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MoodleMoot 2017 What we discovered about Moodle


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Findings from City's Moodle evaluation with staff and student users. Development of a new grade report plugin.

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MoodleMoot 2017 What we discovered about Moodle

  1. 1. What we discovered about Moodle Olivia Fox, Natalia Czuba, LEaD. Amanda Doughty, Naomi Wilce, ERES.
  2. 2. ■City is committed to academic excellence and focused on business and the professions. ■City has over 18,000 students (46% at PG level). ■Moodle user since 2010. ■Moodle is internally hosted. Introduction
  3. 3. Background to user evaluation When Who Lab or DIY? Moodle version Nov 2012 Staff & Students Lab & DIY 2.0 Dec 2013 Staff DIY 2.2 Feb 2014 Students DIY 2.4 Nov 2014 Students Lab 2.6 Nov 2015 Staff Lab 2.8 & 3.0 Nov 2016 Students & Staff Lab 3.0 & 3.2
  4. 4. Introduction to Project
  5. 5. What we did Educational technology Survey 2015- 16 Review of ServiceNow tickets Feedback from Educational Technologists Focus Groups with staff and students to check assumption Usability sessions at City Interaction Lab with staff and students Focus Groups with Course Officers and Lecturers (online assignment) Informing our evaluation User Evaluation 16-17
  6. 6. What we discovered about Moodle Feedback not visible in Assign Index Page
  7. 7. Uploaded feedback not visible
  8. 8. Staff didn’t find it easy to move, edit or delete comments. Decision to switch off for next academic year
  9. 9. Not obvious when grade is hidden
  10. 10. Grey Moodle!
  11. 11. More clicks to Turn editing on in Boost
  12. 12. Editing and Module menu in City’s Theme
  13. 13. Moving Content
  14. 14. Phase 2: June 2018 Moodle should be easy for staff to use to create and present content and activities online and they should be shielded from errors. Moodle should have a contemporary, engaging and user-friendly design, including navigation. Taking the recommendations forward Phase 1: June 2017 Assessment and Feedback needs to be more prominent, discoverable and visible for students. Online assessment system needs to be easy and intuitive for staff to use and should provide warning messages when key functions are changed. Assignment tools need to be flexible to manage different processes and feedback requirements.
  15. 15. Improving visibility of feedback City’s new Grades & feedback report Core user report
  16. 16. Message when grade item is hidden/visible Grade and feedback hidden Grade and feedback visible
  17. 17. ■Moodle 3.2 goes live on 27 June. ■Communication and engagement plan via our Learning at City blog. ■Evaluate the improvements to feed into phase 2 with usability and focus groups to inform theme design and make Moodle easier for staff to use. Next steps…