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International marketing and advertising environment


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • s2: economic 'factors factors'
    s7,8: no legend for color-coding
    s9: wow, median age @Monaco matches median age of airline pilots @ex-USSR...
    s10: incom_e_
    s10: I suppose GDP matters here, not GNP?
    s12: maybe sort on GDP'' (acceleration)? as well some problem with Greece's formal growth vs today troubles, add national debt?
    s13: household income vs customer debt
    s14: transportation accessibility
    +s16: justice and corruption rates, ease of doing business, freedom of speech
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International marketing and advertising environment

  1. 1. international marketing and advertising environmentпонедельник, 20 февр.
  2. 2. marketing environment demographic cultural environment factors promotion product marketing mix place price political-legal factors economic factors factors geographic factorsпонедельник, 20 февр.
  3. 3. the international marketer must consider demographic characeristics economic factors geographic characteristics political-legal environment cultural characteristicsпонедельник, 20 февр.
  4. 4. demographic characeristics • size of the population • rate of population growth • education • population density • age structure • composition of populationпонедельник, 20 февр.
  5. 5. понедельник, 20 февр.
  6. 6. понедельник, 20 февр.
  7. 7. понедельник, 20 февр.
  8. 8. fertility rate, 2005-2010понедельник, 20 февр.
  9. 9. List of countries by median ageпонедельник, 20 февр.
  10. 10. economic factors • GNP per capita • incom distribution • rate of GNP growth • urbanizationпонедельник, 20 февр.
  11. 11. понедельник, 20 февр.
  12. 12. понедельник, 20 февр.
  13. 13. Median household income 2005 us dollarsпонедельник, 20 февр.
  14. 14. geographic characteristics • size of the country • topographical characteristics • climate conditionsпонедельник, 20 февр.
  15. 15. political-legal environment • political stability/ risk • laws and regulations • degree of nationalism • international law WTO, World Bank Membershipпонедельник, 20 февр.