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Marketing Analytics Conference 2011


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Marketing Analytics Conference 2011

  1. 1. Marketing Analytics & Optimization Conference 2011 Emerging techniques, Creative innovations & Dynamic Approach... 9 - 10 March 2011 Birchwood Hotel JHB To achieve success, relay teams need to excel in different aspects of the game. A brilliant and strong start- so as to take a lead out of the block, smooth baton transition, synchronized team- work and of vital importance, consistent speed, are factors that amongst others contributes to team success. In an ever changing, increasingly competitive and complex business environment, business executives and leaders have had to do their own version of relay race in their quest to create spaces for their products and services in the market field. The need for better market posi-Conference highlights & benefits tioning that enables improve ROI have increasedThis conference amongst other benefits promises to enable you: the need for newer innovative customer-focused• Employ Marketing Analytics to vastly improve your ROI and reduce Risk marketing- putting marketing, sales and related• Better manage your e-Reputation creatively & effectively departments under unprecedented pressure to• Socialize the Enterprise through Listening, Measurement & Engagement perform and show measurable results.• Use digital marketing to create maximum engagement of your audience/target market• Behave like a Marketer, Think like a Retailer (Delving into the innovative world of web While there is an increased pressure to perform analytics & optimization!!!) and do more with little, African business execu-• Strategise, Analyse, Optimise campaign successfully for best Customer Management tives, marketing strategist, customer insight ana-• Go beyond Marketing Analytics by connecting Analysis & Action... lysts and the likes are yet to fully embrace ana- lytics as part of their marketing strategy and as “In an increasing competitive business environment, the focus should not just be a results, experts are convinced that businesses on doing different things, rather, it should be on doing things differently...” could be losing out on valuable business oppor- tunities. It is now an established fact, that usingWho Should Attend? analytics intelligently (including: web analytics,• Marketing directors and managers • Marketing strategy directors managers & developers digital branding, online reputation management,• Customer insight managers and analysts • Brand Directors & managers Generic defense Strategies, marketing metrics• Data mining consultants and analysts • Pricing Directors & managers and the likes) will contribute to confident decision• Direct marketing director & managers • Advertising agencies and planners making processes, and literally improve profit• Database managers and analysts • Market researchers and consultants margins. But how should companies better em-• Business Intelligence experts • Customer management experts ploy analytics for to amongst other things reduce risk and improve ROI? What new techniques canConference Speakers Include: help your marketing department plan and take• Maretha Gerber – Manager Marketing Communications - Mercedes-Benz South Africa (Pty) Ltd actions most efficiently and effectively? Put sim-• Pete Case – Founder/Creative Director - Gloo Digital Design ply, how do you turn clicks to cash?• Antonio Petra – Digital Marketing Strategist - Cambrient This conference will answer these questions and• Richard Mullins – Managing Director, MEA - Acceleration host of others. This conference will bring you• Dr Botha JAR – Senior Lecturer, Marketing Management - Unisa face-to-face with fellow marketers, academics;• Donovan Byrne – Manager: International Online Services - Lexis Nexis noted marketing analytics and digital branding• Gordon Geldenhuys – Digital Marketing Consultant - Acceleration Media professionals for an in-depth, intensive and so-• Cherylann Smith – Media Director - Brandsh lutions based discussion on the latest trends in• Estelle de Beer – Practice Manager - Sybase marketing analytics and optimization. You can’t• Deon Binneman – Expert, Corporate & Business Reputation Management miss this!!!
  2. 2. Conference Day 1 Conference Day 28.00 Registration/Refreshment/ Tea & Coffee 8.00 Morning Refreshment/Tea & Coffee8.30 Welcome & Opening Speech (Chair person) 8.30 Welcome & Opening Speech (Chair person)9.00 - 10.00 Marketing Analytics - the Power that Drives the 9.00 - 10.00 Behave Like A Marketer, Think LikeNew Customer Reality! A Retailer! (Web Analytics and Optimization){Estelle de Beer - Practice Manager- Sybase} {Richard Mullins - Managing Director, MEA - Acceleration}Marketing is no longer an art; it’s a science. Data about customers – their profile, The latest global trends are for marketers to optimize andpreferences, and behavior – is more abundant and accessible than ever. The customize their online communications to be as relevant and con-ability to use this data to precisely target offers, optimize multichannel market- textual as possible. Focusing on integrations and expanding theing campaigns, and personalize business-to-consumer relationships is the new web analytics offering allows marketers to do exactly that. Withscience of marketing… it’s called Marketing Analytics. During her presentation,Estelle will unpack how effective marketing analytics can deliver: tools such as recommendations, merchandising, test and target• Reduced risk and insight, marketers can start to build engagements that cater• Maximized customer loyalty for clients’ needs based on their searches, behavior and profiles,• The ability to predict and respond directly to customer specifications and ensuring better return on investment. Topics that will be covered exact demands in the talk include – multivariate testing, data and integrations,• Vastly improved ROI objectives and optimization processes and techniques10.00 - 11.00 Socializing the Enterprise through Listening, 10.00 - 11.00 Customer Management & CampaignMeasurement & Engagement Optimization... Innovative Approach!{Gordon Geldenhuys - Digital Marketing Consultant- AccelerationMedia} {Cherylann Smith - Media Director- Brandsh}Imagine: Your boss has come to you asking what all this social media stuff This presentation will focus on Customer Management andis about. She/he has heard of Facebook and Twitter, some of his/her familymembers have accounts on these networks, She/he knows that there are a pile Campaign Optimization with integrated media solution examples.of brands using these networks for business purposes, and She/he wondering Cherylann will explore examples of Mobile & Social mediaif maybe it’s time your company hopped on board the social media train. Next advertising campaigns showing strategic placement of ads tothing you know you’re in charge of pulling together and executing a compre- ensure maximum exposure of the brand or product to the keyhensive social media program for your organization. Where do you start? You’ve target audience, showing optimized performance and also talkheard the buzzwords listening, engagement, community, authenticity. about optimization techniques & challenges. We develop andBut what does it all mean? create campaigns with a variety of platforms according to theHow does any of this apply in the context of your organization? key objectives. Our areas of focus for any successful campaignHow do you capitalize on these new communication channels in ways that make are strategise, analyse, optimise, while ensuring that Customersense for your company? expectations are managed and campaign results are effectivelyHow do you hone in on the data, conversations, dialogue, and other bits ofinformation that are relevant to your business, make sense of it to tie it back to presented.your business goals?Gordon will engage conference participants on innovation ways to achieving all 11.00- 11.30 Network/Tea Breakthis! 11.30 - 12.30 Going beyond Marketing Analytics:11.00- 11.30 Network/Tea Break Connecting Analysis & Action {Antonio Petra - Digital Marketing Strategist- Cambrient}11.30 - 12.30 How to Effectively Manage your e-Reputation{Donovan Byrne - Manager International online service- Lexis Nexis} 12.30 - 13.30 Lunch12.30 - 13.30 Lunch 13.30 - 14.30 The evolution of the AMG brand! (Case Study)13.30 - 14.30 Digital marketing to create maximum {Maretha Gerber - Manager - Marketing Communications -engagement of your audience- (Case Study){Pete Case - Founder/Creative Director- Gloo Digital Design} Mercedes-Benz South Africa}A session where we will explore a variety of case studies on Digital Marketing for Maretha will present a case study showing how to adjust yourboth South African and international brands. These case studies will demon- tactics to achieve best market optimization through constantstrate the direct link between strong use of creativity and strategy to drive high evaluation and evolution of your marketing channels, customerlevels of engagement from a digitally connected audience. The case studies will interaction and overall brand experienceinclude online advertising and other areas of Digital Marketing such as emailand campaign websites. Each case study will look at the relevance of the work, 14.30 - 15.30 Generic defense Strategiesit’s objectives, as well as the return or engagement it achieve. {Deon Binneman – Expert, Corporate & Business Reputation Management}14.30 - 15.30 Branding & Product positioning{Dr Botha JAR - Senior Lecturer, Marketing Management - Unisa} 15.30 - 16.00 Panel Discussion: Emerging trends in Analyt-15.30 - 16.00 Discussion/General questions & answers ics & Optimization16.00 Refreshments/Tea & Coffee 16.00 Refreshment/Tea & Coffee A product of Melrose Training - South Africa For more information/Sponsorship, please contact: Ola Odejayi E: T: +27 11 455 5184 F: +27 11 455 5084