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Egg3 | CRM fails. Really?


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6 reasons why CRM project might fail and what to do about it. Based on an interview of Dr. Stan Maklan (follow him here:

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Egg3 | CRM fails. Really?

  1. 1. CRM FAILS. Really?
  2. 2. @egg3be
  3. 3. CRM.finds success in Not Why is this the case? Dr Stan Maklan, a strategic marketing specialist, shares his insights on why CRM fails. everyone
  4. 4. Thinking that a software manipulating customer data can also help you ‘manipulate’ customers 1 What went wrong:
  5. 5. Understand what your customers want, what they value, and what triggers them to action. What to do about it: Getting a software to do CRM does not guarantee your control over customers. To begin with, managing customers is a challenge because customers can’t manage themselves.
  6. 6. 2 What went wrong: Assuming that you already know what data you need to know about your customers
  7. 7. Stop assuming, start listening. Invest in knowing your customers first by grabbing data about each interaction. What to do about it: Some companies forego customer research thinking that they know what market information they need. Realty is: you can only relate what you are always observing..
  8. 8. 3Investing huge sums of money right from the start What went wrong:
  9. 9. Start much smaller, bottom-up, one iteration at the time, learn and do, learn and do, learn and do. What to do about it: Traditionally, you set the budget, show the projections, and hope profit comes as predicted. But CRM is different: spend some money to learn what you have to learn, see what you find out, and then add more funding based on the results achieved so far.
  10. 10. 4 What went wrong: Wanting a simple solution
  11. 11. Realize that CRM relies on capability-building and a contingent benefit approach; therefore, the solution will not be as neat as you’d like. What to do about it: Companies rarely want complicated solutions, but in customer management —especially with investments in social media— these can’t be avoided.
  12. 12. 5 What went wrong: Not putting enough trust in your people
  13. 13. If you’re a top manager, you have be more of a supporter than a controller. What to do about it: A CRM deployment is about learning from customers, experimenting, learning, doing, moving, changing, [and] building a team with the capabilities to enhance your relationship with customers. Working in CRM mostly requires managing up rather than handing directives from above.
  14. 14. 6 What went wrong: Expecting quick returns
  15. 15. Just give your investments time to grow. What to do about it: Sales cycles vary: cars are not purchased as often as tissues. So, depending on your industry, getting enough data about customers may or may not take a long time, affecting how quickly you can start leverage your CRM investments.
  16. 16. More information: Oliver Caeymaex CRM Consultant Thank you for your Agile attention