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Globalization And Localization (Olga Melnikova)


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Globalization And Localization: Benefits And Challenges. Olga Melnikova, speech at Multidimensional Translation: From Science To Arts Conference, April 21, 2017. Riga, Latvia

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Globalization And Localization (Olga Melnikova)

  1. 1. GLOBALIZATION AND LOCALIZATION: BENEFITS AND CHALLENGES Olga Melnikova Multidimensional Translation: From Science to Arts Riga, Latvia, April 21, 2017
  2. 2. Send Your Questions to: • Email: • Website:
  3. 3. About the Speaker: Olga Melnikova • 2007-2014 – translator for Russian Translation Company (Ru, En, Fr) • 2010-2012 – court interpreter (Ru, Fr) • 2010-now - - volunteer Russian Experience
  4. 4. About the Speaker: Olga Melnikova • May 2015 – MA in Translation and Localization Management, Middlebury Institute (MIIS), Monterey, CA, US • May 2015 – August 2016: Localization Project Management Intern at Venga Global, Inc. • August 2016 – now: Localization Project Manager at Moravia, Inc. US Experience
  5. 5. About the Speaker: Olga Melnikova • 2015, 2016 - winner of LocJAM, a non-profit worldwide game localization contest ( • 2015 – now – performs with the O’NO band that plays songs in 10 languages. US Experience
  6. 6. AGENDA •Globalization (G11n) •Internationalization (I18n) •Localization (L10n)
  7. 7. GOING GLOBAL •High-tech companies: Silicon Valley, WA, NY •Cloud-based services and other products •A lot of clients and a lot of vendors
  8. 8. DEFINITIONS • Globalization is developing, manufacturing and marketing an application (software, web application, etc.) that is intended for worldwide distribution. It means coming up with an idea that needs to be shared with other cultures. Source: Max Troyer, MIIS Professor
  9. 9. • Internationalization is implementation of software or database changes required to support local formatting conventions in a certain market. It includes support for character sets (Unicode), dates, currency, sorting methods and text direction. Source: Max Troyer, MIIS Professor DEFINITIONS
  10. 10. DEFINITIONS • Localization involves taking a product and making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target locale (country / region and language) where it will be used and sold. It can mean “translation”, but not always. Localization is bigger than translation and it is related to technology. Source: Max Troyer, MIIS Professor
  11. 11. L10N: •Websites •Software •Desktop apps •Mobile apps •Videos (subtitling, voice-over, dubbing) •Computer games •CAT tools •Machine Translation •Crowdsourcing •DTP
  12. 12. HOW ARE THOSE 3 RELATED? It is a point in time when you decide: I need this in more than 1 language. The sooner this idea arrives, the better. Even BEFORE you create the product, you know it will go global You decide to go global AT THE TIME of creating the product You decide to go global AFTER you already created the product
  13. 13. HOW ARE THOSE 3 RELATED? Huge Profit Good profit Average profit This is your market share, depending on what strategy you choose (when you decide to start) Small profit
  14. 14. T9N EXAMPLE Early Soviet times – the authors did not write in a “generic” language about a “generic” country Граждане! Уважайте пружинный матрац в голубых цветочках! Это — семейный очаг, альфа и омега меблировки, общее и целое домашнего уюта, любовная база, отец примуса! Как сладко спать под демократический звон его пружин! Какие сладкие сны видит человек, засыпающий на его голубой дерюге! Каким уважением пользуется каждый матрацевладелец!
  15. 15. L10N EXAMPLE When a product is successful, the company decides to localize it into many languages. However, since the original product has already been created, adapting it to other countries might become very expensive…
  16. 16. L10N EXAMPLE DE is longer than EN so fields sometimes are too short for a localized string => expensive code modification needs to be done
  17. 17. I18N EXAMPLE Modifications need to be implemented to the code at the moment of the original product creation, not later on.
  18. 18. I18N Date, time, currency, temperature, number format is not “hard- coded”, these are variables that may change, depending on the settings. • USD vs RU • °C vs °F • 1,000 vs 1000 • 06/28/2015 -> 28/06/2015 • 2 pm -> 14:00
  19. 19. G11N EXAMPLE Frozen ranks as the highest- grossing animated film of all times. Why? • “Simpack”: simultaneous release in many languages • Original English text is neutral and easy to adapt to many markets (unlike The Twelve Chairs)
  20. 20. HOW ARE THOSE 3 RELATED? Huge Profit Good profit Average profit This is your market share, depending on what strategy you choose (when you decide to start) Small profit
  21. 21. GILT (G11N, I18N, L10N, T9N) GILT is the best model for your content to go global GILT means moving localization upstream It helps to maximize profit and minimize downstream costs
  22. 22. Thank You! • Email: • Website: