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Listening lesson 30.04


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Listening lesson 30.04

  1. 1. Welcome to the quizshaw “Weird holidays”
  2. 2. T he Pamplona Bull Running Spain
  3. 3. T he Ivr ea Car nival Italy
  4. 4. T he Songcr an Festival Thailand
  5. 5. Tunar ama Australia
  6. 6. T he Puck Fair Ireland
  7. 7. Hadaka Matsuri Japan
  8. 8. Tapati Festival Chile
  9. 9. Stiletto Sprint Australia
  10. 10. Mer maid Pr adeConey Island, The USA
  11. 11. Bor yeong Mud FestivalSouth Korea
  12. 12. La TomatinaYeah! as you guess it, it is thebiggest food fight in the world. Itsnormally occurs each August inSpain. La Tomatina can be consideras one of weird holidays that everhappen in Spain. La Tomatinainvolves throwing, smacking,tossing and barraging friends andstrangers alike with overripetomatoes, Oops! Did I say overripeTomatoes? Yup, thats right withoverripe Tomatoes, in the streets ofthe town of Bunol. It takes about aweek-long holidays or festival whereeveryone enjoy themselves with
  13. 13. The Apex or climax of this event iswhen some climbing a greased poleto retrieve the ham set on top...There are rules involved but intruth, it is every man for himself.After two hours or so of a tomatothrowing and bombardment, fire-fighters clean the crowds andstreets down by spraying gallons ofwater over the tomato coveredparticipant. How thisholidays/festivals started no oneknows exactly. But is said to honorthe towns patron saint.