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Training and Development Africa 2016 - Circulate

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Training and Development Africa 2016 - Circulate

  1. 1. Training and Development Africa 2016 Conference agenda VIP conference agenda Day one – Tuesday 18 October 2016 08:00 Registration & welcome refreshments 08:50 Chairpersons opening address Nazrene Mannie, Director, Kediso Advisory Services, South Africa KEYNOTE PLENARY THE BIG PICTURE 09:00 How to revive the “working dead” with a digital learning culture  Employee motivation and mentoring  Deepen their existing competencies  Discover career pathways that both fulfill their goals and meet the needs of your business  Make the learning experience as engaging as possible Shane McCauley, Director: People Systems and Analytics, Twitter, USA 09:30 Get ready for work in 2030  What to do as the boundaries of work, human capital and learning blur  Learning technologies that are changing how we change  What will the future talent pool look like?  Are you changing fast enough?  Looking after staff and the bottom line Glen Clancy, Head of Global Instructional Design, eBay, United Kingdom 10:00 Artificial intelligence (AI): how it will improve your HR functionality  How can AI identify challenges  Predicting and providing insight into turnover  Improving social and organisational reconfiguration using AI technology  Will AI empower frontline managers?  Using real time data to improve your leaders Dikeledi Dlwati, HR Executive, Tigerbrands, South Africa 10:30 Speed Networking 10:40 Exhibition opening, morning refreshments & networking
  2. 2. STREAM ROOM 1 LEADERSHIP STREAM ROOM 2 CULTURE AND ENGAGEMENT CHAIR: Nazrene Mannie, Director, Kediso Advisory Services, South Africa CHAIR: Dominic Gaobepe, Director, Empower Voice International, South Africa 11:30 The Leadershift – developing and engaging the next generation of leaders  Leading in a volatile and complex economy  Creating a next gen leadership program  Challenge with the unfamiliar  The role of learning technologies  What really motivates millennials Charl Coetzer, Head of Training and Organisational Development, Basil Read, South Africa Promoting an engaged culture through leadership accountability  Employee engagement: Dealing with this CEO pain point  Dealing with culture, engagement and retention all at once  Making engagement a top down effort  “Living” the organisations engagement values  Holding leaders accountable for retention Lydia Mdluli, Head: Talent Development and Organisational Effectiveness, African Bank, South Africa 11:50 Women in leadership: The competitive edge of future  Female leadership as a corporate performance driver  Where we are, where we are going and how we will get there  Building versatile leaders early in their careers  Creating a healthy and competitive internal leadership environment  Investing in leadership diversity and behaviors Vinolia Singh, General Manager: Human Resources, Multichoice, South Africa How to build a culture of innovation: It’s not rocket science  How real engagement drives innovation  Leaders as coaches  Fearless HR Managers  The problem with work? Not enough play  The role of emotional intelligence Kirtida Bhana, Training Executive, Plastics SA, South Africa 12:10 Leadership development: Are leaders ready to lead in a complex economy?  New global leadership criteria – managing change and an adaptive skill set  Really developing new and current leaders: all new initiatives  Coaching and connecting  Technology and knowledge transfer: Creating a culture of learning  Don’t forget your succession plan – trends and best practices Michael Nel, Group: Human Resources Developer, Spar, South Africa How to manage and measure employee engagement  Surveys, metrics and analysis – are there more exciting methods?  It’s all about consistency  Engaged leaders lead engagement  Having sustainable career conversations  Holding front line managers accountable Angela de Longchamps, Executive Leadership Development, IBM, South Africa 12:30 Beyond the innovation buzzword – how leaders can stay relevant and agile in a changing world  Global trends that will change the way society functions  What this means for the future of work  What the future of work means for the future of organisations  How companies can evolve to remain relevant  What leaders need to do, and be, to make this happen Davis Cook, CEO, Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability, South Africa BBBEE: From minimum requirements to making a difference  Revisions to the codes: dropping some levels  AFRICANISATION through skills development  Spending on the right interventions - know your ABC’s  Workforce planning aligned to talent development equals BONUS points  Transformation: business imperative or moral obligation? Nomaxabiso Teyise, Group HR Executive, Oceana, South Africa
