The Crusade


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The Crusade

  1. 1. TheCrusade! ByCrusader Dean Allen
  2. 2. The Crusade By Crusader Dean AllenCopyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved The Crusade 8 Rutledge Avenue Greenville, South Carolina 29617 USA Crusader Dean Allen 843 597-7459
  3. 3. Table of Contents Copyright Notice - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - pg. 2 Table Of Contents - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - pg. 3 Introduction - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - pg. 4 Freedom of Religion under Attack- - - - - - - -pg. 7 Clergymen fear to Speak the Truth - - - - - - pg. 14 What is Islam?- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - pg. 20 Call to Crusade - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - pg. 27All quotations from the Bible are the Authorized King James Version of 1611. Books by Dean Allen: RATTLESNAKE REVOLUTION: The tea party strikes! ISBN 978-1-4276-9500-0 Available at:
  4. 4. Introduction There have been millions of religious tracts written anddistributed which are targeted to unbelievers. They were writtenfor those outside the church as recruiting material. In manycases religious tracts have been written to suggest, explain, ex-pound upon, or convert folks to, some point of doctrine or havethem join a specific religious denomination. This booklet is not written for those outside the churches.Evangelism is important but this booklet is not about evangel-ism, it is about the need for another Crusade. This booklet iswritten to, and for, people inside the churches. It is not writtento members of one sect, denomination, or even exclusively toChristians. This call for Crusade is ecumenical in nature andmust encompass Protestant, Catholic and Jew. The word Crusade has been used frequently to describe aministry that traveled from place to place preaching the Bible.Until it became politically incorrect to use the word Crusademost such Crusades were basically ministries devoted to evan-gelism, to spreading the Gospel to the unbeliever or persuadingthe backslider to repent and get right with God.
  5. 5. This booklet is a call to a real Crusade. Starting in 1096 AD, PopeUrban II called upon European Christians to raise armies, march to theLevant, and free the Holy Land from the Moslem invaders. These wereliterally Knights in shining armor defending Christian pilgrims trekkingto Jerusalem. Once again our Judeo-Christian civilization is threatened by theforces of evil. Right now today some of those forces of evil are Mos-lems just as they were in the Middle Ages. Other assaults come fromatheists, the ACLU and politically correct forces on the far left. I do notexpect you to put on a coat of mail, cover it with the tunic of a KnightTemplar, mount a steed and literally take up a broadsword. I do wantyou to Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to standagainst the wiles of the Devil. [Ephesians 6:10] Then get prepared toconfront and defeat the forces of evil threatening our nation. This Crusade is not to be won by Gideon the coward hiding be-side a wine press but by Gideon leading a victorious army of God. Thisbooklet is not written to Jonah hiding in the belly of the fish, but to Jo-nah on the way to Nineveh to confront evil in high places in obedienceto God.
  6. 6. Both Islam and so called political correctness are evil andof the Devil. They are destroying the nation I love and havefought for. Now is the time to take the fight to the enemy. This is ourcountry and we are going to take it back. America was foundedupon Judeo-Christian principles and guarantees of free exerciseof religion. A lot of good men lost their lives over the last 237years to give you a country where you can worship God accord-ing to the dictates of your conscience. Unless you take up the Crusade today and stand up to theforces of darkness YOU will leave your children as the firstgeneration of Americans who are not free to practice the relig-ion of their fathers. Now is the time for action!
  7. 7. Freedom of religion is under attack! Those on the political left have a number of biases againstthe traditional culture and values that have made America great.A major portion of our American exceptionalism stems fromthe fact this nation was founded largely by and for moral andreligious people. Our Judeo-Christian values have been under attack forforty five years by those on the far left because leftists under-stand they cannot bring about a fundamental restructuring ofAmerica along secular humanist lines unless they are able tofirst undermine, then eliminate, our moral underpinnings. The political left cannot directly attack organized religionor the Church as an institution. Religion is a fundamental partof American life and a direct assault would be rightly seen as anassault on what has made America great and kept her free. Torestructure American society and radically change Americanculture, it is necessary for those who attack us to undermine andsubvert the Church from within.
