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Live Leap Review, Bonus and Demo - Luke Maguire


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Live Leap Review, Bonus and Demo - Luke Maguire

  1. 1. LIVE LEAP REVIEW – LUKE MAGUIRE Thank and welcome to my Live Leap Review Live Leap is the worlds first & only Facebook Live syndication tool that shares your Live feed directly to your Facebook pages, groups, twitter, linkedin, Email list & even mobile numbers the second you go live. Facebook Live is Facebook’s latest live streaming service that's little doubt the longer term of Facebook selling. The only draw back of the live streaming with Facebook is, that you just will solely share your live calls on one place, either your Facebook profile, cluster or fan page. After you revealed your live stream on one place you'd need to share it everywhere manually. There’s no feature to try and do that mechanically which implies lots of your followers won’t even apprehend that you’re having a live stream at this right moment. Sharing your live streams manually will take lots of your time and you’ll lose several viewers and listeners. the opposite answer would be to possess over one phone, pill or different mobile devices to be ready to go carry on multiple places. Now you've got the chance to use Facebook’s Live streaming service to its fullest extend with Live Leap. Without Live Leap the sole place you'll be able to go live is that the one you chose among the app. therefore you'll be able to go live either on your profile, one page or one in all your teams. you'd got to manually announce your broadcast on all different locations before you go live. this implies that lots of labor for you. and your fans everywhere your social networks might miss out on the time you go live or don’t even acknowledge it that you’re live if you can't share it the instant it’s live.
  2. 2. With Live Leap that may not occur. The cloud primarily based software package can instantly share your live stream everywhere your social networks you picked and can share it there. you'll be able to utilize all of your Facebook fan pages, profile pages and teams. you'll be able to even share it on all of your Twitter accounts and LinkedIn profiles. you furthermore mght have the choice to mechanically mail your list the time you go live. and Live Leap incorporates with Twilio that permits you to send a text to any or all your contacts to allow them to apprehend that you’re live. You just got to setup the accounts among Live Leap ones and {after that|then|afterward|subsequently|at that time|at the instant} all the sharing are done mechanically the moment you go live. You likewise have the choice to change the represent every live stream. No different software package out there has such functions and this can be a large convenience and it'll make certain, that you just depart one in all the foremost of your Facebook live streams. Who is that the Creator Of Live Leap? Live Leap Review Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison is that the 2 men behind Live Leap. Not solely area unit they the proficient product creators, however they're conjointly the productive net marketers. they need worked with one another a few years agone and created dozens of the most effective mercantilism merchandise ( Instamate, infective agent Autobots, Social Autobots ). Luke Maguire is Instamate’s father He is an expert computer programmer United Nations agency has abundant experiences in software package development and implementation of business plans, merger and acquisition activities to drive growth, etc. He continually takes responsibilities in his job. He ne'er stops operating exhausting. He is an excellent person, too. He typically provides price to customers, business house owners, entrepreneurs. All of consumers love this product such a lot as a
  3. 3. result of the merchandise he created therefore easy, stress free and profitable launch, etc. Live Leap Review – what's Live Leap Live Leap is that the worlds initial Facebook approved tool that takes advantage of Facebook LIVE by syndicating your live feed across your facebook profiles, teams and pages in addition as your different key social networks like twitter, linked in, your email list and even your cellular device. Until now there was NO means in the least to share your live feed across facebook to your business pages or teams, in addition to external social networks, that means you were solely reaching a really little proportion of your market once doing all of your live calls. Not solely that, however there's ZERO thanks to savvy to trace any live decision analytics, from United Nations agency attended your live decision, what elements of your live stream wherever most partaking and wherever you lost viewers and most significantly no thanks to legitimatize your live calls. Live Leap removes all of those problems permitting you to syndicate your live feed across multiple social streams, track your analytics, follow up along with your live viewers and most significantly legitimatize your calls. This is just a short review. To read full, please vist my website: