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  1. 1. My projects page Technologies I used throughout the projects ● Yii framework(PHP5), Smarty ● Mysql ● Javascript + Jquery ● CSS ● Python + Flask
  2. 2. 1. Account management MUG is an internal web portal that manages all our company accounts: Users, Groups, Passwords, Vpn, Wifi, Devices, Mail quotas etc
  3. 3. The main page features the dashboard overview of the account scheduled for deletion and the most active users
  4. 4. This is how we search for an account
  5. 5. This is how it looks the backend
  6. 6. That is an overview of the head menu, before we move to the next project
  7. 7. 2. IP management tool ● Our company has around thousands of server and a necessity appeared to keep track of servers and their IP. ● The tool allows several levels of access with complete history and dns, ipv6 and diagnosis information.
  8. 8. The tool features a nice network tree built on client side as the backend send only a json array.
  9. 9. Add new IP reservation. The tool detects if the IP already belongs to a server and will show a warning.
  10. 10. Backend code for reserving IP, controller side.(Yii framework)
  11. 11. 3. Proxy report tool ● Creates proxy reports for users in our offices around the world. The main purpose to monitor the internet connection bandwidth. ● Backend composed from a Python script that runs daily and gets the squid logs, gather the stats and save reports to database. ● The presentation tool is created in PHP with Smarty templates. ●
  12. 12. The report page view
  13. 13. Python script main function
  14. 14. 4. License track software ● To keep track of all the software license that our company purchased the license track software was built. ● It assists with the request process with approvals by key persons ● After request approved the request is processed by other teams : purchase, delivery, deployment ● Provides a dashboard with request categories: licenses that are due to expire, requiring manager approval etc ●
  15. 15. The dashboard view
  16. 16. The request new license form
  17. 17. View orders view
  18. 18. View order details
  19. 19. Example of backend code. I tried to use scopes to get a more readable code.
  20. 20. Well, I am currently looking for new opportunities. The list of the projects I provided is to give an overview of my work. I am not always proud of out I do, as I am a perfectionist kind of, but in general I have good results. Just looking for the right company...