  8. 8. A frontal assault on Christianity and Judaism would ex-pose the leftists goals and produce a backlash. The attack has tobe very subtle and has been of a very long duration. First theyestablished people’s rights to do things that were usually con-demned or prohibited by religious beliefs. People gained rightsto abort unwanted children, openly flaunt homosexuality, en-gage in promiscuous activities, disrespect authority and takedrugs among other things. Another prong of this attack was to have the governmentusurp the role of religion in society and supplant faith basedministries with government programs. Let the government feedthe hungry, clothe the naked, take care of widows and orphansand care for our sick and elderly. The government became, ineffect, our church if not actually our God. The result, and theactual goal, has been to weaken the role of individuals, fami-lies, charities and Churches in our society as we become moredependent upon government programs and bureaucrats. What has been the number one method used by those whowant to undermine religion in America? It has been the use ofour federal tax laws to intimidate and silence any clergyman orministry upholding traditional moral values.
  9. 9. You may not talk about, much less teach, anything not po-litically correct - traditional values and moral absolutes - lestyou run the risk of having your tax exemption threatened. The attacks on the free exercise of religion in this nationhave not been confined to the inside of a church with stainedglass windows. The free exercise of religion in the public arenaby both Christians and Jews has also been under continuous as-sault. We have been fed the absurd line that a simple non-sectarian prayer in a public place is offensive to some people.Even more astounding is the conclusion that not offending thatsmall minority is more important than offending millions ofAmericans by telling them they cannot pray in public places. It is not just public prayer that has been banned before thealtar of political correctness. Virtually every traditional exerciseof religion in public continues to be under attack. Many storesno longer advertise Christmas sales preferring to use the moregeneric and less religious Holiday Sale as an equivalent. Theyinstruct employees to greet customers with happy holidaysrather than Merry Christmas.
  10. 10. Recently an atheist wrote Dear Abby to complain he was of-fended because someone told him to have a blessed day. I don’tremember her reply but my advice to him is three words: getover it! The public display of the Ten Commandments has beenbanned all over America including in many public courthouses.This is in spite of the fact religious symbolism adorns our Su-preme Court building and our nation’s capitol. Christians are told they may not erect Nativity scenes inpublic places. Our Jewish brethren are similarly prohibitedfrom displaying the menorah or the Star of David. The crosshas even been banned from veterans cemeteries. Where is theoutrage over these overt assaults on our traditions and our cul-ture? What religious leaders have marched in the streets or evenspoken from the pulpit about these outrages? Why don’t Christians band together and sue the ACLU? The Church in America has been conspicuously silent asatheists, socialists, communists, homosexuals, feminists, theACLU and other assorted leftists have assaulted the Americanway of life, particularly our free exercise of religion.
  11. 11. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The small minority onthe far left is not just radical, they are also very organized andwell funded. Christians in particular are commanded to pray withoutceasing [I Thessalonians 5:17] and the Bible does not make anyexception for football games, public schools, court appearancesor commencement exercises. Where are the Christian clergy-men who are standing up to the ACLU and secular authorities?Where is the Priest, Rabbi or Preacher who says - loudly and inpublic - the First Amendment to the constitution gives me andmy parishioners the absolute right to the free exercise of our re-ligious convictions? Where is the minister who says God gaveme the right to worship and the constitution protects that right?There is no constitutional right not to be offended; there is aconstitutional right to the free exercise of religion. The clergy now fear to state the truth because the IRSmight take away their tax exempt status and the ACLU mightfile a lawsuit against them. The number one reason the leftists vigorously oppose al-ternatives to a government monopoly control of education isbecause they have been so successful in kicking God out of thepublic schools;
  12. 12. banning not just prayer but every semblance of religion.Are they going to allow students to be fed religion byhomeschoolers or private schools? Not if it can be helped! Thesecond reason is public teachers, like other heavily unionizedemployees, seek a monopoly and cannot stand to have any freemarket alternatives that outperform them when measured byobjective testing. The Christian occasionally asks “What would Jesus do?”Perhaps we should look at what Jesus did. We read in Matthew,chapter 21 and verse 12, And Jesus went into the temple of God,and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, andoverthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats ofthem that sold doves... This was judgment on the money changers. This was right-eous anger. This was the action of a man who did not care if heoffended wrongdoers. He cleansed the temple of God and droveout the wicked. Neither did Jesus mince any words, he said they hadturned a house of prayer into a den of thieves. If a church is an impressive brick building adorned withartwork and symbols, then there were always plenty ofchurches in Russia even during the darkest days of Stalin.