  3. 3. 12:50 Lunch, exhibition viewing & networking STREAM ROOM 1 LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT STREAM ROOM 2 HR AND PEOPLE ANALYTICS 14:10 Priorities: Overcoming the business critical gap in talent and skills  Recruit, engage smartly, retain  New technologies and consolidated offerings  Reimagining what the learner experience can be  Putting learning and development first Luyolo Geza, Advisory Board Member: Talent, University of South Africa (UNISA), South Africa Why people analytics is HRs no1 priority  Delivering value through workforce analytics  Effectively implementing analytics  Using data for insights and decision making  Working with the analytics team  Linking data, HR and business outcomes Ansa Liebenberg, Programme Head: Innovation, Research and Development, merSeta, South Africa 14:30 The looming productivity crisis: The need to future-skill your workforce now  The current talent landscape and its effect on productivity  Talent and business objectives that match  Outcomes-targeted talent strategies  Moving away from traditional models  Create learning programs tied to learner experience and business strategy  Changing mindsets – connect, communicate, collaborate Shaleenah Marie, Learning and Development Manager for Southern and Eastern Africa, Siemens, South Africa People data everywhere: social data and analytics to strengthen and expand HR capabilities  How to effectively use social data  Monitoring workforce patterns to plan for retention risks  Tailoring training and development too  Considering the privacy, security and confidentiality that comes with social data Elize Keulder, Senior HRBP and Talent Manager, Bayer, South Africa 14:50 Learning, productivity and results in a multi-generational workplace  Make sure you’re different: Embracing millennials  How tailored T&D can leverage the strengths of each generation  Having real partnerships with senior leaders  A focus on skills development and driving competitive advantage Joan Peters, Leadership Development at the Leadership Academy, Volkswagen, South Africa Succession and global people planning made easy with people analytics  Linking succession planning and data  Analysing performance data  Leveraging assessments and data driven insights for successor development  Using a data driven approach to predicting skill gaps, and readiness for global rotations Elanie Kruger, Africa: Regional Human Resources Director, G4S, South Africa 15:10 ROUNDTABLES  Blended learning best practice for effective corporate training Rajesh Kamath, Co-Founder & Core Member, More Than HR Global (MTHRG), India  Learning Chameleons: How to Develop Multicultural Talent Bhavesh Chandaria, Head: Learning, Training and Development, SAFAL Group, Tanzania  Quantifying and Connecting the ROI and Financial Impact of an Engaged Workforce
  4. 4. Christo Els, Director, Bombardier Transportation, South Africa  How multiple generations can learn and work effectively together Thato Mehlape, HR Operations and Systems Advisor, Shell, South Africa  How to quickly launch an affordable LMS across an enterprise Alistair Johanson, Deputy Director: IT Services and eLearning, Gauteng City Region Academy, South Africa  Are meetings becoming time wasting Ashleigh Christie, Human Resources Development Manager, Hospitality Property Fund, South Africa  Why are personalised learning experiences important Billy van der Merwe, Group eLearning and Content Specialist, FirstRand Bank Limited, South Africa  Discover what enables learning to linger beyond a training session Keneiloe Selamolela, Head of Learning and Development, Outsurance, South Africa 15:50 Afternoon refreshments, exhibition viewing & networking KEYNOTE SESSIONS 16:30 The open talent economy – talent and jobs of the future  People and work in a border-less world  Collaborative, transparent and technology enabled  Decoupling talent from physical geography – is this the answer to retention  Where we are, where we are going and how we will get there  Unimagined talent opportunities Olivia Hosie, Head of Talent, Organisational Development and Change Management, Nando’s, South Africa 16:50 Out with Old – In with the new?  Moving Learning and Development Strategy to design thinking, learning analytics and business impact  The impact of the BBBEE skills development codes and opportunities  Reinventing Learning and Development capability  Designing for complexity - learning architecture, systems and solutions  Driving a sustainable learning culture Portia Heynes, Group Head Learning and Development, Sun International, South Africa 17:10 Chairpersons closing address and close of day one 17:20 PARTY PARTY PARTY!
  5. 5. VIP conference agenda Day two – Wednesday 19 October 2016 08:00 Registration & welcome refreshments 08:50 Chairpersons opening address Nazrene Mannie, Director, Kediso Advisory Services, South Africa KEYNOTE PLENARY THE BIG PICTURE 09:00 Reinventing HR: An extreme makeover  Self-assessing your HR – is it up to the challenge of today’s world?  Out with the old structures, in with the new  Business-integrated and data-driven  HR universities  Relationships matter, especially internal business partners Russell Coleman, HR Director, Danone, South Africa 09:30 One size does not fit all – what does this mean for human capital?  Engagement is powerful but complicated  Determine key employee engagement components  Identify other key drivers of performance  HR Analytics – using HR, employee, and organisational data Madelein Roos, Group Learning and Development, Adcock Ingram, South Africa 10:00 How to lead in the new world of work  The worlds impact on talent management  Incorporating agile HR  Radically different generation challenges  Finding the right bold solution  Building a new, forward thinking HR playbook  A dramatic change in strategies for leadership, talent and human capital Tapaswee Chandele, Human Resources Director, Coca-Cola, South Africa 10:30 Exhibition opening, morning refreshments & networking
