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The new myVR 3D mMap SDK for Apple iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad) and the Android OS is now available for developers. With full SDK support for viewing photo realistic 3D maps and 3D StreetView imagery coupled with easy integration of existing 2D Map services developers can quickly create new and exciting map and position based applications. 3D mMap SDK will work over both 3G and WiFi networks and offers real time 3D maps/streetviews for your present location. The SDK features and extensive API for 3D zoom, pan, rotate operations, and various transitions between the different map viewing modes. Support for accelerometer, compass, and GPS on the various platforms are also enabled.

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myVR 3D mMap SDK Technology

  1. 1. myVR softwareYour 3D channel online Maps Reinvented for Mobile! 3D Map – 3D StreetView – 3D Panorama
  2. 2. myVR softwareYour 3D channel online  Requirements  OpenGL ES Support  Direct3D  Flash 10.1 for Mobile  3G and/orWiFi Network  Target Platforms:  iOS (iPhone, Ipad, and iTouch)  Android  Windows Mobile 7(*)  BlackBerry PlayBook(*) (*) Available Q1/2011
  3. 3. myVR softwareYour 3D channel online Web Server Internet  Use anyWeb Server  Apache, IIS, Lighthttpd, etc.  Use standard cache, accelerators  Squid,Varnish, etc. 3 D m M a p C l i e n t Converted 3D data, 3D StreetView and 3D Pano images stored as flat files in myVR’s Smart Tile™ Format
  4. 4. myVR softwareYour 3D channel online  3D Data Formats Supported  3DCity Models from C3Technologies  Any DEM/DES/DTM model can be draped with orthophotos and be converted to our format  360 StreetView imagery in cylindrical, spherical or cubic projection with optional support for depth maps for 3D navigation  3D Panorama and Interior 360 HD Imagery  SmartTiling™Technology  Optimized SmartTiling processing with support for multiple Levels of Detail (LOD)  Offers instant loading even over low bandwidth
  5. 5. myVR softwareYour 3D channel online  Core functionality  Real time 3D zoom, pan, tilt and rotate functionality  GPS/Compass/Accelerometer functionality for positioning/bearing/navigation operation  Optional Local Caching or pre-storage of data  Streaming video/audio on selected platforms  Mobile Overlay API with Advertisement display  Fully customizable UI  SDK features  Sample application with fully documented source code  Online documentation and support available
  6. 6. myVR softwareYour 3D channel online  Overlay API  Supports 2D and 3D Map overlays  POI’s available in all view modes; ▪ 3D Map, 3D StreetView and 3D Panorama  Supports UTM/GPS coordinates and also height placement  Easily create and display POI markers ▪ Flat or flagpole position anchoring ▪ Both 2D and 3D clipping supported  Pop up dialogs supported ▪ Standard dialog with icon, text and URL link support ▪ Custom dialog with full HTML support
  7. 7. myVR softwareYour 3D channel online  Overlay API  Supports KML/KMZ data  Import Building objects  Display animated GPS routes/paths  Allows for end user upload of data  3D mMap AdExtension  Increase your mobile application’s screen advertisement real estate/revenue  Place your advertisement in 3D space; ▪ 3D Map, 3D StreetView and 3D Panorama view modes  GeoTagging Support ▪ Display targeted ads based on location  Integrate with Advertisement Management Systems ▪ OpenX,Open AdStream integration, etc.
  8. 8. myVR softwareYour 3D channel online  Transitional Effects  Configurable blend/zoom transition effects allows for seamless switching/navigation in and between 3D data and imagery.  Configurable Motion Models  Configurable movement and directional axis  Set movement speed, rotation, spin acceleration and more  Configurable gesture and/or input key events  Custom models can be added  Extensive API  XML Configuration Files on server sets all default values  Extensive interface allows full viewer control in your mobile application  All user generated events triggers callbacks that can be trapped by your application
  9. 9. myVR softwareYour 3D channel online  Hyperlocal Information Population  Address Look Up & Directions  PublicTransportation  Retail Locations  Restaurants  Real Estate  Tourism  Mobile Coupons  Social Networks  Display user generated content
  10. 10. myVR softwareYour 3D channel online  3D mMap SDKTechnology  Product Page Follow us on:  myVR Software AS  E-mail:  Web: