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Research presentation

  1. 1. ResearchPresentation
  2. 2. Trailer ConventionsDuring the trailers I’ve watched I’ve seen various examples of how they’veused shots to entice watchers to go and see the film. These include: Short clips with various pieces of action or amusing dialogue are used to create interest and make the viewer want to see the film and know more. For example when the camera pans over the boat in the sea, you wonder what happens on the boat and why it’s so significant. (The Inbetweeners Movie) Close ups and slow motion help to emphasise the beauty of the main characters, for example when Molly walks into the airport slow motion is used to emphasise her beauty. (She’s Out Of My League) Also they tend to include information about the films release date, certificate and the various studios that helped to produce/distribute the film, for example the on screen text of ‘This Summer’ is used to let the viewers know when the film is due to be released (The Change Up)
  3. 3. Trailer Conventions Establishing shots are used to help give a feel of the setting of the film, for example they show an establishing shot of Dave’s giant house to show he’s wealthy which then gives the viewer an idea of his background. (The Change Up) A voiceover is used to give some background information about certain characters and explain various parts of the storyline, for example in She’s Out Of My League they use many voiceovers to describe the contrast between Kirk and Molly.
  4. 4. Comedy Trailer Conventions All the trailers I’ve looked at include similar types of things that help to make it a comedy film. These include:  Contrasting characters, for example a really attractive female and a geeky male (She’s Out Of My League) or two friends of different social/economic backgrounds. (The Change Up)  Various close up shots of embarrassing facial expressions or bodily features, for example when Jay shaves an arrow in his public hair. (The Inbetweeners Movie)  Use short snappy pieces of on screen text to introduce characters and help set the scene, for example ‘Meet Dave’ ‘Family Man’ ‘Meet Mitch’ ‘Single Man’ these are used to give a slight overview and summary of the two men’s contrasting lives. (The Change Up)
  5. 5. Target AudienceMy target audience is teenagers, 16 to 25 years old, however Iwant it to be aimed at either gender. My target audience gave mea lot of helpful ideas, for example: The trailer should last for around two to two and a half minutes long and consist of up beat music to accompany the clips, but remember to focus more on storyline that one liners. Most of them thought that the best type of humour was either slapstick or gross out humour, so I would need to take this into consideration when planning my trailer, possibly take inspiration from various gross out films such as ‘American Pie’ and The Inbetweeners Movie’. Also specific editing/camera techniques were mentioned for example they believed that I should use fast pace editing and focus on close ups.
  6. 6. Ancillary Tasks Conventions Looking at the Ancillary Tasks I was able to notice various trends and conventions. These include: Contrasting font colours help to make various titles and quotes stand out more which will tempt people into reading the articles about the film and looking in depth at the posters. Background colour tends to be darker with the lighter colour coming from the images and lighter coloured text, this helps to make it stand out to the reader as the lighter images contrast brilliantly with the dark solid colour of the background. The images are used to entice people as if they see their favourite actor or a good looking lead glaring at them from a magazine or poster then they’re more likely to pay attention and go and see the film for them.