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THINKING BEYOND THE OBVIOUSData Warehousing &Business Intelligence Masterclass   18 – 19 April 2012   Indaba Hotel and Con...
MOTIVATION & OVERVIEW                       Today’s Business Intelligence (BI), demands extensive data accessibility, extr...
YOUR FACILITATORS                         Dr. Barry Devlin                                     Principal & Founder,       ...
PROGRAMME SCHEDULE     All timings are approximate due to the interactive nature of the course.     08:30           Regist...
COURSE AGENDA                                DAY 2: AMApplying next generation Business tools to give you market leverageI...
Data Warehousing &                                                                 Business Intelligence                  ...
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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence 2012


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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence 2012

  1. 1. THINKING BEYOND THE OBVIOUSData Warehousing &Business Intelligence Masterclass 18 – 19 April 2012 Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre, Corner William Nicol and Pieter Wenning Street, Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa SETA Accreditation No. 2502
  2. 2. MOTIVATION & OVERVIEW Today’s Business Intelligence (BI), demands extensive data accessibility, extreme information clarity and far reaching flexibility in the delivery and use of decision-making support. End users expect that the information they seek be immediately available, its context and meaning totally clear and its possible uses instantly obvious. Their real business focus is that the information is consistent and correct at the moment of receipt, enabling rapid and appropriate decision making. Recent extensive technological advances such as cloud computing, big data, massively parallel and in-memory databases, predictive, operational and text analytics, mobile BI and agile BI are opening up new and exciting opportunities to drive innovation and business value from BI. However, to succeed in today’s competitive, fast‐paced business environment, it is imperative that the right information is aggregated and delivered to the right people at the critical moment when a decision must be made. It is therefore imperative and necessary that IT re-examine the entire delivery system for business intelligence so that the organisation’s information resource is current, reliable and of immediate value to the business. This Masterclass examines these new trends in data warehousing and business intelligence applications with a critical look at how they will be driving business decision making in the next few years in Africa and the world. BENEFITS OF ATTENDING Attending this Masterclass will prepare you to support emerging business trends in BI with the most appropriate new technology. You will discover how to broaden and strengthen business intelligence in your organisation and define the steps you need to take to empower executives and other decision makers to analyze information and make decisions that provide timely and lasting business value. By attending this two day insightful Masterclass you will gain: • Insights into how emerging technologies are reshaping the way we do business • An understanding of the relevance of big data to your organisation • Expert know-how into how collaboration and social media are driving team approaches to decision-making • Capacity to undertake agile BI application development for real-time deliverability • Leading-edge expertise on how to implement BI mobility strategies for a competitive market advantage WHO SHOULD ATTEND • IT Executives • IT Managers • Web Architects • Data Architects • Data Analysts • Business Analysts • Project Managers • CIOs • Data Warehousing Managers • Data Modeler • ETL Developers (Extract, Transform & Load data) Developers • BI DeveloperGLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj PillayJohannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc.Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates
  3. 3. YOUR FACILITATORS Dr. Barry Devlin Principal & Founder, 9sight Consulting Dr. Barry Devlin is a founder of the data warehousing industry and among the foremost authorities worldwide on business intelligence (BI) and beyond. He is a widely respected consultant, lecturer and author of “Data Warehouse--from Architecture to Implementation”. Barry has 30 years of experience in the IT industry, previously with IBM, as an architect, consultant, manager and software evangelist. He is the founder and principal of 9sight Consulting, Barry provides strategic consulting and thought-leadership to buyers and vendors of BI solutions. He is a regular contributer to BeyeNETWORK, Focus, O’Reilly Radar and an associate editor of TDWI’s Journal of Business Intelligence. Living in Cape Town, South Africa, he travels regularly to Europe. Barry is currently developing a new architectural model for fully consistent business support--from informational to operational and collaborative--Business Integrated Insight (BI2). Angelo Kehayas Founder and Managing Director, Blue Arrow International and Profweb Angelo Kehayas is the founder and Managing Director of Blue Arrow International and Profweb. