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The UX of Hiring


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TestingTime's hiring process mapped as a user-journey.

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Published in: Recruiting & HR
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The UX of Hiring

  1. 1. The UX of Hiring
  2. 2. User Journey Job posting Application Phone Call Interview Trial day Signing Onboarding
  3. 3. Anti-Funnel - It’s a funnel like your acquisition - But you want to optimize dropouts as early as possible - Make the process/funnel transparent to the applicant
  4. 4. Hiring is like Dating - It’s like dating, two sides learn to know each other - It only works if both sides agree
  5. 5. Job posting - Appealing - Attract your specific target group - Don’t overdo the requirements (Forbes article)
  6. 6. Application (company experience) - Typos show me that they didn’t take it seriously - Vitamin B is okay, but don‘t overestimate. Like user-testing (use unbiased people) - I need to be entertained – impress me, do something special (hands-on Eva)
  7. 7. Phone call (better with Video) - Do we understand the same on the posting? - Is the person basically a fit? - What’s the salary expectation? - Any Show-Stopper requirements?
  8. 8. Interview (applicant experience) - Make them find your office (like our door hanger for user tests)
  9. 9. Interview (applicant experience) - Make them find your office (like our door hanger for user tests) - Introduce them first to the team (welcoming) - Warm-Up (we do it with a self-assessment) - Dig deeper, not only on things they show weakness
  10. 10. Interview (company experience) - Challenge with difficult questions - Surprise with topic-switches - Make a hidden signal when we want to cancel => tough but honest
  11. 11. Trial Day (applicant experience) - Get to know the team (lunch or beer) - Sit them on their future seat - Give them real tasks - Try as much as you can to act normal as a team
  12. 12. Trial Day (company experience) - Multiple tasks all over the job field - Feel the person - Future close co-workers, should have touchpoints on the trial day
  13. 13. Signing - This is a happy moment – act as such. It‘s a win for both sides - Make it in-house and not via mail if possible - Little present: GTD by David Allen or Usable Usability by Eric Reiss
  14. 14. Onboarding - Welcome breakfast - 30 minutes with all employees - Dig deep into details - Take your time
  15. 15. Eager to become a TestingTime-Hero? We are looking for UX-Evangelists all over Europe! Ask us!