Real Estate portal solution


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Real Estate portal solution

  1. 1. Make technology work for you Sample case of a SF-CMS based solution for Real Estate industry Company LOGO © Soft Format L, 2005
  2. 2. Company LOGO SF-RealEstate – unified solution for your business What to expect from SF-RealEstate solution Powerful Web Application Suite Comprehensive Property and Agent Management Dynamical Promotion of available opportunities on Your Web Site Single Data and Image Entry for the Entire software complex Real Time data exchange Fast and Effective Property Searches State of the Art Information System Sophisticated Security Model Possibility for easy mobilization of the solution Increased efficiency of the service Increased market competitiveness Increased customer satisfaction Easy Internet Access With SF-RealEstate, you, your agents and clients access your comprehensive listing information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere, through the internet or via GPRS or Internet via a mobile device. Access to SF-RealEstate is simple - all you need is an internet/GPRS connection and a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The application takes advantage of time, location, and/or personalization The application takes advantage of location (information is available to agents when they're on the move or showing properties) and time (new properties are immediately available). Comprehensive Property and Agent Management SF-RealEstate organizes and maintains complete listing information. At your fingertips is a permanent archive of your listings, property images, agents, sales figures, billings and media. Professional reports are generated from this data. © Soft Format L, 2005
  3. 3. Company LOGO SF-RealEstate – unified solution for your business Easy content update and publishing CMS application allows easy content updating without profound Web-skills. It also provides for mobile device updates. All new information is immediately available for everyone it is intended for. Dynamic Application Mirrors Listings and Images to Your Web Site SF-RealEstate’s state of the art application server dynamically mirrors designated property information and images to your external web site from your intranet enterprise database. You minimize the time and expense required to maintain property listings, images, open houses and other content for your public web site. Fast and Easy Property Searches for Internet and mobile device users With SF-CMS, Internet and mobile device users, in seconds, find just what they're searching for - property with their desired bedrooms, bathrooms, price, location, school district and more. Internet users may tour properties online and view multiple interior and exterior images. Virtual tours can also be available for Internet users, while mobile device users can enjoy images of newly listed offers or get look for their dream properties via a cell phone/PDA/Pocket PC. Real Time Property and Image Updates How current are the listings on your web site? Do updates lag days or even weeks behind? With SF-RealEstate, updates to your database of listings are immediately and automatically live on your web site and mobile devices of your agents and customers (paid service, which can bring your extra profit). Visitors to your web site get the most up to date listing information, which is updated in a real time mode. Secure Access SF-RealEstate's sophisticated six level security model controls and limits access to your data. Every user logs onto your private database with a security level that determines their level of access to information and their ability to add, update or read only information. And much more… It’s by far a not complete list of advantages the SF-RealEstate will provide. Moreover, due to a custom base of the solution, it can include ABSOLUTELY ANY feature you need but have never dreamed of. Contact us for details and we will prepare a genuine offer to suit your needs and make your business bring more profit. © Soft Format L, 2005
  4. 4. Company LOGO SF-RealEstate – unified solution for your business 08/18/2004 Solution for Real Estate Agency Business Connectivity Framework XML Web Services Layer ©Soft Format L, 2004 Agency Database Web Services Management System Routing SLA Access Control Monitoring Security Unified Business Interface*** Agency Customers Content Management System CMS Modules Layer Content Management System Content Management Agency Office Application** Monitoring Security Management Remote Agent* Corporate Web-Site * - Remote Agent is the ASP.NET web-application which is available for use by any PC or mobile device which has the HTTP-browsing. Due to utilization of the SF-CMS there is no need to develop separate specific applications for mobile and PC-oriented browsers as the SF-CMS assures the content presentation depending on the device type. ** - Office Application can be developed Intranet Web-application (the same as for remote users), or the Windows-based application. *** - Business Connectivity Framework is a complex software solution for business integration. It enables the business connectivity of the enterprise through the Unified Business InterfaceTM. The Business Connectivity Framework consists of the XML Web Services which provide the data access and reflect the business logic of the source information system; Web Services Management System SF-WSM, which enables the centralized web services management; Unified Business InterfaceTM – a set of open standardized XML Web Services for enabling the interaction of the external systems with the external and internal information systems. © Soft Format L, 2005
  5. 5. Company LOGO SF-RealEstate – Screenshots User Login Page The prototype functionality presented on the screenshots is basic and can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.
  6. 6. Company LOGO SF-RealEstate – Screenshots Real Estate Search Engine The prototype functionality presented on the screenshots is basic and can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.
  7. 7. Company LOGO SF-RealEstate – Screenshots Real Estate Search Results The prototype functionality presented on the screenshots is basic and can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.
  8. 8. Company LOGO SF-RealEstate – Screenshots Customers Database The prototype functionality presented on the screenshots is basic and can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.