  13. 13. Today we have in America the form of religion but not itssubstance. We pay lip service to religious liberty but proscribefree exercise if it offends even the slightest minority on thefringes of our culture. The constitution of the Soviet Union guaranteed freedomof religion in Russia. The reality was, of course, far different.Today, in America, we have all sort of rights... provided we donot actually go out in public and exercise any of those rights. Jesus prayed in public. Jesus did not worry about his taxexempt status. Jesus taught us to make a clear difference be-tween God and Caesar, in effect teaching separation of churchand state. Jesus said: Render unto Caesar the things which areCaesar’s and to God the things that are Gods. [Matthew 22:21] And, yes, when it was justified, Jesus could be very judg-mental! [Matthew 21:12] Our founding fathers clearly did not intend for there toever be any government sanctioned religion in America. Theyspecifically protected the free exercise of religious beliefs andcertainly did not intend any governmental hostility toward re-ligion.
  14. 14. Clergymen fear to speak the truth in church! The American revolution did not begin in political gather-ings or on a battlefield. The revolution was first a necessaryideal in the minds of some very influential men. That relativelysmall group of British colonists became convinced the Crownwas subverting basic rights guaranteed to them by God himself. These were not brash men given to hot headed ideals, norwere they quick to follow a trend. They did not cater to thewhims of public opinion. These men, whom the founding fa-thers would come to call the Black Robed Regiment, wereamong the most sober, careful and conservative members of so-ciety. The conclusions they reached were found only after muchprayer, introspection, soul searching and careful reading of thescriptures. Once the revolution was seen as necessary and even inevi-table if they were to preserve the rights given to them by God;these men preached the revolution into existence from the pul-pits of America’s churches. The Black Robed Regiment was anappellation ascribed to our clergy even
  15. 15. though few of them carried a gun or wore any uniform moredistinct than a clerical collar and vestments. To preach revolution against King George III they riskedfar more than the loss of tax exempt status. The criminal pen-alty for treason at the time was to be hanged, drawn and quar-tered. Being drawn and quartered entailed having four strongdraft horses hitched to your body, one for each of your arms andlegs. The horses were then driven in four different directionsuntil you were actually pulled into four separate pieces. Duringour revolution British Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton reputedlyburned several churches in South Carolina. You may recall thisdepicted in Mel Gibson’s movie The Patriot which is generallyhistorical. Clergymen, by and large, have retreated from the frontlines of the battle between good and evil. Many of them knowwhat is at stake but lack the necessary courage to speak out.When I was on the battlefield in Vietnam I learned it took morethan just wearing the right uniform to win. You had to have thecourage to do your duty even when doing that duty placed yourlife at risk. Leadership required another sort of courage. I had tobe willing to order others into places where I put their lives atrisk as well.
  16. 16. Clergymen across America have slinked from the field ofbattle in the war between good and evil. It is easy to hide fromthe hard battles and just talk about salvation or celebration ofPassover. Hide inside your churches and synagogues. Do notconfront immorality in government and especially in govern-ment policies. My goodness, that’s politics and we are not go-ing to get our hands dirty in that. Hide from the battle over theability of believers to actually have the worship of God re-flected in all that they do. Sing loud and make your altar calls.Invite the faithful to become secret Christians who only wor-ship God and profess the faith inside the church. Our clergy has no problem reciting John 3: 16 to recruitsecret Christians who will then hide inside the churches. Theyfear to also preach Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not againstflesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiri-tual wickedness in high places.” To preach against spiritualwickedness in high places is to risk losing your tax exemptstatus. Every coward has an excuse not to fight. In the case ofChristian clergy, that excuse is usually some passage of scrip-ture taken out of context.
  17. 17. A favorite is the thirteenth chapter of Paul’s letter to theRomans. In the first verse of chapter thirteen, Paul writes “Letevery soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is nopower but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.” Our clergy then make the false assertion the federal gov-ernment of the United States is indeed such a “higher” power.Nothing could be further from the truth. Thomas Jefferson, writing in the Declaration of Inde-pendence, explained “All men are created equal and they areendowed by their Creator with unalienable rights...” This is theheart and soul of American exceptionalism. This made Amer-ica, and our revolution of 1776, completely different from everyother revolution in the written history of the world. It also madeour nation completely different from every other nation whichhad been founded up to that time. Our founding fathers understood, as Jefferson so elo-quently explained, our rights do not come from the King, thecongress, or the courts. Our rights are not from the governmentor any of its parts or officials. Instead, our rights - all of them -come from our Creator. That is from the Creator of the uni-verse. God created man.
