Facebook Offers Android App Beta Testing For Their Mobile App


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MobilePundits has an expert team of mobile application testers offering their services at very competitive rates. Android App Testing has been one of our services that Clients from all over the world have been using. Our team of experts will be there to assist you 24*7.

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Facebook Offers Android App Beta Testing For Their Mobile App

  1. 1. Facebook & Beta Android App Testing http://www.mobilepundits.com/
  2. 2. Facebook + Testing  Android lovers, facebook is here to make you feel really special.  This company apparently loves hacking on Android, but now wants you to shortlist for its beta-testing.  This is really an interesting opportunity for android app testers to participate in a software application which means business to them.  Facebook is accepting to receive feedbacks at first around core stability, bugs and performance.
  3. 3. Test Your Facebook App  All these beta testers have to do is keep using the application normally like they do.  You can even report errors or bugs from within the app itself.  To do all this, you have to first register an account on FB for the Google Group of Android Beta Tester (a mandatory requirement from Google) and opt for the testing program in Google Play.  From there you can download the application and join the FB group of testers.
  4. 4. Facebook’s Mobile Application  The former has always been doing something or the other to give better standards to its mobile app, and in doing so Android has been the biggest challenge so far.  To aid the development, this initiative of android beta testing program for Facebook’s mobile application helps in identifying any kind of errors and get feedback from users on a monthly basis.
  5. 5. Android Beta Testers  Like this Facebook has found that an enormous diversity in the operating system and hardware in this ecosystem of Android makes it quite difficult to detect every single bug and release new versions with the help of only internal employees as testers.  At Google’s I/O event this year, Google gave a verdict about the new framework which allows app programmers to form groups of beta testers and permit them to download the beta versions of software applications from the play store.
  6. 6. Testing Groups on Facebook  Facebook has recently created such groups and wants Android users from every corner of the world to sign up as a beta tester.  The task is really simple.  To get started, users will only have to create a sign up for the group and then choose to become a tester and move to Google Play Store so as to download the app.
  7. 7. Testing is Too Easy!  It is not mandatory for the developers and testers to join this assembly.  Bug reporting is very easy.  Just tap once on the new “Report Bug” icon in the settings option in the menu, and then all the necessary information will be sent to Mark Zuckerberg’s squad of software developers.  This program has started a month ago. You can find it easily on the Google Play Store!
  8. 8. Android Wins Again…  This openness of Android has motivated many developers to innovate and code new and unique software applications.  These are just the early days of Google’s beta program, and developers and testers experience some of the best applications to everyone on Facebook.
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