The Importance of Cross Platform Technology


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Cross Platform app development is very much in demand because the benefits that it offers. Entrepreneurs want to hire those services that benefit them at the lowest possible cost. the expert team of testers at MobilePundits are there at your service whenever you need it.

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The Importance of Cross Platform Technology

  1. 1. Is Cross-Platform Technology worth it ? MobilePundits
  2. 2. Introduction • Back in 2007, things were pretty much simpler when the iPhone had just launched. • Users of smartphones were craving for applications, and at that time iPhone was the only option that the developers could choose. • The task was comparatively simple. • What software developers had to do was just understand the basic notion of the app, untangle the logic, start writing the code for software app for iPhone, and the work was done. 2Cross Platform Technology
  3. 3. 3Cross Platform Technology
  4. 4. • Even if they were planning on programming for something big, they just had BlackBerry in mind. • There was no hassle or pressure about compatibility with cross platform, or even give a thought to cross platform mobile app development. 4Cross Platform Technology
  5. 5. Era of New Technology • Smartphones tasted success when the Android mobile operating system was introduced in the market and how they had changed the definition of mobile phones. • Though it increased the difficulty of the developers in choosing the platform for writing complex software codes. 5Cross Platform Technology
  6. 6. • The competition increased when other mobile operating systems like Windows and Symbian had started to participate in app development procedure. • Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have always been in demand, but this does not stop app developers to overlook other mobile platforms. • As a result, separate codes were written by programmers individually for iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Windows mobile. 6Cross Platform Technology
  7. 7. What is Cross-Platform App Development? • As the time changed, new ideas started to come up. Cross platform development was one of them and till date it is pretty much in demand. • It gave the world a whole new vision of how applications can be developed with ease. With the help of this technology, mobile app programmers were able to focus on one single code base that will run on all seven different mobile platforms. • Now enterprises and entrepreneurs do not have to choose one operating system. 7Cross Platform Technology
  8. 8. • Programmers now do not have to restrict their skills with one thing. • Using available cross mobile technologies like PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, RhoMobile and Appcelerator Titanium, you can very easily develop new applications for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, etc. • Till now PhoneGap App Development has been really been doing rounds because of the top notch flexibility it provides. 8Cross Platform Technology
  9. 9. Benefits of Using Cross Platform • Presently, you will find many cross mobile techniques to accomplish your task, but only a few will come loaded with the necessary features and APIs that will effortlessly allow you to develop your final product. • It requires a little hard work in the coding phase, but in the end it’s all worth it. • This one single code base can be further used to generate native apps for the different mobile operating system. 9Cross Platform Technology
  10. 10. This not only saves a lot of time, but also cuts down the extra bucks you spend during the development procedure and enables you to reach maximum audience in the world. With cross platform technology, you can: • Integrate third party applications smoothly • Use JavaScript and Ajax without any obstacle for mobile development • Make flexible applications • Code and build compatible and powerful apps with ease. 10Cross Platform Technology
  11. 11. • It also not a trouble to find an expert cross platform developer because almost every coder who is into mobile technology will not have to get used to each and every in and out of native app development. • iPhone app development needs expertise in numerous technologies. • On the other hand, Android demands a different skill set. • With cross platform app development, the maintenance cost of the software goes down because you don’t have to spend a lot on individual pieces of code. • As a result, you hire fewer coders and need not to look for large staff to maintain/edit the code. 11Cross Platform Technology
  12. 12. 12Cross Platform Technology For More Information Visit Our Profile On: