Market research completed report


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Market research completed report

  1. 1. Olivia LyonsAdvanced PortfolioMarket ResearchQuestionnaires Completed and Analysed Market Research- Questionnaires Completed and AnalysedTo establish the audience’s preference for the genre, narrative and story line, for the shortfilm I am going to make, I carried out a market research task. I used a primary researchmethod and created a short film questionnaire of 11 questions and asked 10 people to fill itout. I then compared my results and put the data I collected into pie charts. I designed myquestionnaire with both multiple choice answers as well as an answer that the individualcan answer specifically; this allowed me to collect both quantitative and qualitative data. 1. What gender are you? Gender Male Female
  2. 2. Olivia LyonsAdvanced PortfolioMarket ResearchQuestionnaires Completed and AnalysedMy results show that I collected research from both males and females, allowing me to get anopinion from both sexes on their preferences in relation to film. Because of this I have anunderstanding of what both males and females want to see in a short film so I am going to make myfilm appeal to both as a target audience, by using the rest of my market research. 2. How old are you? Age 16-20 21-30 31-40 40+The average age range of the people who completed my short film questionnaire were 16-20 year olds, so this is the age I now have more of an understanding with on short films.Because of this, this is the age group that I am going to target my film at. In order to makethe film popular with this age group I will include local slang and humour that will beunderstood and appreciated by 16-20 year olds. 3. What is your occupation? Occupation Full Time Part Time Unemployed Student
  3. 3. Olivia LyonsAdvanced PortfolioMarket ResearchQuestionnaires Completed and Analysed 4. What is your preferred film genre? Preffered Film Genre Horror Comedy Action Thriller Romance Sci-fi OtherFrom the primary research I carried out I found that the preferred genre, for the age range Iam targeting my short film at, is comedy. In order to make my film a successful comedy I amgoing to encode clear conventions of the genre so that it meets the audience’s expectationsand creates agreement with what the code means, decoding a preferred reading. However,as a high percentage said their preferred genre was romance I am going to combine the twoand make the film a hybrid genre (rom-com) in order for the film to have as much success aspossible. This could create a negotiated reading with the audience as they may not like thechallenge of accepting both genres in one film. I will encode clear conventions of bothgenres, for example, likeable and down to earth characters, a boy and a girl who are usuallydifferent in some way e.g. one being geeky and one being popular. 5. How many films do you watch per week? Films per Week 0 Films 1 to 3 4 to 7 8+
  4. 4. Olivia LyonsAdvanced PortfolioMarket ResearchQuestionnaires Completed and Analysed 6. How do you usually watch films? Usually Watch Films DVDs TV Internet Netflix/LoveFilm OtherMy research reflected on the change of consumption in media. The results show that over half of thepeople I based my research on stream the films they watch off the internet. The rise in the use ofweb 2 technologies such as YouTube and Let Me Watch This to watch Films and listen to music hasled to less people consuming media in the traditional ways, such as buying DVD’s and CD’s which hasled to high street stores such as HMV and Zavigoing into liquidation. Consuming media off theinternet is much more convenient and isn’t as time consuming as having to go to the shops to buy it.Because of this I am going to distribute my film over the internet and put it onto YouTube as this iswhere it is more likely to be watched, other than producing copies of it onto a DVD. 7. How much would you be willing to pay for a film? Price £4-£8 £9-£12 £13-£15 £15+
  5. 5. Olivia LyonsAdvanced PortfolioMarket ResearchQuestionnaires Completed and AnalysedAs I am targeting my short film at younger people, between the ages of 16-20, I don’t wantto make the price of it too expensive as this could put people off buying it. After looking atthe data I collected I decided a suitable price for my film would be £7. This would mean thateveryone I based my research on would be willing to pay the price for the film. 8. How do you prefer a film to end? Ending Happy Tragedy Cliff-hangerThe results I collected show that 80% of the people I asked prefer a film to have a happyending. As my film is going to be a rom-com, this is the ending I am going to use, as it is whatis expected by the audience. By having the film end happily I am meeting the audience’sexpectations of a rom-com, which will then decode a preferred reading. 9. How do you prefer a film to be structured? Structure Linear Non-linearMy results shows that the majority of people I based my research on prefer a film to bestructured with a linear narrative, meaning everything happens in chronological order.
  6. 6. Olivia LyonsAdvanced PortfolioMarket ResearchQuestionnaires Completed and AnalysedHowever, after looking at the ideas generation I decided I liked the idea of having cut backsto events in the past, in order to include aspects of comedy, which would make the filmhave a non-linear structure. As this could position the audience into having an oppositionalreading (encoding/decoding model), I am also going to use a stream of consciousnessstructure in order for the audience to have a personal identity with the film (uses andgratifications)to ensure it is still enjoyed. This structure is a technique that presents thethoughts and feelings of a character as they are continuous throughout the text, theaudience may be able to find themselves reflected in the text or learn behaviours and valuesfrom the text which would mean they had created a personal identity. 10. What is your ideal length for a film? Length 10-15 mins 15-45 mins 45-90 mins 2 hours 3 hours+Out of interest, I wanted to find out what length people prefer a film to be. Over half thepeople I based my research on said their ideal length of a film would be about 2 hours long.However, as I am only making a short film, it will last between 10 and 15 minutes. 11. What is your favourite film and what genre does it fit in to?Friends with benefits- ComedyI now pronounce you Chuck and Larry- ComedyKing Kong- ActionLittle bit of Heaven- RomanceInbetweeners Movie- ComedyTitanic- RomanceTed- ComedyDear John- RomanceThe BeachOrphan- Horror
  7. 7. Olivia LyonsAdvanced PortfolioMarket ResearchQuestionnaires Completed and AnalysedWhen carrying out my market research I also collected qualitative data by asking what thepersons favourite ever film is and what genre it fits into. I did this in order to get more of aninsight into what it is that my target audience want to see in a film. My results show that themajority of films people chose as their favourite come under the comedy genre. Because ofthis I am going to make my short film a comedy. I will watch short clips from some of theabove films and take into consideration the conventions of a comedy that they haveincluded, in order to make my short film successful.EvaluationI believe that the research task I did met its aim to help me find out peoples preferences, inrelation to film, in order to help me create my own short film. I asked ten random people tofill out a questionnaire that I had created, and based the making of my short film aroundtheir answers. The questionnaire I created allowed me to collect both quantitative andqualitative data, and produced good results in order to help me with the making of my shortfilm. However, if I was to carry out this research task again I would decide on the specificgenre of my film first and base my questions around what people expect to see from thatgenre. I would then give my questionnaires to a selection of people associated with likingthis genre, other than having to base my short film ideas on the genre that was mostpopular between a random group of people. For example, if I decided before hand I wantedto make a horror film I would give my questionnaires to the preferred audience for thisgenre in order to get an insight into what is expected from a specific genre, and to get themost reliable results. After carrying out the research task, and looking at the data I collected, I decided that Iwanted the genre of my short film to be a romantic comedy, with the target audience being16-20 year olds. I chose this genre as this was the preferred genre within the age group Ibased my research on, therefore from the data I collected I have more of an understandingof the audience’s expectations. In order to make my film as successful as possible, with itstarget audience, I am going to do some further research and look what conventions areincluded in other popular rom-coms such as ‘50 First Dates’ and ‘The Break-Up’, to see whatworked well and to help with ideas for my film. In doing all this I hope my short film reachesits needs and meets the audience’s expectations.
  8. 8. Olivia LyonsAdvanced PortfolioMarket ResearchQuestionnaires Completed and Analysed