  18. 18. The Creator rules over the creature. Our rights come fromGod and our duties and responsibilities flow back only to God. We the people created the states to serve our purposes. Wegave our creation some of the rights we received from God. The representatives of our creation, the states, proposed inour constitutional convention that another level of governmentbe created to serve the states - the federal government. The rep-resentatives of the people, in state assemblies, created the fed-eral government by conditionally ratifying the U.S. constitu-tion. The condition was the adoption of ten amendments, ourBill of Rights, designed to make sure we retained certain rightsendowed by our Creator. The Creator rules over the creature he has created. Godrules over men. Men, at least in America, rule over the stategovernments they created. Those state governments, in turn,rule over the federal government they created. I have no problem with the word of God saying “Let everysoul be subject to the higher powers.” [Romans 13:1]. God isthe only higher power over man. We have no King but Jesus.Man is the higher power over the state governments.
  19. 19. The states are the higher powers over the federal govern-ment of the United States. Clearly, the federal government is the servant of my ser-vant and I am the higher power appointed over both the stateand federal governments by God almighty! Crusade! Your freedom depends upon it.
  20. 20. What is Islam? Islam is an Arabic word meaning submission. One be-comes a Moslem by publicly and sincerely reciting the Kalama- “There is no god but Allah, Mohammed is the messenger ofAllah.” Allah did not suddenly reveal himself when the socalled prophet Mohammed founded Islam in 610 A.D. The pa-gan religion of the pre-Islamic Arabs worshipped a pantheon of360 different gods. The moon deity Allah was the most impor-tant of these. According to Mohammed, the angel Gabriel dictated theQur’an [Koran] to him in a cave and the holy Qur’an is the re-vealed word of the god Allah. The Arabic name Abdullahmeans slave of Allah and this was the name of the father of theprophet Mohammed. Moslems believe the teachings of theQur’an just as Christians and Jews follow the Bible. Islam is not a religion of peace and the prophet Moham-med was completely unlike any other religious leader. Moham-med, a poor orphan raised in poverty by his grandparents, mar-ried his first wife, Khadija bint Khuwailid, who was twice hisage and had been divorced four times, because she was verywealthy.
  21. 21. Mohammed lived to inherit her money, then founded Is-lam. He later married a total of 21 other wives although henever had more that 11 wives at any one time. Mohammed’s second wife Aisha was his favorite. Aishawas six years old when the fifty three year old Mohammedmarried her and she was nine years old when he consummatedthe marriage. Mohammed had one Christian wife, Mary, who was thegift of the Governor of Alexandria [Egypt] and she converted toIslam. Mary was his seventeenth wife. His nineteenth wife,Rayhana, was a Jewess whom he enslaved. Mohammed offeredto marry her if she would convert to Islam and she refused. Helater freed her and married her anyway. He bought one of hiswives from one of his generals who had taken her as spoils ofwar. He also took several of his wives after he killed their hus-bands and fathers in battle. The Qur’an allows Moslem men tohave up to four wives, except for Mohammed, who could haveas many wives as he pleased. Perhaps the best source of information about Islam is theQur’an which is divided into chapters known as Suras, each ofwhich are numbered, as are the verses within them.
  22. 22. “Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: ‘I will terror-ize the unbelievers.’ Therefore smite them on their necks andevery joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cutoff each of their fingers and toes.” Qur’an Sura 8:12 Therefore when you meet the unbelievers [in fight], smiteat their neckat length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bondfirmly [on them]; [thereafter it is time for] either generosity orransom. Qur’an Sura 47:4Believers, do not make friends with those who have incurred thewrath of Allah. Qur’an Sura 60:13Never be a helper to the disbelievers. Qur’an Sura 28:86 Islamic scholars also wrote commentaries on the teach-ings of Mohammed known as hadiths and these are also consid-ered important doctrines of Islam. One of these was written byMohammed’s early biographer Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn YasarKhiyar and is usually just cited as Ishaq.
