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PhoneGap App Development Company


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MobilePundit's leading PhoneGap Development services are quite affordable and easy to avail. Does not matter from which corner of the world you belong to, our technical expertise are available at your service 24*7.

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PhoneGap App Development Company

  1. 1. MobilePundits PhoneGap App Development Company
  2. 2.  Modern mobile phones gadgets have created a stir in the world of gadgets.  Their definition has changed from being just an instrument to a complete pre-loaded package of well-defined features.  More than 50 percent of the world is using smartphones.  Demand and app development are proportional to each other.
  3. 3.  These smartphones are now fully loaded with modern browsers enabled with HTML5 driven web applications.  Such applications are platform independent and require comparatively less efforts in development which then results in lower costs.  There are some characteristics that relate to different ways the apps can be programmed.
  4. 4.  PhoneGap is one such framework for development of cross- platform apps based on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for seven different mobile platforms.  Today internet is loaded with articles on PhoneGap, written by all kinds of developers, from native app developers to cross-platform developers.  Their feedback completely relies on their main field of activities; thus PhoneGap can neither be only “cool” or “flawed”.
  5. 5.  You will easily find software programmers writing code solely for PhoneGap apps, and study the changing aspects of cross-platform framework.  There is no mantra for both native and cross platform development.  It is your software development that decides the path for development and these dynamics help in deciding about the PhoneGap platform.
  6. 6.  The properties of cross-platform apps of PhoneGap are seen in a way that code for native project is produced, typically for all the seven platforms, that comprises of a browser as an important component.  As a plus point there are other objects as well that allow PhoneGap build tool to regulate many other features of mobile devices running on the many mobile operating systems.
  7. 7.  A native browser for seamless webView  Access native functionality of any mobile device using JavaScript code  Code writing for native plugins  File storage containing HTML, CSS and JavaScript and other resources
  8. 8.  PhoneGap build serves complete service-oriented and one- page HTML5 application build service.  To conclude, listed below are some very useful tips on PhoneGap App Development - for saving development time and avoid any hassle or pressure.
  9. 9.  The lesser the outside libraries used, the better. Opt for a library wisely and try to use their capabilities to the fullest.  It is not mandatory that the app has to look same on all the platforms and versions of operating systems. Keep the performance and speed unharmed by keeping the trade-off in style.
  10. 10.  Use CSS to enhance the look and feel of the back. CSS will help the background to display images. Thus an image will only be loaded if an element from the list displays on the screen.  Avoid using shades or gradient where ever possible. All this will only consume extra power.
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