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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product?


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Oliver Matthews Media

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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product?

  2. 2. WALT DISNEY PICTURESWhen choosing who topublish/distribute our film we lookedinto more than just warner, institutionssuch as “Walt Disney Pictures” whopublished “Pirates of the Caribbean”,whilst we thought they were a greatinstitution that may publish anaction/adventure film we decided thatWalt Disney would not publish a film ofour style, inspired by “The Goonies” and“Indiana Jones” because of therating/action behind it.
  3. 3. PARAMOUNT STUDIO’SParamount were another studioinstitution we looked into, theypublished films such as “IndianaJones”, “Tomb Raider” and“Sahara”. All theseaction/adventure films, whilstserving as inspiration behind ourfilm, again were not somethingthat directly related to our filmand that we felt was a companythat published more dark and lessappeal towards our young agedemographic.
  4. 4. WARNER BRO’SWe chose warner bros as the main media institution thatwould distribute our media product. Warner Bros publishesfilms of an action/adventure genre which tend to befamily friendly or appeal to teenagers. Films such as “TheGoonies”, which was a main inspiration behind our filmappeal to this demographic so we decided to use thisdistributer/publisher for our end product. Warner Bro’spublished other films like “Romancing the Stone” andrecently “The Hobbit” these films are all of an actionadventure genre and are all films that have had certaininspirations in our film, whether through the titles oraspects of mise en scene/sound.
  5. 5. SOUNDTRACKWe also chose to release thesoundtrack we used as a Spotifyexclusive published by Warner Bro’sThe artist TeknoAXE will be releasing oursoundtrack through Warner firstavailable on Spotify, synergising thework to be made available to theaudience to main artist of our soundtrack’s website