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Anatomy of payment systems in Drupal 8


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Anatomy of payment systems in Drupal 8

  1. 1. Anatomy of payment systems in Drupal 8 Oleg Natalushko
  2. 2. Plan • Current status of payments in Drupal 8. • Common developers mistakes. • Drupal commerce 2.x payment • Payment • Payment offsite API
  3. 3. About me • More than 100 implemented drupal projects. • 15 years experience Backend developer • 5 years experience Drupal developer • Maintainer of commerce interkassa • Maintainer of Payment platon • Maintainer of commerce probokassa • Maintainer of Payment offsite API
  4. 4. Payment types. • Payment emulation • On site • Off site
  5. 5. Drupal payment contrib. Drupal 7 • Drupal commerce 1.x • Payment • Payment Gateway API Drupal 8 • Drupal Commerce 2.x • Payment • Payment offsite API
  6. 6. W3C PAYMENT REQUEST API SPECIFICATION • Payment Request API • Basic Card Payment • Payment Method Identifiers
  7. 7. Payment workflow
  8. 8. Real payment workflow
  9. 9. Real payment workflow (Drupal developer think) Checkout Payment system IPN call* Result page
  10. 10. Known contrib issues • Partitional payment not supported • Support only one payment instance per payment module • Not fixed result pages • Success URL: checkout/ORDER_ID/payment/return/ORDER_PAYMENT_REDIRECT_KEY • Fail URL: checkout/ORDER_ID/payment/back/ORDER_PAYMENT_REDIRECT_KEY • Payment transaction created only on success • Send order ID to payment system • Custom result urls used
  11. 11. Drupal commerce 2.x plan - The payment gateway config entity + UI - The payment gateway plugin type - The payment type YAML plugin - The credit_card payment type - The payment method content entity (for storing tokenized payment information), which uses the payment types as bundles - The payment content entity, which uses payment types as bundles A payment would have a workflow: New -> Pending -> Complete -> Cancelled | (Partially) Refunded.
  12. 12. Payment method configuration
  13. 13. Payment method configuration Payment module •Config, Schema and Plugin •Implement PaymentMethodConfigurationBase • processBuildConfigurationForm() including tabs magic • defaultConfiguration() • buildConfigurationForm() • validateConfigurationForm() • submitConfigurationForm() • Status Selector (5 methods) Payment Offsite API module •Config, Schema, Plugin •Implement PaymentMethodConfigurationBaseOffsite • processBuildConfigurationForm() • validateConfigurationForm() • submitConfigurationForm() • defaultConfiguration()
  14. 14. Payment form
  15. 15. Payment form Payment module requirements •Implement Routing •Implement Redirect form controller (with cleanup) •Implement Access controller •Implement signature generator •Implement is configured checker •Auto submit library • Implement Operation provider (configuration loader) getPaymentMethodConfiguration() • Implement payment method deriver getDerivativeDefinitions() Payment Offsite API module PaymentMethod plugin •Extend PaymentMethodBaseOffsite or PaymentMethodOffsiteSimple •Implement • paymentForm() • isConfigured() • getSignature() (simple) •Use $this->addPaymentFormData() •Use $this->generateForm() •Configure auto submit via UI
  16. 16. Payment result pages Payment system IPN callback Call Result pages callback Success page Pending page Fail page Hidden fallback call (optional)
  17. 17. Payment result pages Payment module requirements •Implement • Routing • Result pages controller • Access controller •Fallback support (optional) Payment Offsite API module PaymentMethod plugin •Implement • getResultPages() • get<Result>Content() • getSignature() (simple) •Fallback call supports per result page using getResultPages()
  18. 18. Payment IPN callback Payment system IPN callback Call IPN Access check Call IPN Validate Call IPN Execute Set order internal status according to status mapping Payment method plugin + configuration
  19. 19. Payment IPN callback Payment module require Implement •Routing •IPN controller •IPN validator •Access controller Payment Offsite API module Implement in PaymentMethod plugin •ipnExecute() •ipnValidate() Also you could extend PaymentMethodOffsiteSimple and use •validateEmpty() •validateRequiredKeys() •validateMerchant() •validateSignature() •validateTransactionId() •validateAmount() You must implement if going to use default validators: •getMerchantIdName() •getTransactionIdName() •getAmountName() •getSignatureName() •getRequiredKeys()
  20. 20. Payment offsite API Interface interface PaymentMethodOffsiteInterface { public function ipnExecute(); public function ipnValidate(); public function getResultPages(); public function paymentForm(); public function isConfigured(); }
  21. 21. Payment offsite API Simple Interface interface PaymentMethodOffsiteSimpleInterface extends PaymentMethodOffsiteInterface { const SIGN_IN = 'IN'; const SIGN_OUT = 'OUT'; public function getSignature($signature_type = self::SIGN_IN); public function getMerchantIdName(); public function getTransactionIdName(); public function getAmountName(); public function getSignatureName(); public function getRequiredKeys(); }
  22. 22. Payment offsite API • Fully compatible with Payment module • Fallback mode support • Multiple payment instances support • Simplify payment method creation • IPN and result pages callbacks • Payment form @Todo provide integration to commerce_payment @see
  23. 23. Thank you Oleg Natalushko Site: Skype: onatalushko Phone: +380674176171

Editor's Notes

  • Checkout/payment screenshot to explain what is payment type plugin
  • All 3 routines are processed with method plugin configured with config from configuration plugin