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How to sell your social content online (UGC - user generated content online). Earning legally with your creative photos on Instagram and Flickr (beyond likes).

User created images are very popular in the digital marketing and news. The problem is there is no easy way for people to use your photos legally. Meaning you, an Instagram or Flickr user, unlike pro photographers at photo stocks, can not earn with your pictures.

Lobster has created a marketplace where everyone can automatically sell social content with our #ilobsterit tag. You will see how to do this and where to get more information.
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  • Here's a great tutorial - how to sell photos online, Registration to Microstocks, Uploading the Photos to Microstocks:
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How to sell your social content online (Instagram & Flickr photos) - Lobster marketplace

  1. 1. Lobster Sell your social content online.  A legal, quick and automated way to do it.  Now available  for Instagram and Flickr
  2. 2. UGC What you create on Instagram, Flickr and other social networks is called UGC (user generated content) • You have full ownership and intellectual property rights for anything you post • Yes, just like a pro photographer or a music company you have the right to be protected from stealing your property • In fact, your Instagram & Flickr creativity could earn you some real money just like anything else you do in life • Give others a chance not to steal, grant them an official license at a fair price
  3. 3. UGC Problem: people can not legally buy your cool photos from Instagram or Flickr • News • Digital Marketing • Use for presentations and webpages
  4. 4. Problem For you: 1. User content gets stolen or copied illegally. You may see your photos used commercially by companies and people. We believe this is due to a lack of a quick way to get legal rights from you. 2. Users like you can’t earn on their content, while professional photographers in photo stocks do. Your content may be great, unique, newsworthy, personal, smart. It should be worth something, in our view. 3. Popular social networks do not provide enough challenge, rewards and game. Let’s play – we give the theme, you do your best shots, our customers buy them, and experts give out a prize. How about a #blackandwhite game today? Confidential. Please do not share without agreement.
  5. 5. Solution News bloggers Digital media and marketing Peer-to-peer users Content author (You) Lobster Content buyer An opportunity to sell your social content ‘AppStore for user A platform for easy, affordable and earn on every purchase. Earn freely from anywhere in the world by just generated content’ and fast acquisition of legal rights for user generated social posting to your social networks as usual. content. Millions of items users Make the news, take a challenge, post everyday worldwide. participate, compete, get rewards. Confidential. Please do not share without agreement.
  6. 6. Lobster Marketplace Advantage Automated content capture with #ilobsterit NO uploads, just post to Instagram & Flickr Always current search data, but no storage & pre-approval issue Full control of what you sell or not with #ilobsterit tag
  7. 7. How to start selling? 1. Sign up at 2. Add your  Instagram or Flickr  just once  3. Use #ilobsterit  to your sell photos directly from  Instagram & Flickr
  8. 8. Your Page at Lobster Watch  for current challenges and prizes Follow the 3 steps to start selling See our most wanted tags to maximize sales. Read our blog posts on creating top selling  content, participating in challenges etc.  
  9. 9. Not Clear? Watch our demo video here Visit our About page for  more information Read our Terms & License
  10. 10. Write to us. Please. Questions: Technical: Partnesrip & Jobs: Olga Egorsheva CEO Lobster IT Limited Confidential. Please do not share without agreement.