solu&on.  Authorised  admins  can  simply  upload  videos  to  an  FTP  site  or  central  loca&on,  add  a  short  descrip&on,  &ck  the  access  levels  and    leave  the  rest  to  us.  Compression  for  delivery,  upload  and  access  levels  will  be  implemented  and  monthly  sta&s&cs  will  be  provided  as  to  each  video’s  popularity.
  9. 9. Rio TV Home Page example! !   ①  One  large  featured   video  with  3  others  on   rota&on.  This  always   gives  the  page  a  fresh   look  and  allows   certain  content  to  be   promoted  by  choice   ②  8  addi&onal  videos   shown  as  new  or   popular  videos,   encouraging  viewers   to  watch  spend  more   &me  watching   ③  Adver&sement  space   for  management,   employee  or  supplier   use,  free  or  for  sale   ④  Login/Registra&on  box   and  search  func&on   ⑤  Simple  naviga&on  
  10. 10. Channel Page example! !   ①  User  selects  channel   category  from  a  number  of   op&ons   ②  Each  channel  can  then  be   broken  down  into  “series”   which  have  their  own   “episodes”.  For  example,   Induc&on  Channel  can  be   broken  down  into  each   mine  site,  followed  by  each   func&on  and  loca&on  on  the   site.   ③  Channels  can  be  made   private  or  public  based  on   passwords  or  login   creden&als            
  11. 11. Video Page example! !   ①  A  player  for  the  viewer  to   watch  video  with  standard   func&onality  of  play,   pause,  forward  and  back.     ②  This  video  can  be   password  protected  if   required   ③  Video  plays  via  a  global   Content  Distribu&on   Network  so  it  is  viewed   from  a  local  server  ie   person  in  London  is  having   video  served  from  London   ④  4  Recommended  videos   based  on  videos  of    similar   content  to  the  one  being   watched  plus  adver&sing   space     ⑤  Every  video  view  is   counted  and  provided  in   monthly  repor&ng  
  12. 12. Pricing Structure!There  are  two  components  to  the  pricing  structure  of  this  product.     1.  Price  to  design,  develop  and  launch  the  TV  Sta&on  itself.  This  price  normally  sits  in  the  range  of  $5000  -­‐  $10,000,                                       dependent  on  the  features  selected  and  the  level  of  customisa&on  required.  This  is  a  once  only  cost  and  will  be   confirmed  and  detailed  at  the  formal  quo&ng  stage  (next  stage).  2.  Monthly  fees.  These  fees  start  at  $1200  per  month  and  cover  costs  including:  •  Video  conversion  and  uploads  •  All  hos&ng  and  bandwidth  costs  •  Upload  of  adver&sements  •  Monthly  analy&cs  on  sta&on,  page  and  video  use  •  Maintenance  hours  included  for  trouble-­‐shoo&ng  •  Addi&onal  graphic  design  and  video  adver&sement  produc&on  services  available        
  13. 13. How We Work!Following   appointment,   Nutwork   will   project  manage  the  en&re  process  for  you.  We   will   then   prepare   a   project   scoping  document   which   outlines   all   of   our  milestones,  their  costs  and  deliverable  dates.  We   offer   a   fixed   pricing   guarantee   for   all   of  our   project   work.   Project   varia&ons   can   be  accommodated  and  quoted  for  if  requested.  Our   project   lifecycle   workflow   is   shown   on  this  page.  
  14. 14. Thank You!The  team  at  Nutwork  wish  to  thank  you  for  taking  the  &me  to  consider  this  proposal.  We  look  forward  to  hearing  from  you  when  you  have  had  the  &me  to  review  and  consider.  Should   you   require   any   further   further   informa&on,   contact  Alex  Blain  –  details  supplied  below.  Thank  you,  Alex  Blain  Director,    Nutwork    08  9284  4111  0438  007  155  3/355  S&rling  Hwy  Claremont  WA  6010