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree, plus two diplomas in business management (one a post-graduate diploma) as well as an MBA. He has extensive management, IT, consulting and programme management experience in large and small organisations. With over 23 years of experience, Angelo has managed multi-million Rand operational and capital budgets, including substantial information technology projects and diverse architectures. He has consulted for Mondi Group, Forests, Cartonboard, Mondipak, Nampak, Cadbury, Ginsberg Malan and Carsons, Mines Pension Fund, JCI, Goldfields, and PSG. He was also involved in groundbreaking projects that led to the corporatisation of Transnet; Saponet and Telebank for the then SA Posts and Telecommunications. He is a past board member of FASSET and has served on the ACFIST SGB. He is a fellow, past president and executive director of the Institute of Management Consultants of South Africa, member of the executive committee of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and chairs the international standards workgroup. He is also a member of the Computer Society of South Africa and a vice president of the Association of Project Management. Donovan Bryne General Manager: International Online Services, LexisNexis Donovan Byrne is the General Manager: International Online Services at LexisNexis. He has over 14 years experience in online research and media monitoring, having worked for Top international content providers like Reuters, Factiva and Dow Jones. He is responsible for marketing and selling LexisNexis International Online services (Legal, Risk & Compliance, Media Monitoring and News & Business research tools) in Sub-Saharan Africa. His style, content, tools and expertise provide a unique portfolio of offerings that is designed to position you to succeed. As a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions to professionals in law firms, corporations, government, law enforcement, tax, accounting, academic institutions, risk and compliance assessment, Donovan manages a broad-spectrum of client accounts and services that have seen him travelling around Africa.GLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj PillayJohannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc.Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates
  4. 4. PROGRAMME SCHEDULE All timings are approximate due to the interactive nature of the course. 08:30 Registration & morning coffee 13:30 Workshop continues 09:00 Start of workshop 15:00 Afternoon refreshments 10:30 Morning refreshments 15:15 Workshop continues 10:45 Workshop continues 16:45 End of workshop 12:15 Networking Lunch COURSE AGENDA DAY 1: AM Business trends and Emerging technology for BI – an Overview Business innovation and technological advances are driving and reshaping the way information is acquired, stored and utilized. Dynamic changes in data warehousing applications and BI tools are determining how executives and other decision makers analyse information and make decisions that provide lasting business value to their organisations. These new technologies have become the hallmark for business excellence and progress. This session looks at these emerging technologies and how they can make a difference in advancing decision making—strategic, tactical and real-time. You will learn: • Key business trends in BI and data warehousing • How new technology in databases and hardware are changing BI • Big data, its value and technology underpinnings • Cloud computing and data warehousing • Social media and collaboration—how it reinvents BI • Operational analytics—how it changes data acquisition • Where to use mobile BI and where not • Organisational considerations for modern BI • A new architectural approach to BI for the 21st century COURSE AGENDA DAY 1: PM Smarter systems as best deliverable vehicles for competitive market advantage To sustain market leadership and competitive advantage, organisations need to be agile and definitely mobile. In order to achieve this, a company cannot install fixed or hard-to-change systems that limit information deliverability in real-time. Decision making would be delayed considerably due to the archaic state of such information system, because it would take ages for ‘organisational-active-information’— (that is, an organisation’s information knowledge that is current, reliable and of immediate value)—to be aggregated and delivered promptly. This session looks at the need for modern smart systems that can give the required advantage in a highly competitive market place. You will learn: Smartphones and business mobility • Mobilising core business networks for quick customer interactivity • Decision making on the move – flexibility, responsiveness and productivity • Seamless deliverability – fixed-mobile convergence • Virtual data warehousing - accessibility anywhere, anytime • Mobility business solution – reaching the customer first before the competition Business mobility strategies for competitive market advantage • Remove complexities of disparate networks to enable flexibility in information usage • Enable remote access to device & network diagnostics for troubleshooting analytics • Simplify and accelerate application development for real-time deliverability • Provide standards-compliant Interfaces to enable accurate and reliable information exchangeGLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj PillayJohannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc.Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates
  5. 5. COURSE AGENDA DAY 2: AMApplying next generation Business tools to give you market leverageIn today’s dynamic information driven world, companies need to realise that to gain competitive advantageand market leverage; they must apply Business tools that best showcase how to achieve better customerrelations, increase product acceptance and initiate management processes guaranteed to bring return oninvestments (ROI). But applying tools such as BI is only one-half of the challenge, as a correct decisionmaking process must include CI (Competitive Intelligence) insights, Risk and Reputation solutions toyield any form of results. It is therefore imperative for organisations to set up new conceptual frameworksfor translating Business tools into effective operational outcomes; if positive results must be achieved toposition such organisation as a market leader. This session looks at this critical requirement in achievingmarket leverage through next generation tools.You will learn:BI guidelines to control decisions and leverage market leadership• Set up conceptual frameworks to make management decision-centric• Initiate better business decisions to deliver required ROI• Identify and overcome challenges in translating Business tools into operational decision outcomes• Strategise on how to apply business decision outcomes to gain competitive advantage and market leverageKeep BI decisions timely, relevant and usable• Initiate Business intelligence transactional information applications• Keep BI data as close to real-time