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Field Activity Planner SaaS SW for the Digital Oilfield


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Field Activity Planner is a SaaS SW for timeline 2D/3D visualization of dependencies and cost in work processes for offshore installations and marine operations. Thus allowing you to save time and money and moving into digital oilfield solutions available 24/7 in your browser.

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Field Activity Planner SaaS SW for the Digital Oilfield

  1. 1. FIELD ACTIVITY PLANNER Field Layout, Cost Overview and Timeline Visualization of dependencies in work processes for offshore installations and marine operations
  2. 2. TODAY’S Field Planning working environment Time consuming and highly costly processes Numerous iterations between a wide variety of functions to capture the true domain knowledge Experts today using “old fashioned, time consuming and unreliable” field development tools – including text writing, meeting notes, hand-sketches, verbal descriptions, calculations and explanations Transferred into a variety of documents for review, followed by visual presentations and discussions of the results…and new time consuming iterations to implement corrective actions Followed by external document transmittals for review cycles taking weeks and months by field partners or key vendors Complex, costly, resource and time consuming process – with a real risk of loosing critical information along the way TIME CONSUMING & COSTLY PROCESSES OLD FASHIONED & UNRELIABLE TOOLS MANUAL & VERBAL ITERATIONS NO SYNC & COLLABORATION HIGH RISK FOR LOOSING CRITICAL INFO
  3. 3. Shorten Traditional Workflow Cycle Time Consuming
  4. 4. Involving all Stakeholders - Anywhere, Anytime! By Immediate Iterative Collaborative Design
  6. 6. Communicate Visually with EVERYONE Engineers Industry Everyone
  7. 7. For a QUANTUM leap in field development EFFICIENCY The Domain Expert can now directly develop ideas & solutions in 2D and 3D Quickly create a plan for realization. Instant and interactive collaboration across the board – with any participants involved in the process The field case can be created, discussed, refined, add new versions, share selected information real- time in a meeting, easily use screen sharing and video-conference – within a project team, with decision makers, license partners or key vendors. Or simply export out design and info into a document. All information digitally stored and available to anyone, anytime, anywhere with an audit trail. Instantly get feedback on cost for the various options INTUITIVE AND INTERACTIVE DESIGN PROCESS INSTANT COST IMPLICATIONS INSIGHT TIME EFFICIENT FIELD PLAN CREATION SEAMLESS & EASY INFO SHARING EFFECTIVE COLLABORATION ACROSS THE BOARD DYNAMIC UPDATES AND EASY ACCESSABLE
  8. 8. “Potential time saved in Field Planning using FieldAP” 30-50% Martin Sørensen Industry Executive
  10. 10. Facts • Software as a Service (SaaS) 24/7/365 availability! • Runs in your Browser Zero Install, No plug-ins! • Secure SSL EV CERTIFICATE, Microsoft AD SSO, 2FA Possible • Scalable & Reliable Heroku PaaS on Amazon, EU/US deployed, ASIA possible • Enterprise Private Space Option Private dedicated FieldAP Instance/DB deployment • Open Architecture Expandable, API Integrations/Connectors • Continuous Delivery New functionality added regularly
  11. 11. Field Activity Planner – Life Cycle Perspective Field and Well Planning Equipment design and selection Installation, completion & Intervention Operation P & A - Optimise your field layout - Predict installation types & costs - Schedule P&As according to risk picture - Decommissioning plan - Familiarization - Training - Forecast planned activities - Avoid unplanned interventions/ downtime - Minimize planned downtime - Benchmark your installation success rate - Optimise installation, intervention etc. - Connecting information - Activity tracking and measuring - Control - Benchmark to select the best equipment for your environment - Fabrication; plan logistics and locations
  12. 12. FEATURES
  13. 13. FIELD ACTIVITY PLANNER – OVERVIEW Users can navigate to a snapshot of the project. Activities from multiple participants and shows activity and status of vessels, rigs and subsea installations Quickly draw & layout a field architecture with drag & drop assets. Easily connect assets together and place out rigs and vessels Gantt charts from the project participants to visualize activities in a common graphical interface Animate - timeline Draw – field architecture Plan - tasks Continuous cost overview of both installations and operations. Export directly to MS Excel. Cost - overview
  14. 14. 3D Module for both Topside & Subsea • Switch between 2D and 3D view • 3D Timeline animation supported • Topside and Subsea views • 3D Zoom, Pan, Rotate & Tilt navigation
  15. 15. 3D Generic Asset Library • All generic assets available in 3D – Subsea & Topside • Private Asset Library Feature – Add your own 2D/3D Assets
  16. 16. 3D Editing Capabilities • 3D Editing Support • for Assets, Connections, Text • Supports 3D Move & 3D Rotate
  17. 17. • Manage projects/users • See reports • See project Audit Trail/Versioning • Share/Invite others to specific projects • Settings/security Admin Dashboard
  18. 18. • Quickly design field layouts • Drag & drop assets • Easily connect assets • Specify connection type/color/width • Label assets • Create ports for vessels Field Layout Module
  19. 19. Cost Module • Continuous Cost Summary • Cost Equipment and Operations • Cost Breakdown support • Multi Currency Support • Set defaults per Account or Project • Export to MS Excel
  20. 20. • Add tasks/project/milestone • Specify timeline & resolution • Easily move/adjust activities • See milestones • Critical path support Activities (GANTT) Module
  21. 21. Layout & Activities Visualized! • Animation support • Scrubber control • Speed factor setting • Press “play” to visualize activities • Simulate what-if-scenarios!
  22. 22. Layer Module for 2D & 3D • Add Shelf/Seismic or other imagery as background • Works in 2D and 3D • Multiple layers can be added • Set x, y, scale, opacity, name, toggle visibility etc.
  23. 23. 3D Bathymetry Data Module available Q2/16 • Upload X,Y,Z survey data for DEM seabed creation • Works with Layer Module for shelf/seismic imagery • Real World Coordinate and Projection support • Connection length measurement and cost calculation
  24. 24. RESERVOIR MODULE Q3/16 • Load & Display Reservoir Data • Load & Display Well Drilling Data • Adaptable scaling for better understanding
  25. 25. Export capabilities • Field Layout Design to 2D & 3D – Including Layers • Cost Equipment/Operations to Excel • GANNT to Excel!
  26. 26. BI Dashboard for Backend & Sensor Systems Metadata, parametrics & rule based design approach Anywhere, anytime Multi User Project Collaboration API for integration with 3rd Party or Back End Systems (ERP etc.), and Microsoft PowerBI support Intergrate with various Service-/Data- Providers such as; WellMaster, WellSpot Connections have meta data for connection types Connections can only be connected to the right equipment Send data to expert systems such as Flow Assurance Rule based design possible Allows conference calls/web meetings with live field layout design participation regardless of users geographical location Smart solutions to keep maintenance and update cost at a minimum. Data shared across teams, locations. Automate collection of experience data Modules in Development
  27. 27. Microsoft PowerBI Integration available! "Forrester estimates that between 60% and 73% of data that enterprises have access to goes unused for business intelligence and analytics”
  30. 30. Oculus Rift VR Demo at SSVC16
  32. 32. TESTIMONIALS! «The Field Activity Planner is the next generation visualization tool for project planning.» Arnljot Skogvang, Lundin Norway «Field Activity Planner is incredible easy to use, and it helps us to become more productive and create better and more cost effective solutions for our clients» Rolf Nordaunet, Chief Engineer
  33. 33. Industry Attention!
  34. 34. Learn more Knowledge Base Web Site Online Documentation
  35. 35. A solution from