PhoneGap App Development for Android Platform


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MobilePundits have been able to deliver cost effective options for organizations for their business to benefit from the upcoming technologies. With new technologies coming up everyday, PhoneGap web development for cross-platform apps has enabled developers for presenting a whole new user experience for mobile web browsers.

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  • Many people want mobile apps but think it is too hard to create them. Fortunately now there are quite a lot of useful online services which allow building apps without programming skills and in hours. I am using SnAPPii at the moment and really glad I can feel like a mobile app developer and make apps on my own.
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PhoneGap App Development for Android Platform

  1. 1.  Development of mobile application involves many ins and outs.  Every functionality being developed has to be exclusive and should not display what has been shown before.  Then what came into vogue was the development of multi- platform programs.  As a developer, it is an ultimate choice to stick with cross- platform technology and discover new ways for coding unique cross-formatted programs. Android App Development
  2. 2.  Android mobiles portray an opportunity for app developers and businesses to establish themselves as brand and generate revenues.  Users are heading towards the combination of 3G internet, portability and GPS for shopping, business and leisure activities.  This operating system has been designed keeping in mind the touch screen phones and tablets. Android App Development
  3. 3.  The Android operating system gives neck-to-neck competition to Apple’s iOS.  Globally, Android has a total market share of 42% across many devices.  Unlike its competitors, android application development is open-source.  Tools required for developments are free of cost and do not require purchase of any kind of developer registration. Android App Development
  4. 4.  Out of all the development tools, PhoneGap build has been the most widely used tool.  Though HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used for creating any product, the final result is a binary app archive file which is then distributed through the Android App store just like any usual “native” app.  Something that makes PhoneGap stand out of the crowd is its cloud service.  This enables developers to easily build and compile PhoneGap Android Apps faster without any extra compiler, SDKs or hardware. Android App Development
  5. 5.  Cross platform technology gives a cutting edge solution for the Smartphone usage.  Business consider it the best way to develop apps for obvious reasons- it saves development time and cost.  PhoneGap does not use device-specific languages, but open web standards. Android App Development
  6. 6.  You are not bound to any trademarked platform.  Use a single code base of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Android App Development.  Though it is not the only tool but undoubtedly the most popular tool among the programmers.  Designed to support developers in order to create application optimized specifically for Android, PhoneGap Build has continued to be the most promising framework so far. Android App Development
  7. 7.  It makes you run the application in almost all mobile platforms including Android.  PhoneGap comprises of native operating system features to applications based on JavaScript, thus making extension development quite possible.  It has reduced the burden of development of Android applications to a much lower level. Android App Development
  8. 8. Android App Development
  9. 9. Android App Development