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Online Yachting Community

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Online Yachting Community

  1. 1. Presented by Soft Format LLC Win-Win Yacht Community Community-based web site as an innovative e-business model for yacht clubs Business Vision
  2. 2. Soft Format LLC Introduction Soft Format sees its mission in helping our customers to harness the full potential of new opportunities, which are becoming available on the cutting edge of business and technological innovations. We are presenting to you our unique, cost-effective business offer, which will enable Your Club fully leverage the business opportunities that social commerce and Internet provide now and add more business value to your Club’s existing model. With the new business model, you will take an advantage of your existing community and move it to new business perspectives. DYNAMIC CHANGES CONVERGENCE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS NETWORKING Changes That Call For a New e-Business Model Most socially-based industries are presently undergoing a number of significant changes. A process of transformation of what used to be a purely social community into an innovative model of e-business — social commerce — is taking place now. Communities sector has traditionally been extremely fragmented. However recent developments have transformed the industry into a dynamic business, full of challenges and opportunities. Technological innovations create a new format of communication and interaction between the members within community. With Web and mobile having become a part of everyday activities, requirements for building and managing a successful community have radically altered. We need to face the fact that combination of “social” and “business” has become a synonym for “successful business” Page 2
  3. 3. Soft Format LLC Current Trends That Call for Changes Technological Innovations . • Technological innovations are not new, but today they are more rapid Convergence & influencing • Web & mobile have become a part of our everyday activities superbly links • New ways of communication make people socialize more often and ideas and thus bring the social aspect to foreground of all businesses • Sales are no longer bound to a fixed place but are performed globally action in a • Advanced convergence allows easy creation of new services out of global old ones or upgrading the old ones to a new technological level. Consumers Networking perspective. • While growth is slowing at most top Internet sites, it is skyrocketing at Budd L. Hall sites focused on social networking, blogging and local information. • Social networking concept is opening the unique opportunity of uniting consumers around business and making consumers’ lifestyle a part of business. • Based on total pages viewed and the time spent by each visitor, MySpace ranked #2 on the entire Internet. • Social Commerce is about to reign the sales market as a blend of the “best” of e-commerce with the quot;bestquot; of social networking. • Social networks are perfect promotional & distributional tool. When the network is set up, as friends are connected with friends of friends of friends, viral marketing is just a click away. • Community-driven commerce is inverting the traditional e-commerce paradigm. It is commerce organized by and for the consumers. Change Dynamics • We have entered a new economy where business processes are moving online at an even faster pace every day. To stay competitive and win in the modern business environment, a clear vision of what is going to happen tomorrow or in a year or two is absolutely necessary. • The magnitude of today's environmental, competitive, and global market change is unprecedented. It's a very interesting and exciting world, but it's also volatile and dynamic. • One cant remain static if he wants to win. Dynamics is in everything: dynamic sites, dynamic sales, dynamic profiles. Dynamics means success. Information • Information is becoming readily available around the globe at an unprecedented pace. • Most information services are moved online to be accessible anytime and anywhere, even when you are on the go. • Information, alongside with content, is the King again. Those who own information, keep to the trends, and take advantage of converting risks into opportunities, are to be on the top in the next decade and on. • Opportunity is there but not everyone sees it. While some people say everything is already developed, others create something new and win. Page 3
  4. 4. Soft Format LLC Business Idea In the course of preparation of the offer we have analyzed the traditional yacht club and e-commerce models. Basing on our researches, we would dare to state that none of existing e- commerce models applied by most clubs does not properly fit into the clubs’ business models and moreover, doesn't benefit from the Internet opportunities. Innovative It’s not enough to have a club-oriented e-Store or basic e-business membership services to successfully operate a Club. E-Business without e-Customers is not fully leveraging Internet opportunities, opportunity even if you've got the best software, luxurious design and a good list of products (which is also an issue for yacht clubs) for Yachting Building a successful e-Business on a club structure requires • e-Customers (which is half way done, since you already have a pool of loyal members offline), • converting e-commerce into social commerce, and • making the club members’ lifestyle a part of your business. Offer your Customers Strengthen personal relations what they need with your Customers Alice & Jack Strengthen existing e- Make your e- commerce potential & Customers’ unite club members Lifestyle a part with your business of business Optimize your Club’s business model for an innovative social-driven commerce model Page 4
  5. 5. Soft Format LLC Subsystems of SF e-Business • Easy authoring and modification of the • Advanced community platform; content; • Personal and public spaces for your • Manageable navigation structure; members/customers; • • Advanced search engine optimization; Automated interaction of your • customers with your business; Over 20 supplementary modules for • building informational community website; Architectural capabilities for multiple • communication add-ons; Extended capabilities for business • integration; Dynamic profiling as the way to learn • and analyze your customers; Reliable security system; • • Community management tools. Localization functionality; • • Bundled services management Increased scalability due to modular service-oriented e-Community e-Portal architecture. e-Club e-Commerce • Powerful e-store engine; • New generation of Customer Relationship • Advanced set of promo tools; Management system; • Personalized interface and items display • Dynamic profiling for learning your for every customer; customers’ preferences and likes; • Discount • coupons, gift certificates, Powerful reporting and analytical suite; members bonuses, etc.; • User-friendly backoffice for the e-club • Purchase planners and autoships; administrator; • • Real time credit card processing; Event Handlers and E-mail Notifiers; • Integration with major shipment gateways; • Advanced set of tools for members • Powerful system of business rules. communication. Business Idea + Proprietary Core Platform + Professional Customization = What You Need Is What You Get Page 5