  23. 23. Abdallah bin Sa’d fled to Uthman, his brother, who after hidinghim, finally surrendered him to the Prophet. Uthman asked forclemency. Muhammad did not respond, remaining silent for along time. Muhammad explained, ‘By Allah I kept silent so thatone of you might go up to him and cut off his head.’ ” Tabari VIII: 179“Thereupon Mas’ud lept upon Sunayna, one of the Jewish mer-chants with whom his family had social and commercial rela-tions and killed him. The Muslim’s brother complained, saying,“Why did you kill him? You have much fat in your belly fromhis charity.’ Mas’ud answered, ‘By Allah, had Muhammad or-dered me to murder you, my brother, I would have cut off yourhead.’ Wherein the brother said, ‘Any religion that can bringyou to this is indeed wonderful!’ And he accepted Islam.” Ishaq: 369“I cut off Abu Jahl’s head and brought it to the messenger. ‘OAllahs Prophet, this is the head of the enemy of Allah.’ Muham-mad said, ‘Praise be to Allah.’ ” Ishaq: 304/Tabari VII:62 Another author of hadiths was Muhammad ibn Jarir ai-Tabari, usually cited simply as Tabari,
  24. 24. who took seven years between 896 A.D. and 903 A.D., to writehis monumental 3,000 page The Commentary on the Qur’an. “The Messenger of Allah commanded that all of the Jew-ish men and boys who had reached puberty should be be-headed. Then the Prophet divided the wealth, wives, and chil-dren of the Banu Qurayza Jews among the Muslims.” Tabari VIII:38“The Messenger commanded that furrows should be dug in theground for the Qurayza. Then he sat down. Ali and Zubayr be-gan cutting off their heads in his presence.” Tabari VIII:40“The Prophet gave orders concerning Kinanah to Zubayr, say-ing, ‘Torture him until you root out and extract what he has.’ SoZubayr kindled a fire on Kinanah’s chest, twirling it with hisfirestick until Kinanah was near death. Then the Messengergave him to Maslamah, who beheaded him.” Tabari VIII:122 / Ishaq:515
  25. 25. Islam is a religion, if it may be called such, founded by amurderer, rapist, war-criminal, pedophile and polygamist whotortured his enemies. Such conduct is a fundamental tenet of Is-lam. Moslems are commanded to engage in jihad or holy warand to strike off the heads of the kafirs. Kafir is an Arabic wordgenerally translated disbeliever and was applied by the Arabsinitially to the black population of Africa. Portuguese slave traders dealing with Islamic Arabs in the16th century assumed the name kaffir was a description of theblack race and adopted the word. Kaffir entered the lexicon,first of the Portuguese then to the Dutch and finally the English. In more recent times it has been considered highly offen-sive in South Africa being comparable to the English word nig-ger. If the only problem with Islam was its adherents thinkingof unbelievers as niggers we could simply ignore them. How-ever Islam is far more sinister and dangerous. Leftists promote the lie there are a vast number of moder-ate Moslems and only a small number of terrorists embrace amore radical version of Islam that preaches jihad.
  26. 26. The reality is very different. Jihad is a fundamental tenetof Islam. No Moslem anywhere in the world is willing to editjihad out of the Qur’an any more than a Christian would editJohn 3:16 from the Bible. That does not make any portion of Is-lam, or any of its adherents, moderate in any sense of the word. Islam is hell bent on conquest of the whole world at thepoint of a sword. The Moslem in your neighborhood is not go-ing to sit down over fried chicken and invite you to go tochurch with him. He has been taught from birth to ritually slityour throat and the throats of all kafirs like you. Those of uswhom he kills in jihad will be his slaves in the afterlife while hedrinks from rivers of wine and enjoys the pleasure of 72 vir-gins. I am sorry, Islam is not a religion and there is not anymoderate version of it. During WW II Hitler’s Mein Kampf wastranslated into Arabic as My Jihad and theArabs sided with the Nazis. The GrandMufti of Jerusalem, Haj Mohammed Ef-fendi Amin el-Husseini even raised aMoslem SS Division for the German Armyand also met personally with Hitler.
  27. 27. Join the Crusade! The Bible says Christians are to be the salt of the earth[Matthew 5:13] and the light of the world [John 8:12, Matthew5:14.] For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but againstprincipalities, against powers, against the rulers of the dark-ness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.[Ephesians 6:12] Now is the time to take the Crusade out of thechurches and into the streets and into every venue whereAmerican culture is debated and formed. Jesus said [Luke19:13] “...occupy till I come.” Now is the time to become a Crusader for religious free-dom in America, the actual right to freely exercise your reli-gious beliefs:• Place this booklet in the hands of all your Christian and Jew- ish friends.• Publicly protest the imposition of sharia (Islamic) law in America.• Write, call or visit each of your elected officials.• Invite Crusader Dean Allen to speak to your Church, Syna- gogue, or Ministry.• Call radio talk shows and express your support for The Cru- sade.• Place video on You Tube of your local Crusader activities.• Wear the Crusader’s cross to show your solidarity with The Crusade.• Financially support this Crusade to the degree you are able.
  28. 28. Crusader Dean Allen