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9 11


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9 11

  1. 1. The 9/11 Decade Documentary of my choice
  2. 2. Type of Documentary Voice of god Interviews
  3. 3. Themes Fighting Terrorists
  4. 4. Narrative Structure Beginning: They had a lot of interviews to introduce the documentary, which is different form vox pops. Middle: Talking about the Pentagon, which is different to all the other documentaries Ive watched, as they only focus on the Twin Towers. End: Talking about terrorism and how it moves from USA to Pakistan. They also ended the documentary with the quote "Bin Laden may be dead but Pakistan is far from well" to make the spectator feel emotion towards the people of Pakistan
  5. 5. Camerawork The camera pans to make the audience look away from the ambulance. It zooms in on the bombing a lot, for cut aways The close up of the dead bodies makes the spectator feel emotion towards the situation
  6. 6. Mise-En-Scene The interviewees were men in suits, to show their importance When Barack Obama stands in front of the red carpet, you can see USA flags and chandeliers, so that the audience will know that he has a high status in America.
  7. 7. Sound They used background music all the way through the documentary and the music increases whenever the audience are shown something bad They also use the Voice of God throughout the film, to educate the audience on what is happening
  8. 8. Editing Each scene faded to white They used slow motion for the fighting to make the film more emotive They used green screens for the interviews
  9. 9. Archive Material Video of the twin towers falling down at the end was to make the documentary seem more real and emotive There were videos of the bombing and dead bodies They have clips of the White House
  10. 10. Graphics They had the names and jobs at the bottom of the screen, for each interview