China or no


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China or no

  1. 1. China or Not?<br />Do you really know what China looks like?<br />By: Olivia Han<br />
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  12. 12. Answers<br />No. It is a road in Chinatown, San Francisco.<br />No. It is a rural part of Japan.<br />No. It is a restaurant in Chinatown, Serbia.<br />Yes. It is a KFC store in Beijing, China.<br />No. It is a Panda Express restaurant in Los Angeles, California.<br />No. It is a Chinese museum in Los Angeles, California.<br />Yes. It is a freshwater river in Sichuan, China.<br />No. This is the North Korean military.<br />9.Yes. It is the swimming pool of the Island Shangri-La in Hong Kong.<br />10. No. It is a Chinese noodle shop in Manhattan, New York<br />