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Freesouls 100 - Master Deck


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Freesouls 100 master deck has been updated, 12 people have submitted, 88 more needed!

Freesouls 100 Introduction (

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Freesouls 100 - Master Deck

  1. 1. free souls 100 12 people have submitted, 88 more needed Updated on Nov 28
  2. 2. What is a Freesoul? Are you a Freesoul? Let's make a collaborative deck with answers from 100 people!
  3. 4. A Freesoul gives herself permission to take her own worth for granted make mistakes look foolish not to have to look pixel perfect take risks change her thinking without fearing accusations of “flip-flopping” Kerry J
  4. 5. Oliver Ding A game with Freesouls is the World’s best game.
  5. 6. Where did we lose the touch that seemed to mean so much? It always made me feel so Free... as a bird. -- The Beatles Ashwan Lewis
  6. 7. SlideShare is made up of freesouls. Where would I be without them?
  7. 8. Freesouls don’t mind small obstacles Samuli Pahkala
  8. 10. I freed my soul in capturing the beauty of life If wind could blow my hair sky high You could free your soul ocean wide Jia Liu @ Boston Habor Whale Watch Boat, Aug 2008
  9. 11. What do you see in your whirls? Nancy shares and… … sees opportunities to grow from everyone who shares their twirls. BE A FREESOUL SHARE
  10. 12. Freesoul is to Open To Embrace To Fly K. D.@Friendfeed
  11. 13. ooof Freesoul mesmerizes people, calling for life to gallop freely in the plain of nature.
  12. 14. Chars Lee Freesouls have the courage to get to love self-reflection without any prejudice
  13. 15. Freesoul 100 12 people have submitted, 88 more needed How to join the campaign? 1.Created a slideshow with two slides; 2.First slide : write a sentence about freesoul with your name and a real picture of yourself; 3.Second slide: invite three of your friends, just put @user name ID on slideshare at the second slide; 4.Upload it to your account with tag “freesouls”; 5.Under a Creative Commons license; 6.Make sure it is downloadable, don't use .pdf file; 7.Submit it to freesouls group. roup/fr eesouls