Advance Et Proof Of Concept Presentation 2


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Advance Et Proof Of Concept Presentation 2

  1. 1. The Advance e-Training Experience Edited Concept Launch Presentation COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  2. 2. Welcome and Introductions The TeamCOMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  3. 3. Welcome and Introductions Agenda Background Our vision and challenges Business and personal benefits Bringing the vision to life Creating the content and the academy community Next steps COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  4. 4. Our Vision Background World changing fast More demanding – less time, less money Developing sales skills critical to all organisations … Without sales there is no business Advance passionate about supporting business growth – especially B2B Been investigating new strategies to empower the sales community COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  6. 6. Our Vision Vision Multidimensional e-training experience Classroom transformed to online Benefits of the physical classroom Additional benefits delivered, enabled by today’s technology Fully featured LMS Online/offline mentoring and coaching Global social and business networking COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  8. 8. The Challenges To replicate the classroom experience Deliver the assignment Allow feedback and discussion Monitor progress and access success “Words of wisdom” A-ha! Moments Storytelling Team debate, group interaction and questions Broader dialogue around the subject Use of tools and templates Deliver the “mentor” COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  9. 9. Business andPersonal Benefits COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  10. 10. Financial and Lifestyle BenefitsEmployers Make cost and admin savings Keep field-based people on the road Actively support the green agenda Compelling ROIEmployees Save travel time (field-based people) Work at times that suit them Influence their own personal development Sales skills that people can deploy immediately COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  11. 11. Opportunities for You COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  12. 12. Opportunities for You Depends on who you are, why you came … Large organisations - own-branded academies for your people Associations - own-branded academies for your members SMEs, micros and individuals - low cost, 24/7 access to content Associates - sales development and account management - enhancements to the experience - supporting services (e.g. mentoring, coaching) Content partners - sales and non-sales related content provision - competitive content - licensed content COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  13. 13. Delivering your ROI COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  14. 14. Return On Investment The ROI case is compellingEffectiveness Individual’s learning time down 40 - 60% Individual learner satisfaction up 30 - 85% Knowledge retention up 25 - 75% Consistency of learning up 25 - 80% Consistency of delivery 100%Cost Cost of provision down 30 - 80%Elapsed time Time to train a group down by 95%e-Training versus e-learning The above ROI summaries are based on e-learning cases The Advance e-Training Experience will beat these results Main sources of information above: Karl M Kapp, e.learning age, THINQ
  15. 15. Return On Investment The ROI case is compelling Ernst & Young condensed 2,900 hours of classroom training into 700 hours web, 200 hours distance and 500 hours classroom – a 35% cost and 52% time saving (Hall 2000) BT delivered e-business training to 23,000 employees in 3 months at a cost of £5.9m, compared to £17.8m over 5 years for classroom training – a 67% cost saving and a 95% elapsed time saving! (Taylor 2002)What’s the biggest pay-off?The impact on business speed and agility delivered by using e-training strategically to facilitate change and growth COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  16. 16. Bringing theVision to LifeCOMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  17. 17. Key issues for us….• Changing consumer perceptions of e-training From – Dull, boring, isolating, lonely, disappointing• Emulate positive perceptions from classroom; Inclusive, exciting, collective, interactive• Ensure the course content is clearly absorbed and retained• Create e-training that is completely immersive• Create e-training that requires minimal instructions for use! COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  18. 18. Construction of the PlatformCOMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  19. 19. Features Our Platform – Artes181 What is it?  Infrastructure, intellectual property, training needs analysis, resource centre, community support, development and progress recording …  In sum, a repository for sales skills training – and much more What does it do?  Provides a sales academy that helps people identify their training needs  Delivers world class and accredited sales skills training online or on the move  Offers ability to brand, customise and add to content Which means that you have:  Access to £1m intellectual property, an infrastructure and hosting for the cost of a few days’ project management, branding and low priced training modules  Ability to add SCORM-compliant content to reflect your values, culture and needs  Best of breed sales skills e-training COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  20. 20. Features Multimedia Video Animation Audio Text LMS Online/offline mentoring and coaching Social and business networking 24/7 Collaborative learning COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  21. 21. FunctionsWe have a mass of IP to transform: COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  22. 22. Multidimensional interactionCOMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  23. 23. The Technical Platforms LMSCOMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  24. 24. Examples of the Advance LMSWhat it will look like COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  25. 25. Creating theCommunityCOMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  26. 26. Community to drive cross sell and up sell Public content MEMBER content PERSONAL content EXPERT COMMUNITY SELF authored authored authored RESOURCES SELECTED FOR THE PERSONAL LEVEL Expert level Community Level Personal level Competition Collaboration Control PREFERENCE FILTER Ecommerce Confidentiality Customisation PROFILE FILTER Case studies Co-operation Creation Expert content Contexts Privacy Downloads Discussions RSS feeds Advertising Participation Widgets Sponsorship Polls and surveys Records Licensing Blogs Blog Affiliation and referrals Project Spaces File-store Learning Resources Learning Spaces Learning Modules CONTENT RISES TO THE EXPERT LEVEL External Environment Internal Environment Personal Environment COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  28. 28. Support for trainees Synchronous Premium Students supporting each other e.g. “the coffee room” • Video-conferencing Online = twitter / facebook /IM etc. • Instant messaging to tutor OR OUR social learning platform • Face-to-face Offline = however they chooseUnsupported Supported Pastoral and technical subject matter • Unsupported DIY learning • Forums for discussion • Off the shelf • Web-quests • One size fits all • Resource building e.g. wiki • Just-in-time • Email support • Low cost • Service Level AgreementBasic Asynchronous COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  29. 29. Instructional DesignInstructional Design Theory Gagnes 9 events of instruction Maslows Hierarchy of needs Blooms taxonomy Etienne Wenger community of practice Honey & Mumford learning styles Cable & Whiteheads cohesion model COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  30. 30. Supporton the move m-TrainingCOMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  31. 31. Supporting Mobile applicationsMobile usage ubiquitous with daily lifeKlopfer et al (2002) identified 5 properties of mobile devices support learning1. Portability2. Social Interactivity3. Context Sensitivity4. Connectivity5. Individuality COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  32. 32. Features of Advance Performance Support Sign in Topic review Past entries Users have individual Topics can be reviews either at Users can review past entriesaccounts, linking to the already the start of the application or in order to monitor their own developed elearning whilst inputting information. progress. Further applications The mobile phone allows developments here would allow for computer based learning constant access to the learning employers to monitor users content while users are away progress to establish that the from their computers sales process is being performed correctly. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  33. 33. Over to you.. Have a go!COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  34. 34. Our Future Plans COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  35. 35. Future PlansPhased development covering all selling skills, sales and sales process management COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  36. 36. Future PlansSpring 2011 – Foundation ProgrammeEmbryonic Community Phase 1 – Key verbal skills COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  37. 37. Future PlansAutumn 2011 – Winning the SalePhase 2 – Add key planning skills COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  38. 38. The Way Forward From Winter 2011 ThrivingCommunityPhase 3 – 20+ modules completed COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  39. 39. Future Plans Then – over to you Thriving Community Slide 39Further developments guided by client needs COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  40. 40. Future Plans We have a mass of IP to transform: Bespoke modules and programmes Train the trainer facilitators’ guides Deal planning, account planning and problem solving models Downloadable apps Sales management, sales process management programmes Multi-lingual versions as dictated by demand Accredited diplomas and master classes – CPD And more – by end 2012, we plan to be at the centre of the most comprehensive sales e-training community COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  41. 41. Summary so farThe sum of the parts …collaboration COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE