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Public Sector Risk Management Ghana 2012


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Public Sector Risk Management Ghana 2012

  1. 1. THINKING BEYOND THE OBVIOUS Master Class Integrated Public Sector Risk Management7 – 8 March 2012Fiesta Royale Hotel, Accra, GhanaFor more information, please contact Ola Odejayi+27 72 550 0562 • • SETA Accreditation No. 2502
  2. 2. OVERVIEWAcross the African continent risk management within various government spheres has been lessemphasised when compared to the broader public finance management. Public-sector institutionsare mostly guided, in their risk management practices, by legislated provisions for public finance CONFERENCE OVERVIEWmanagement. However, these provisions are generic, theoretical and do not provide practicalguidance for effective implementation of risk management and control. The fact is public sectorrisk management is essential in the present global economic times. Emerging economy will do wellto ensure better governance and risk management.Although initially designed with financial institutions and corporate in mind, the COSO II -Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework and ISO 31000 - ERM Standard representthe most excellent source of reference and guidance on risk management practices in thepublic sector. This workshop provides a basis for officials from government and other public-sector institutions to effectively deal with uncertainty and associated risk and/or opportunity,thereby enhancing institutional capacity and service delivery. The workshop topics will bedelivered with reference to both COSO II and ISO 31000, and emphasis will be to simplifythe theoretical and technical aspects of risk management to enable understanding and bestpractice implementation. OBJECTIVES e objectives of this workshop are aligned with the public sector risk management training and capacitybuilding requirements for the African economies. erefore the workshop is aimed at providing practicaland uncomplicated application of key aspects of risk management with relevance to operations of:• Central governments,• Provincial governments,• State-owned entities, and• Local Government Authorities OUTCOMESOn attending this workshop the participants will learn the fundamentals of risk management and how toapply risk related concepts to suit their own unique environments. e participants will therefore demon-strate competence in:• Establishing organisational and governance risk structures• Developing risk policies and procedures• Applying risk management approaches• Setting risk appetite and tolerance levels• Establishing a risk management process• Identifying and assessing risks• Determining and implementing risk controls• Employing ‘international best practice’ in risk management• Utilising risk techniques, tools and systems to minimise risks• Implementing enterprise risk management (ERM)GLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj PillayJohannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc.Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates
  3. 3. WHO SHOULD ATTENDIn the wake of the global nancial crisis and economic ‘meltdown’, risk management is receiving tremendousattention and is regarded by many practitioners as e ective mechanism to ‘weather’ organisations through-out the current di cult and uncertain economic times. By attending this workshop, o cials within the CONFERENCE OVERVIEWpublic sector will be equipped to use risk management to enhance their institutions’ nancial and servicedelivery performance. e workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive update on public sector risk management for:• Risk and Compliance Managers / O cers• Internal Audit Managers / O cers• CFOs / Finance O cers• Municipal Managers / Town Council CEOs• Head of Departments / Principal Secretaries and Senior O cials in central, provincial and local government• Members of Parliament, Provincial Legislature, Portfolio Committees and Municipal Councillors• Directors, CEOs, Executives and Senior O cials of state-owned companies• Trustees, Sub-Committee Members and Principal O cers of pension funds, medical schemes and self-insurance funds for public-sector institutions• Members of Audit and Advisory Committees for public-sector institutions• External Auditors, Assurance Providers and Consultants to public-sector institutions (including their funds and schemes)• Industry Regulators and other key Stakeholders within the public sector• Directors, Executives and Senior O cials of non-governmental and ‘not-for-pro t’ organisations funded by public-sector institutions• All those wishing to understand and learn how to apply risk management principles within the public-sector contextAlthough the workshop will suit the needs of new entrants to the risk management eld, it will also speak tothe more experienced risk practitioners. This highly practical and intensive workshop is organised by Global Prospectus Training – South Africa In Partnership with Centre for Education, Technology and Partnerships for Accelerated Development (CETPAD) Contact Numbers: +233302500523; + 233203337299; +23320268813832 • Email: ABOUT GLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING PTY LTDGLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING is an information and training entity specializing in the deliveryof strategic insights and alternatives to both the private and public sectors. ese insights are designed for across spectrum of industries and Government departments and are presented to market through BusinessForums, Workshops, Conferences and In-House Training. “ inking beyond the Obvious” is the mantraand vision of our organisation. is vision has set Global Prospectus Training apart from the usual actors byaddressing the individual needs and concerns of each delegate through an expertly designed questionnaire aswell as producing Business Forms and Workshops with a view to increase pro active strategies and policies. ese are some of the key areas in which Global Prospectus Training currently operates: Engineering, IT, Oil& Gas, Agriculture, Mining, FMCG and Retail, Financial Services, Marketing and Public Relations, Medi-cal and Pharmaceutical, HR Management, Small and Medium Enterprise amongst others.GLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj PillayJohannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc.Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates
  4. 4. WORKSHOP AGENDADAY ONE DAY TWO08h00: REGISTRATION & OPENING 08h00: OPENING & RECAP08h30: INTRODUCTION TO RISK 08h30: OPERATIONAL RISK MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE AGENDA• De nition of risk • Business continuity management• Origins of risk management • Occupational health and safety• Risk management approaches (the 4Ts) • Environmental risks• Bene ts and limitations of • Security risk management risk management • Legal and compliance • Disaster management09h30: RISKS IN PERSPECTIVE • Risk nancing• Business risks• Financial risks 10h30: COFFEE & TEA BREAK• Operational risks• Risk interdependencies 10h45: FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT10h30: COFFEE & TEA BREAK • Asset and liability management (ALM) • ALCO process10h45: SOUND RISK MANAGEMENT • ALM and planning PRINCIPLES • ALM and performance management• Public sector governance guidelines• Risk management strategy 12h45: LUNCH• Risk management framework, policy and procedures 13h45: CASE STUDY / DISCUSSIONS• Risk management process • Operational risk dashboard• Enterprise risk management • ALM simulations12h45: LUNCH 15h00: COFFEE & TEA BREAK13h45: CASE STUDY / DISCUSSIONS 15h15: CASE STUDY / DISCUSSIONS• Risk appetite and tolerance levels • ALM simulations (cont.)15h00: COFFEE & TEA BREAK 16h30: WRAP UP & CLOSING15h15: CASE STUDY / DISCUSSIONS Questions & Discussion• Risk assessments16h30: WRAP UP & CLOSING YOUR EXPERT FACILITATORAndrew MoseaAndrew is an independent nance, treasury and risk management practitioner with utmost passion fortraining, skills transfer and capacity building. He is frequently contracted to provide consulting and trainingservices to various entities ranging from the academic, banking, corporate and public institutions in SouthAfrica and other countries on the continent. Andrew is the Founder and currently Chief Executive of LE-HAHA Corporation. Before then, he held several senior positions including Managing Executive - Risk owInstitute; Executive Director - Zambezi Capital; Senior Advisor: Asset-Liability Management – DecillionLimited, and Senior Risk Manager – Land and Agricultural Development Bank. As a seasoned trainer, An-drew has extensive experience in the application of systems for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC);Asset-liability Management (ALM); Treasury Administration; and Cash Flow Management – having suc-cessfully implemented them for a number of private and public sectors organisations both in SouthernAfrica and other African countries. As contribution to the risk management profession, Andrew is currentlyserving as an Executive Committee Member for the Southern Africa Chapter of GARP (Global Associationof Risk Professionals).
  5. 5. Integrated Public Sector Risk Management Master Class ONLY $1250 7 – 8 March 2012 (USD)Registration Form Fiesta Royale Hotel, Accra, Ghana Per D elega teGPW Fax Completed Registration Form To: +27 11 781 6044Company Name:Type of Business:Address:Tel: Fax: VAT Number:Delegate 1:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 2:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 3:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 4:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 5:Position: E-Mail:AUTHORISATION: Signatory must be authorised to sign on behalf of Company CREDIT CARDName: Cardholder’s Name: DETAILSPosition: Credit Card Number:Signature: Date: CVC No: Expiry Date:PAYMENT METHODS1. Bank Transfer - Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. 2. Credit card - Please fill in your credit card details above First National Bank: Randburg 3. Cheques - Made Payable to: Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. Account Number: 62109 270372 Branch Code: 254005TERMS & CONDITIONSThe following terms and conditions will apply: Substitutions Payment is required in full 5 days from date of invoice Delegates must inform Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd in writing All payments to be made directly to Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. of any substitutions. No seats will be reserved, unless Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. receives a signed registration form. There is no charge for substitutions. Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. reserves the right, due to circumstances beyond our control, to change Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd will not be held liable for incorrect speakers, program content, date & venue. Delegate details on Certi s, etc. in the event of substitutions being The signed registration form is a legally binding contract. made on the day of the conference. In the event of Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd having to cancel or postpone an event due to circum-Cancellations stances beyond our control, delegates will be issued with a credit voucher,All cancellations will be subject to approval by the management of Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. - which may be used at another of our events.All cancellations made 7 days prior to date of the above mentioned event will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.Cancellations made within 7 days of date of the above mentioned event, will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee. - Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd will not be held liable for travel and accommoda -The will be no refunds or credit vouchers. tion costs. The conference fee includes: conference material, lunches and refreshments, but excludes travel & accommodation.GLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj PillayJohannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc.Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates