Mobile card game service


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implemented gambling multiplayer card game for mobile devices

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Mobile card game service

  1. 1. SF-21 MOBILE SERVICE Soft Format L Ltd., 2004
  2. 2. SF - 21 G ENERAL DESCRIPTION Software development company Soft Format L is proud to present a modern mobile gaming platform SF-MGAME for implementation and provision of conceptually new kind of multiplayer gaming services (including gambling and casino games) for mobile phone users. Owing to its unique architectural solution, SF-MGAME makes it possible to attract a wide range of mobile users as its minimum requirements are as low as GPRS-enabled cellphones with JAVA MIDP 1.0 support. This quality significantly differentiates SF-MGAME from analogues market solutions, which are mostly limited to MIDP 2.0 cellphones or smartphones and highest quality of connection. Service-oriented software architecture provides scalability and extensibility of the platform, enables adding/changing available gaming services and billing systems used for monetary transactions in gambling games and extends the range of supported mobile phones. At present Soft Format L is finishing development of a mobile multiplayer version of a Russian card game “21”, also known as “Ochko”, which is a simplified version of world-popular Black Jack. SF-21 is a multiplayer gambling card game and is a unique solution on the JAVA-games market. The game has been designed for MIDP 1.0 and WAP 1.0+ mobile phones. Unique value of the game lies in its being the first multiplayer mobile game that allows up to three players to play against each other for REAL money using their cellphones, unlike most other JAVA gambling games presented on the market, which only support single-player high scoring mode. Alongside, an online single-player high scoring version of the game is available, in which a player contests against artificial intelligence of the game server. Prizes and monetary awards are awarded for hitting the “Top 10 Players” chart. Another important feature of the gaming service is that its platform enables the game and its functionality to be easily extended if needed. Utilization of reuse components allows quick and simple extension of the range of gaming services of the system, for example, addition of such classical gambling games as slot machine, roulette or popular casino card games. -2-
  3. 3. SF - 21 Utilization of GPRS technology in SF-21 product enables mobile service provider not only to differentiate itself on the market as a provider of a unique GPRS-based service, but also to boost GPRS traffic generated by its mobile users and increase its ARPU (Average Revenue per User) owing to a flexible tariffication mechanism featured by the gaming service. Beside direct charge for GPRS and WAP traffic, tariffing of each separate game session is also possible, as well as withdrawal of commission for each bet or winning, charging for a number of prepaid games or online gaming time. Possibility of the gaming platform to integrate with billing systems of mobile service providers and online casinos allows widening the range of ways of depositing and withdrawing the money for the game. Money can be deposited to the game account in several ways: [ from a telephone subscriber account [ from a player's credit card [ from a prepaid gaming service card [ from a prepaid cards of other services [ using electronic money accounts (Web-money, e-gold, etc) Money withdrawal can be realized through: [ Transfer from the player's game account to his telephone subscriber account [ Transfer to the user bank account [ Conversion of the won sum into electronic money with the possibility of its subsequent cashing. In such a way, the target group of the gaming service is offered a wide range of means of money transactions necessary for gambling games in comparison with the analogues solutions on the market. For the users' convenience, charging the player's account will be also possible on the website, where registration of new players, editing the players profile and obtaining information about ratings, promotional offers, plays for prizes, etc. will be possible. SF-21 gaming solution can either exist as a separate independent entertainment service of a mobile service provider or can be used as an additional service for existing online casinos, slot machines networks or be offered exclusively to their customers. -3-
  4. 4. SF - 21 D ESCRIPTION OF SF-MGAME SF-MGAME system is a platform for development and management of gaming services intended for mobile phone users. The game server insures implementation of main aspects and functions of any game service, namely: [ Registration of users [ Logging into the system [ Player profile management [ Tracking and updating players ratings [ Player account balance management [ Player statistics tracking [ Game service billing [ Support of the game service extensibility and scalability [ Game service fault tolerance and security [ Support of interfaces of game service management [ Provision of solutions optimization (utilization of reuse components, algorithms, etc.) Thus SF-MGAME enables quick and simple extension of range of the gaming services in two consequent steps: implementation of a new game business logic and deployment of the new game on the existing platform. The system enables organization of the gaming services according to different scenarios of single- and multiplayer game modes, thus providing a number of various positioning scenarios (gaming service, tournament, gambling game, etc.) as well as wide choice of tariffing options (for game download, registration fee, move/session fee, withdrawal of commission for each bet or winning, etc.) System architecture makes provision for easy integration with the billing systems, which will be chosen for money transactions. Billing systems can be easily customized according to the mobile service provider requirements and can be modified or extended both during preparation of the game service deployment and during its maintenance. For architectural concept of the software platform refer to Appendix 1. -4-
  5. 5. SF - 21 P RODUCT DESCRIPTION Game Rules The game is dealt from a 36 deck of cards (from 6 to Ace). Card values (independently of suit): Jack - 2, Queen - 3, King - 4, Ace - 11 points, cards from quot;6quot; to quot;10quot; are worth their face values in points. Aim of the game is to hit more points than the other players but not more than 21. Ace+Ace combination is called quot;Golden Handquot; and is the highest winning hand a player can get. A player needs to place his bet to start the game - the chip is placed in the middle of the table and a corresponding sum is subtracted from the account balance. Then the dealer is appointed and dealing of the cards begins. A total of all bets of the players (Bank) is at stake. For the first game a dealer is appointed at random, in the following games the winner in the previous game is appointed a dealer. The dealer gets one card face up, and the player clockwise of the dealer gets two cards face down. If the total of the player's points doesn't exceed 21, he may take another card (Hit) until he is satisfied with his cards and wishes to Stand. If the player goes over 21 (Bust), he is urged to Stand and the turn goes over to the next player clockwise. When the turn -5-
  6. 6. SF - 21 goes back to the dealer, he is dealt the second card face up. He may Hit until he reaches or exceeds 21 or until he chooses to Stand. After all the players have finished playing their hand, the cards are opened and the winner is determined. The player whose hand total is the greatest and doesn't exceed 21 or is a quot;Golden Handquot; is considered a winner. If all the players busted, the bank is at stake again and the game is replayed. If two players pushed (got equal number of points), they play another round to determine the winner. The third player may join, if he wishes, by paying in a particular wager (half of the bank, rounded to a bigger whole number), which in that case is added to the Bank total and the game is replayed among all three players. If he refuses to join - he watches as his two opponents replay the round without his participation. The game is played until the final winner is determined. The winner gets the Bank - all the chips in the Bank go to him and the won sum is added to his account balance. Following rounds of the game are played similarly. -6-
  7. 7. SF - 21 Game features SF-21 features off- and online versions, the latter requiring Internet via GPRS connection and registration, after which a player’s account is created and saved in the database. The account is unique and exclusive for all services on the SF-MGAME platform. Among customizable game features are Sound Mode (Max/Min/Off/Vibro) and Interface Language (English, Russian, Ukrainian). The “Top 10 Players Chart” is updated in real time and available for preview. A unique feature of the game is that the players can bluff and express their “emotions” during the game using the built-in emotions set, which helps the player get the feel of a real card game with all its inherent drive and thrill. The game has been developed in several versions according to the following criteria: Online/offline mode, money/high- scoring based, human/artificial intelligence opponent(s). Short description of the game versions is provided below. Offline Singleplayer Game This mode allows a mobile phone user to play SF-21 on his/her cellphone with no connection to the game server. A user can play the game in the locations with no or unstable GPRS coverage (e.g. in a tunnel, an aircraft, etc.), or use a cellphone that does no support GPRS. In an offline singleplayer mode a user opts between playing against one or two opponents (artificial intelligence). Account balance of a player is fixed and is set by default. Every new game session is started with the fixed account balance and goes on until the player uses up the sum. Online Singleplayer Game This mode allows a mobile phone user to play SF-21 against artificial intelligence of the game server via GPRS. A player opts to play against either one or two opponents (artificial intelligence) and can increase the initial account balance by winning virtual money, thus starting every new game session with his saved account balance. -7-
  8. 8. SF - 21 Online Multiplayer Game (High-scoring) This version allows the mobile phone user to play SF-21 against one or two human players via GPRS. The game provides several game modes: [ Public Game - players are matched at random based on the desired bet value; players can join, leave or switch the tables; [ Private Game - a player can Create Private Game by setting a unique name, password and the desired bet value and wait for his friends to join, which can be done by selecting Join Private Game and entering the required game name and password; [ Tournament - players start at initial level and try to reach final level; winners move up to the next level and play against each other; a specified number of consecutive victories make a winner of the tournament. Each victory increases the player’s chances to hit the “Top 10 Players” chart. The top 10 players are awarded prizes, certificates or monetary gifts, etc. Online Multiplayer Game (Money Based) The Money Based version corresponds to the High-scoring one. The difference is that former requires a valid real money source (for eg. a credit card). As the player places his bet , a corresponding sum is withdrawn from his account balance and in case of victory, a won sum is added to his account balance and accordingly to his money source. -8-
  9. 9. SF - 21 T ECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS A GPRS-enabled cellphone with JAVA (MIDP 1.0+) and WAP 1.0+ support, and with at least 64Kb of free memory for JAVA applications is needed for SF-21 game. The game is downloaded via WAP. All current game versions are NOKIA series 40-compatible. Porting of the game to the handsets of other manufacturers is in process. For an offline singleplayer mode no GPRS-enabled phone is required. E XTENSIBILITY The game provides for a wide range of functionality extensions, which include but are not limited to the following: [ Implementation of possibility to invite a certain player to a Private Game by searching the database of players by a specific search option, for ex. by nickname, currently online/offline, listed in the “Top 10 Players” chart, etc; [ Extending and subdividing “Top Players” chart into multiple sub-charts i.e. “Top Players of the week/month”, “Tournament Winners”, “Most Active Players”, etc.; [ Extending statistical data available for preview; [ Extending Player Profile to support personal icons along with the nickname; [ Implementation of personal performance graph, profile manager, etc; [ Implementation of chat between the players during the game; [ Extending both functional and audiovisual basis of the games for the handsets supporting JAVA (MIDP 2.0) and a larger than 64Kb Jar file. [ Porting of the game service for smartphones and PDAs; [ Integration of the service with iTV. -9-
  10. 10. SF - 21 Appendix 1. - 10 -