PhoneGap App Development for iOS and Android App Development


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MobilePundits is a leading organization in PhoneGap development services. Our prime focus is on providing cost effective and professional services for our clients all over the world. Our technical expertise in iOS app development and Android App Development is available for your 24*7 dedicated for the success of your project. The flexible services provide our clients with different pricing models to suit their needs.

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PhoneGap App Development for iOS and Android App Development

  1. 1. PhoneGap Development How to make an app using PhoneGap Build ? Presentation By MobilePundits
  2. 2.  Developing native apps for individual platforms is not so easy.  You invest a lot of time in writing code for the same piece of software in different programming languages.  Every individual cannot be technically sound, but he/she can develop the app without any hassle or pressure.
  3. 3.  With PhoneGap you can smartly develop apps using HTML5, CSS & JavaScript.  PhoneGap Build is an advanced version of PhoneGap offering cloud based services to the developers.  In simple words PhoneGap is a service where developers can develop native apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  4. 4. A Quick Guide to PhoneGap App Development
  5. 5. Using the PhoneGap Build  In your web browser, open the URL You will see the homepage of the Adobe’s PhoneGap website  Till here we are assuming that you have the code of your sample app because in this tutorial we will be learning to create cross platform apps with a single code base & not writing the code from the scratch
  6. 6. Sign In With Your Account  Register and create your own Adobe ID  Sign in with your Adobe ID  In the next slide you will see how the login page of PhoneGap Build looks like
  7. 7. Create New App  Click on the +NEW APP button for creating a new app
  8. 8.  From here you will upload the .zip file of your project  Remember to compress your project in prior
  9. 9. Browse & Upload the .zip file
  10. 10.  The original folder will comprise of all HTML + CSS + JavaScript + JPG files in it  The name of the project and all the assets will appear after uploading the project  There you will see a build button  Click on the button
  11. 11.  Animations will appear showing the progress of the builds taking place simultaneously  Once this process is completed, a QR code will be generated as shown above in the picture
  12. 12. Scan your QR code through bar code reader
  13. 13. Install the app on your device!
  14. 14. This is how the app looks on the device
  15. 15.  Open the uncompressed folder of your apps’ code  Open the file INDEX.HTML in your editor  Place a <BR> tag for line break just after the Body’s content.  Place this h1 tag after BR, <h1 align = center>My First App<h1>  Save the file.  See the next slide as an example Update Your App
  16. 16. Update Again  After all the changes you’ve made, recompress the folder & repeat the previous processes with the newly created .zip file  Proceed to the next slide for more information
  17. 17.  All the build will start again  Scan the newly generated QR code as shown in the image and re - install the app on your device  Run the application  You will see “My First App” has written just below the MobilePundits Image.
  18. 18. See the changes in the next slide
  19. 19. MobilePundits Visit our website