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Team size drupal camp kiev - v1.0


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DrupalCampKyiv 2017

Published in: Internet
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Team size drupal camp kiev - v1.0

  1. 1. Learning about the ideal Scrum Team size by trial and error Ideal Scrum team size - DrupalCamp KIEV
  2. 2. Open Social
  3. 3. Oct 2016: Enough is Enough
  4. 4. HUGE Sprint backlog 300 points per 3 week sprint!! (+/- 75 stories)
  5. 5. Endless Refinement Impossible with a group of 12 people! Ended up in: - Refinement in focus groups - Intake meetings Goal of refinement session: understand the problem and the goal to achieve
  6. 6. Sprint planning sub-groups :(
  7. 7. Hard to focus in Sprint
  8. 8. Impediments? Eeeuh… not sure
  9. 9. Sprint review: internal knowledge sharing? It became the moment where team members shared the work/solutions to each other for the first time. Goal sprint review: Demo the work to PO and stakeholders
  10. 10. How we re-structured the new teams Team Shipsters - Build Distribution and SaaS Team ECI - Custom Enterprise projects Team Gardeneers - Market Open Social Responsible Team 1 Team 2 Responsible
  11. 11. Conclusion Ideal Scrum team size - DrupalCamp KIEV
  12. 12. But when is a Scrum team too small? Ideal Scrum team size - DrupalCamp KIEV
  13. 13. Questions? - What’s your ideal Scrum size? - How did you first notice your team was either too big or too small? And how did you resolve this?
  14. 14.