  6. 6. STREAM ROOM 1 WORK SIMPLIFICATION STREAM ROOM 2 INSTRUCTION DESIGN & THINKING CHAIR: Nazrene Mannie, Director, Kediso Advisory Services, South Africa CHAIR: Dominic Gaobepe, Director, Empower Voice International, South Africa 11:30 How to turn L&D into work simplification gold?  Using leave and development activates  How to decrease pressure and increase maximum return  Using eLearning and mLearning to increase effectiveness  Enhancing the level of engagement Stephen Roberts, Regional Head: Learning & Development, BancABC, South Africa The smaller the better: Bite-sized learning in today’s training world  Changing the norm and why you should be committed to this  Overcoming traditional training challenges  Designing learning that sticks  Practical methods to increase knowledge transfer Boni Gantile, Executive, Supreme ICT Academy, South Africa 11:50 Implementing a unique international growth plan  Increased efficiency via shared services or local expertise  Balancing between Corporate structure and local needs  The challenges of a highly matrixed organization  Filling the talent pipeline  How to deal with cultural differences Paul Vermeij, Africa: Director Human Resources, Bosch, South Africa Designed learning: New ways to affect corporate goals and objectives  Virtual storytelling – having an instructional impact  Taking your e-learning to the next level – slides that engage  How much investment is needed?  Giving the workforce the option to choose and learn  Accelerating learning and transfer of skills Khathutshelo Mashau, CEO & Co-Founder, Nunnovation Africa Foundation, South Africa 12:10 Start treating “time capital” with the same seriousness as financial capital  Cut back on the meetings and conference calls  Creating a calmer environment to think and not just do  How to reduce worker stress  Encompassing lean management  Represent a cultural as well as a structural transformation Abey Kgotle, Executive Vice President: Human Resources, Lonmin, South Africa Learning anywhere, anytime: Informal learning at work  Activating intentional informal learning  Collaboration across the organisation is key  Measurement and feedback  Keep business speak simple and understandable 12:30 Simplification is a new company culture: Where companies should start  Make simplification a business and HR priority  Encourage cross team collaboration  Implement design thinking and process simplification within HR  Get leaders involved, change their mindsets  Remove the email insanity  Help employees focus on what really matters Johan Klein, Group Executive: Human Capital, Altron, South Africa How to practically design an impactful e-learning programme  Learner actions and engagement  Keeping the workforce motivated  Engaging content  Are the templates really useful?  Seeking feedback, good or bad Claus HØvelt, Former: Director: Group Learning, SimCorp, Denmark 12:50 Lunch, exhibition viewing & networking
  7. 7. STREAM ROOM 1 ORGANISATIONAL DESIGN STREAM ROOM 2 WORKFORCE ON DEMAND 14:10 Organisational design done right  Corporate self-reflection  How to improve speed to market and customer experience improvement  Make the most of top performers  Alignment of the organisation to its strategy and business model  Long term effects of cost cutting Zain Mohomed, Senior HR Lead: Talent Management and HRBP, Samsung, South Africa How to manage a new “freelance economy” of valued staff  Recruitment considerations  Managing freelance and outsourced staff  Administration and incorporation into HR systems  Monitoring performance of contingent workers  Sometimes the best training is no training Hazel Kayiya, Corporate Services Executive, Gold Circle, South Africa 14:30 Is organisation design the right solution for the business?  Having intent: really unpacking why you want to redesign your organisation  Understanding where value is created and how to enhance it  A clearly articulated strategy and business model  Leadership commitment and communication Taryn Marcus, Organisation Effectiveness Executive, Imperial Holdings, South Africa Personal Branding: Representing yourself and your company positively  Making sure they are well engaged and represent the company well  Performance management  Integrated relationships across HR, procurement and business leaders Lori Milner, CEO, Beyond the Dress, South Africa 14:50 Moving from paper to real life: implementing ambitious organisational design plans  Scope, approach, tools  Combining analytical methods with visualisation tools  Potential shifts and disruptions – be prepared  Learning from past attempts  Getting people’s attention, getting them to change  New models of management and career development Nerisha Baijnath, Chief People Officer, True Blue Investment Holding t/a KFC, South Africa Optimisation of the hourly workforce  Proactively planning for a hybrid workforce  How to tap into on-demand talent markets  Integrated management and risk controls  Develop HR and IT systems to support on-demand talent Thamsanqa Mqubela, CEO, South African Council for Graduates Co-operative Limited, South Africa 15:10 ROUNDTABLES  How to tailor your coaching to the coachee Rita Ranchod, Senior Specialist, Sasol, South Africa  How to create a culture of engagement where everyone has a role to play Frederick Stroebel, Head: Training and Development, Sanlam, South Africa  How to troubleshoot your traditional training challenges and come up with bite-size solutions Germinah Nyikana, Group learning & Transformation Manager, Clicks, South Africa  Creating a Talent Strategy to Support the Business Transformation Agenda
  8. 8. Christina Pona, Technic al Curriculum Design, Sun International, South Africa  Selection and retention of millennials Mpho Magolego, Programme Training Officer, Investec, South Africa  How to articulate your talents and accomplishments in a way that impresses employers Cobus Cato, Head of Learning and Development, Macsteel SA, South Africa  What can people do to future proof their careers for tomorrow Barbara Ayissi, Head of Learning and Development, Saint Gobain, South Africa  How trends around the workforce of the future will completely reframe the talent landscape Gina Davidson, HR Executive: Talent Management, Nedbank, South Africa 15:50 Chairpersons closing address and close of conference Afternoon refreshments, exhibition & networking