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Linear Variable Filters for Fluorescence and Hyperspectral Imaging Applications


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A Linear Variable Filter (LVF) is a wedged filter, whose spectral properties vary linearly.

A single LVF for example can replace a number of dedicated filters in an instrument. It is possible to adjust the position of the edge by sliding the filter.

Delta Optical Thin Film has lifted the quality of variable filters to new levels by introducing a new powerful combination of linear variable filters. Delta Optical Thin Film offers a Linear Variable Long Wave Pass filter (LVLWP), the corresponding Linear Variable Short Wave Pass filter (LVSWP) together with a Linear Variable Dichroic. Each of the filters can be used separately. Combining LVLWP and LVSWP enables the construction of band-pass filters that can be tuned continuously with center wavelengths from 320 nm to 850 nm, with the added benefit of tunable bandwidth. As LVF monochromator the filters are used in fluorescence microplate readers.

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Linear Variable Filters for Fluorescence and Hyperspectral Imaging Applications

  1. 1. Content
  2. 2. Delta OpticalThin FilmToday
  3. 3. OpticalThin FilmTechnology
  4. 4. Applications
  5. 5. • • • • • • Product Range
  6. 6. TopPride Filter-set FSTP 0050
  7. 7. Constructionand Properties of Delta’s Filters
  8. 8. Advantages of Delta’s LinearVariable Filters
  9. 9. Examples of Applications
  10. 10. LVF in a FluorescenceMicro Plate Reader (Source: “Theadvanced[LVF]monochromators,havingcontinually adjustablewavelengths…andbandwidths…forexcitation andemission,havesignificantlyincreasedperformanceover conventionalmonochromators.” “Thehightransmission andtheoutstandingblockingofstray lightgivetheCLARIOstar’smonochromator systemfilter-like performance.”
  11. 11. LinearVariable LWP Filters
  12. 12. Comparison with Competitor’sLVLWP Filters
  13. 13. LinearVariable SWP Filters
  14. 14. Comparison with Competitor’sLVSWP Filters
  15. 15. Forming a Band Pass Filter
  16. 16. FluorescenceSpectrometer with LVF
  17. 17. Measured Raman Spectrum of Cyclohexane
  18. 18. LinearVariable Dichroic forAOI = 45º
  19. 19. Dependenceon theWidth of the Light Spot
  20. 20. Dependenceon the Angle of Incidence
  21. 21. LinearVariable Narrow Band Filter
  22. 22. Comparison with competitor’sNarrow Band Filters
  23. 23. Comparison of Blockingof LinVar BP Filters
  24. 24. LVNIRBP Transmission Spectra
  25. 25. New Ultra-narrow LVVISBP
  26. 26. New Ultra-narrow LVVISBP
  27. 27. New LVUVVISBP
  28. 28. New LVUVVISBP
  29. 29. New LVBPFs for HyperspectralImaging
  30. 30. HSI filter 450 nm to 880 nm,24 mm x 36 mm
  31. 31. HSI filter 450 nm to 850 nm,25 mm x 25 mm
  32. 32. Point,Line or Area Scan Spectrometer based on a LinearVariable Bandpass Filter
  33. 33. Conclusion