  6. 6. Soft Format LLC E-Community Subsystems First ever Soft Format introduces an innovative e-Commerce engine, which is tightly integrated with other subsystems of the “Call it a clan, SF e-Business Suite, enabling the business value and monetization of the community of consumers. call it a network, call it E-community subsystem comes with a set of features which provide your customers with personal and community spaces, a tribe, call it a allow them communicating with the like-minded people, and family: share their interests and activities with the other members of the community. Whatever you call it, whoever At the same time, combination of e-commerce and e-community subsystems allows to smoothly integrate social and business you are, you activities making them mutually influential and beneficial. need one.” Main Components of the e-Community Subsystem Jane Howard Blogging Personal Pages Management Classifieds Rating Personalization Social Search Tools Community Communication Management Page 6
  7. 7. Soft Format LLC E-Commerce Subsystems Commerce has a long tradition of profiting from innovative systems and tools. As technologies emerge, successful businesses are quick to identify developing opportunities and “E-commerce expand their commercial capabilities. businesses, Conducting commerce electronically is no different. For many even e- businesses, new technologies are effective tools to serve commerce traditional business goals of streamlining services, developing new markets, and creating business opportunities. In addition, specialists, they offer the potential to develop innovative types of services have yet to that they define a new type of commerce. realize that the Now it’s of even more concern, since customers demand more WWW is first & convenient and efficient tools for their online activities as web and mobile become a daily routine for many of them. foremost an Main Components of the emotional e-Commerce Subsystem experience. Few websites reflect this important Orders E-Store priority.” Management Management Grant Fairley Payments Promo Tools Management Management Inventory Shopping Management Management Shipping Billing Management Page 7
  8. 8. Soft Format LLC E-Club Subsystems E-Club Management Subsystem is a set of the innovative and advanced user-friendly tools of managing your e-business, which “Management form out the important part of the solution — Online Backoffice. manages by With e-Club susbsytem you can easly manage the entire Club and making all its members. Now all fragmented parts of Club’s activities are decisions and in one place — events, memebership, bonuses, privilages, new activities, paid services for non-members, newsletters and much by seeing that more. Tracking all activities and preferences of the Club’s those decisions members allows easy palnning of the Club’s policy with its adjustmennt on the fly when needed. are implemented.” Main Components of the e-Club Subsystem Harold S. Geneen Customer Statistics & Relationship Reporting Management Affiliate Program Events Management Management Business-2- Business-2- Community Customer Communication Communication Tools Tools Value-Added Vendors Service Management Management Page 8
  9. 9. Soft Format LLC E-Portal Subsystems Every successful e-business solution must include a foundation of portal services that serve as a guarantee of website integrity, “It’s not the big manageability and ease of use. – that eats the SF e-Business provides integrity of all its subsystems which is small; it’s the ensured by a powerful e-portal subsystem. Smooth and seamless fast that eats interoperability of all subsystems is even more important when synchronizing Club/Community and E-commerce or creating and the slow”. managing bundled/accompanying services of third parties. Main Components of the e-Portal Subsystem Website Content Management Management Modules Search Engine Management Optimization File Business Management Integration Languages Security Management Page 9
  10. 10. Soft Format LLC Yacht Club: Potential Services E-Commerce Services “Profit in • Club’s store for clubs accessories business comes • Integrated store for selling must-haves & from repeat accompanying items customers. • Classifieds Customers that • Boat rentals boast about • Marketing & advertising of related/bundled your project or services service, & that • Job opportunities & vacancies, etc bring friends Personalization Services with them” • Personal page for each member (bio, boat W. Edwards Deming specs, personal blog, etc) • Media (Images, video, music) gallery • Private events planner/scheduler • Internal messenger for communication, etc Club Services • Member bonuses & privileges • Mechanism for redeeming membership points • Public blog • Events planner/manager with online subscription, planning, budgeting, etc • Club’s newsletter • Dining & catering (Club menu, reservations, etc) • Experts & trainers/instructors advice • Groups & categories for Club members (sailing, speed boating, fishing, etc) • Race results, schedules, etc • Photo Contests • And much more Page 10
  11. 11. Soft Format LLC Soft Format as Your Partner Contact Us Quality: Soft Format Superior quality of services, confirmed by ISO Olha Kutsevych (International Standards Organization) Sales Manager 9001:2000, Microsoft Certified Partner status and Tel. +38 0332 770091 proven experience of the cohesive team Cell: +38 050 6704539 providing services on the market since 1997; Fax: +38 0332 770091 Business Value: Skype: olhasales State-of-the-art solutions on the cutting edge of business, marketing and technological innovation, customized to reflect your business needs. Already Developed Core Platform: Modular extendable system, based on clear and deep understanding of marketing opportunity, trends and existing business environment as ensured by own R&D department; Customer-centric Approach: Support and maintenance team experienced in working with international customers; Reliability: Proven and mature risk-mitigation model, which assures the “onsite feeling for offshore cooperation”. Page 11

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