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Debian GNU/Linux - The Universal Operating System


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Some basic info about Debian GNU/Linux as of May 2009

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Debian GNU/Linux - The Universal Operating System

  1. 1. Debian GNU-LinuxThe Universal Operating System An overview presentation by Oliver Doepner May 2009
  2. 2. The Unixfamilytree
  3. 3.   What is Debian GNU/Linux?∘ A free operating system and software distribution∘ Uses the Linux kernel and many GNU tools∘ Started 1993 by Ian Murdock (Deb+Ian)∘ Purely volunteer and community based∘ APT for powerful software package management∘ More precompiled packages than other distros∘ More supported hardware architectures∘ Base for: Ubuntu, Xandros, Knoppix ...   ... and lots of fun!
  4. 4. Linux distros compareddistro started pkgs format architecturesFedora 2003 8,000 rpm x86 x86-64 ppc ppc64(Redhat) (1995)openSUSE 1994 22,000 rpm x86 x86-64 ppc(Novell)Mandriva 1998 ~20,000 rpm x86 x86-64Debian 1993 ~25,000 deb x86 x86-64 ia-64 ppc ppc64 sparc64 arm hppa mips s390 s390x alphaUbuntu 2004 ~25,000 deb x86 x86-64 (ppc)(Canonical)
  5. 5. Debian developers (> 1000)
  6. 6. Desktop vs ServerServer∘ Minimal install / text only / admin via ssh & webui∘ Various virtualization options∘ Tons of server software (file, mail, print, web, ldap, ...)∘ Prepackaged JEE appservers like Glassfish or JBossDesktop∘ KDE, GNOME, XFCE, and LXDE desktop environments∘ Runs on Netbooks, in particular Asus Eee PC∘ Extensive hardware suppport / drivers∘ Prepackaged OpenJDK 6, i.e. full Open Source Java∘ OpenOffice, Firefox ("Iceweasel"), etc.∘ Automatically updated start menu entries
  7. 7. Install demo (server)Example: Install MediaWiki (the Wikipedia Wiki software)(as root)apt-cache search mediawikiapt-get install mediawikivim /etc/mediawiki/apache.conf/etc/init.d/apache2 reloadOpen http://localhost/mediawiki/ and configure(as root)cd /var/lib/mediawiki/configcp LocalSettings.php /etc/mediawiki/
  8. 8. APT basics∘ Repos defined in /etc/apt/sources.list (show examples)∘ http, ftp, cdrom, and file sources are supported∘ Authentication of packages using digital signatures∘ apt-get update : get latest package information∘ apt-get upgrade : install all available updates∘ apt-cache search : search for packages∘ apt-get install : install package∘ apt-get remove : remove package∘ apt-get autoremove : remove unneeded packages∘ Alternatively: GUI app like synaptic or kpackage
  9. 9. Project principles & structure Self-governance based on 3 main documents:● Debian Social Contract● Debian Free Software Guidelines● Debian Constitution
  10. 10. Stable, Testing, Unstable● 3 distribution "stages": stable, testing, unstable● Packages go from unstable through testing to stable● Stable: Solid, well tested, production-ready Testing: Suitable for desktop systems (newer software)● Unstable ("sid"): Not recommended for use at work Repository areas● main● non-free● contrib● volatile