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4p in international advertising


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4p in international advertising

  1. 1. InternationalMarketing Mix
  2. 2. Standartization vs Specialization
  3. 3. 4P
  4. 4. Product
  5. 5. product standartisation vs product adaptation
  6. 6. • country of origin effect• branding and trademark decisions• brand piracy• packaging and labelling decisions
  7. 7. place• channels of distribution• direct• indirect• manufacture abroad• retailing abroad
  8. 8. price• pricing objectives and strategies• governmental influence on pricing• pricing and manufacture abroad
  9. 9. promotion• advertising pepsodent• sales promotions wash and go• PR Coca Cola• personal selling Amway• direct marketing Otto• sponsorship Olimpics• trade fairs• IMC synergetic effect