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Production schedule


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Production schedule

  1. 1. Date Locations Costumes Props Equipment Personnel8th Bathroom Casual Clothes Textbook Camera Oli Searle – JohnOctober Tripod Tom Mulholland - Lucas8th Kitchen Casual Clothes Bread Camera Oli Searle - JohnOctober Knife Tripod Tom Mulholland - Lucas Butter10th Office Suit –John Desk Camera Oli Searle – JohnOctober Tracksuit - Lucas Laptop Tripod Tom Mulholland – Lucas Suit - Principal Chairs Will Mandley – Principal9th Changing Tracksuit – Head of Sport Camera Oli Searle –JohnOctober Rooms and Lucas Tripod Tom Mulholland – Lucas Shirt and Tie - John Joe Piper – Head of Sport10th Office Tracksuit – Lucas and Desks Camera Oli Searle – JohnOctober Head of Sport Bin Tripod Tom Mulholland – Lucas Shirt and Tie – John Chairs Joe Piper – Head of Sport Suit – Principal Paper Will Mandley - Principal Laptops BB gun
  2. 2. 11th Living Room Shirt and Tie – John Cidre Camera Oli Searle – JohnOctober Tracksuit - Lucas Sofa Tripod Tom Mulholland - Lucas Coffee Table10th Corridor Tracksuit – Head of Camera Joe Piper – Head ofOctober Sport Tripod Sport Shirt and Tie – John Oli Searle - John10th Office Suit – Principal Tracksuit Desk Camera Joe Piper – Head ofOctober – Head of Sport Chairs Tripod Sport Laptop Will Mandley - Principal10th Office Suit – Principal Desk Camera Principal – Will MandleyOctober Tracksuit - Lucas Chairs Tripod Lucas – Tom Mulholland Laptop9th Changing Suit – Lucas Camera Lucas – Tom MulhollandOctober Room Tripod11th Football Football Kit – Students Football Camera StudentsOctober Field Tripod8th Bathroom Casual Clothes Camera Tom Mulholland - LucasOctober Tripod