Tenses of the Verb!


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this is taken from MSA comprehensive!

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Tenses of the Verb!

  1. 1. The Simple Tenses
  2. 2. Tense Usage Example •Used to tell a general The earth revolves truth or fact around the sun. PRESENT •Used to show habit I always go to the gym.(Add –s or –es •Used to show an existing The dress is worn out. at the end if condition the subject in •Used to explain a When the leaves of a process plant receive sunlight, the sentence photosynthesis is begins. •Used in conditional is singular) When he finishes his meal, please tell me. •Used to retell stories One man hits another, (like in movies) then Juan , the hero, comes to the rescue. •Used to promote Brand X cleanses the something (as in an skin like no other soap advertisement can
  3. 3. Tense Usage Example Action to indicate an The scouts decided to action which is true only move the trip from May in the past 5, to may 28. PAST  used in conditional If you did continue your(verb with –d or – sentences to refer to a studies, you, might have ed for regular probable or supposed been a lawyer. verbs; verb events changed in Used to complement I really thought I could spelling for other verbs which are dance well. (The verb irregular verbs ) used in the past tense in thought complements the sentences could.) FUTURE Used to show simple She will dance in the(verb with the modal will action or conditions in contest tomorrow. or shall. the future
  4. 4. The Perfect Tenses
  5. 5. Tense Usage Example Used to show an Fe has worked like a action that happened dog ever since the before and is still done supervisor came. PRESENT up to the present PERFECT Used to show a She has been sick state of being that since Friday.(has/have + past was true before and still is up to the participle) present Used to show an Once they have event to be finished in written the book, we the future will published it. Used to show a The project has recently concluded ended recently. action with the help of the adverb just, already, or recently
  6. 6. Tense Usage ExamplePAST PERFECT used in a past Andy had left (had +past action that came when the teacher before another came. (This participle) past action means that Andy (Therefore, „‟had‟‟ left first then the is place in the first teacher came) past action and the other verb is only in the simple past.)
  7. 7. Tense Usage Example The expression had I had had wine and PAST PERFECT had is simply “had cheese before I ate +past participle of the main dish.(had + past participle) have.” To understand how this Four years from now,FUTURE PERFECT tense is used, imagine a Bea will have been a person talking to license nurse. (This (will have + past somebody. Then he means that before the takes him to the future participle) four years laps, Bea by giving time markers preceded by “by” such already became a as by tomorrow, by the licensed nurse.) next decade, or other such as ten years from now, a few months from now, etc. Then he uses the future perfect tense to show a completed action before that certain time,
  8. 8. The Progressive Tenses
  9. 9. Tense Usage Example Used to show an on- She is strolling along PRESENT going action at the with her friend in the PROGRESSIVE moment. park.(am/ is/ are +present participle) Used to show future My dad is leaving for action. the U.S. tomorrow. Used when Ricky was filing thePAST PROGRESSIVE something was going papers when his (was/were + present on at one point in time manager called him. participle) when another thing happened
  10. 10. Tense Usage Example This is similar to the By the time she FUTURE future perfect tense. graduates, Anne willPROGRESSIVE This also includes be receiving many time markers awards.(will be + present preceded by “by” participle) such as by the year I will be sleeping by ends, by the start of ten this this evening. the week or other like a week from now , a few months from now, etc. This tells the continuous action that is about to happen when a certain time comes.
  11. 11. The Perfect Progressive Tenses
  12. 12. Tense Usage Example PRESENT PERFECT •Used to state an action a. Complaints PROGRESSIVE that started in the past e.g. He has been waiting(has been/ have been + and still continuing up to here for an hour. present participle) the present b. Attempt to do things e.g. I have been calling you since Tuesday. PAST PERFECT *used to state a past My brother-in-law had PROGRESSIVE continuous action when been playing with his (had been + present another past action band before he finally participle) happened settled down in Chicago. We had been eating when the phone rang. FUTURE PERFECT oUsed to tell an action By this afternoon, my PROGRESSIVE that is predicted to relatives will have been(will have been + present continuously happen arriving from the airport. participle) when a certain time comes A month from now, Jose will have been travelling in Athens. .
  13. 13. Thank you! --Olaybar--