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Energy from liquid waste

How to turn liquid waste into power. Heated sludge is mixed with help of sliding vane compressors by gas discharged through floor-level diffusers. Generated biogas is transferred into storage and then sent to combined heat and power unit for conversion to heat and electricity.

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Energy from liquid waste

  1. 1. Energy from Liquid Waste with Hurll Nu-Way Gas Boosters Digester Vane Compressor Biogas Storage Centrifugal Blower Sludge Storage Electricity Sludge Thickener Low energy consumption. No water needed Recirculation Pump Backup Boiler CHP Engine Heat Exchanger Sludge is mixed by gas discharged through floor-level diffusers Recirculation for heating Keeps system pressurised Excess heat used for other heating demands Heat used for heating sludge