deliverability as possible• Relate information usability to decision making• Make judicial use of BI in order to identify the correct line of action to be taken COURSE AGENDA DAY 2: PMInitiating early detection testing processes to guarantee correct data usabilityBusiness Intelligence data provides past, present, and predictive analytics views of business operations.With a lot of transactional data in separate (and often multiple) data warehouses, management oftenfinds it difficult to access information in timely, efficient and even correct manner to make good businessdecisions. The ability to review historical trends and to correctly monitor near real-time operational datahas become a key competitive advantage today. To achieve this, companies must ensure that their ETL(Extract, Transform and Load) applications are free from software defects, in order to provide correctinformation. There is nothing as potentially damaging and costly to a company as using incorrect data tomake critical business decision. This session looks at ways to prevent incorrect data usability by providingearly detection testing processes.You will learn:Data testing goals to safeguard ETL applications• Data completeness - ensure that all expected data is loaded.• Data transformation - ensure that all data is transformed correctly according to business rules or design specifications.• Data quality - ensure that the ETL application correctly rejects, substitutes default values, corrects or ignores and reports invalid data.• Performance and scalability - ensure that data loads and queries perform within expected time frames and that the technical architecture is scalable.• Integration testing - ensure that the ETL process functions well with other upstream and downstream processes.• User-acceptance testing - ensure solutions meet users’ current expectations and anticipate their future expectations.• Regression testing - ensure existing functionality remains intact each time a new release of Code system is completed.Panel DiscussionData security and ethical hackingData security has become the major concern for most companies in the twenty-first century. Consideringhow easy it has become to hack into secure networks and steal valuable data or send viral assault oncompany data security walls, the need for advanced data security strategies has become all but obvious.The cloud has made it extremely easy to hack into various systems, firewall or not. For most companies,data security and anti-corporate espionage procedure has gone beyond installing anti-virus and firewallsoftware. New techniques in data security require Implementation of strategies where ethical hackersare employed to secure company data by constantly searching for and ‘spiking’ criminal hackers. Thispanel looks at the aspect of data security and ethical hacking and how companies can identify when toimplement this strategy. It also addresses the issue of ethics in hacking, and looks at the thin line betweencriminal hacking and ‘white hat hacking’ as ethical hacking is called.
  6. 6. Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Masterclass ONLY R699 18 – 19 April 2012 Per D eleg 0Registration Form Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre, ex. VA ate, T. Corner William Nicol and Pieter Wenning Street,GPW Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa Fax Completed Registration Form To: +27 11 781 6044Company Name:Type of Business:Address:Tel: Fax: VAT Number:Delegate 1:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 2:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 3:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 4:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 5:Position: E-Mail:AUTHORISATION: Signatory must be authorised to sign on behalf of Company CREDIT CARDName: Cardholder’s Name: DETAILSPosition: Credit Card Number:Signature: Date: CVC No: Expiry Date:PAYMENT METHODS1. Bank Transfer - Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. 2. Credit card - Please fill in your credit card details above First National Bank: Randburg 3. Cheques - Made Payable to: Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. Account Number: 62109 270372 Branch Code: 254005TERMS & CONDITIONSThe following terms and conditions will apply: Substitutions Payment is required in full 5 days from date of invoice Delegates must inform Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd in writing All payments to be made directly to Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. of any substitutions. No seats will be reserved, unless Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. receives a signed registration form. There is no charge for substitutions. Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. reserves the right, due to circumstances beyond our control, to change Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd will not be held liable for incorrect speakers, program content, date & venue. Delegate details on Certi s, etc. in the event of substitutions being The signed registration form is a legally binding contract. made on the day of the conference. In the event of Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd having to cancel or postpone an event due to circum-Cancellations stances beyond our control, delegates will be issued with a credit voucher,All cancellations will be subject to approval by the management of Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. - which may be used at another of our events.All cancellations made 7 days prior to date of the above mentioned event will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.Cancellations made within 7 days of date of the above mentioned event, will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee. - Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd will not be held liable for travel and accommoda -The will be no refunds or credit vouchers. tion costs. The conference fee includes: conference material, lunches and refreshments, but excludes travel & accommodation.GLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj PillayJohannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc.Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates