Construction Claims 2012


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Construction Claims 2012

  1. 1. THINKING BEYOND THE OBVIOUS Construction ClaimsAvoiding and mitigating complex construction claims15 – 16 February 2012Global Prospectus Training CentreUnit 5 Ferndale Mews, 15 Dover Street,Randburg , JHBComplimentary Book!The rst 20 people to register will receive their very own FREE copy ofConstruction Claims & Responses: E ective Writing and Presentation SETA Accreditation No. 2502
  2. 2. OVERVIEW is comprehensive training course covers the full spectrum of claims arising under constructioncontracts. It addresses issues related to recognizing a potential claim, the submittal of notices, contractualentitlement, compilation and presentation of the claim, evaluation considerations and the roles of disputeadjudication boards. is interactive programme will provide delegates with guidance to help them develop e ective proceduresfor preparing, presenting and defending any construction claims. ey will get answers to your pressingquestions. e delegates will go back to site with more insight into the entire process which will give theman overwhelming sense of con dence to deal e ectively with any and all construction claims. COURSE HIGHLIGHTS:• Contract administration for claims • E ective writing and presentation• Cause and e ects • Quantum calculations• Entitlement • Disputes• Substantiation WHO SHOULD ATTEND• Commercial managers• Contract managers• Contracts administration personnel• Quantity surveyors• Planners• Architects and engineers responsible for responding to claims YOUR FACILITATORAndy Hewitt Freelance construction contracts and claims consultant, Hewitt Construction Consultancy, United Arab EmiratesI have almost 40-years experience in the construction industry, which has been gained in the UnitedKingdom, West Africa and latterly in the Middle East, where I have been based for the past 15-years. I haveworked on projects in the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Nigeriaand Sudan. I am a fellow of Quantity Surveyors International, a member of the Chartered Institution ofCivil Engineering Surveyors, an associate of the Chartered Institute of Building. I am also a member of theDispute Resolution Board Foundation and a Corporate Panel Member of the Dispute Board Federation, bothof which are international organisations that actively promote the avoidance and resolution of constructiondisputes. I have held senior contracts, commercial and project management positions with contractors,sub-contractors and consultants, including several years operating my own practice in the UK whicho ered quantity surveying, estimating and project management services to contractors, subcontractorsconsultants and private clients. I have been involved in a wide variety of construction projects includingsuper high-rise, large low-rise housing developments, hotels, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, heavy civilengineering, process plants, highways, marine works, water treatment and reclamation plants, pipelines,marine works, desalination plants and royal palaces. My project and company management skills togetherwith experience gained in a variety of disciplines and projects within the construction industry haveled me to specialise in the eld of construction contractual issues, claims and dispute management.Whilst the avoidance of contractual disputes is a priority, if disputes do occur I favour a structured andproactive approach to their management in order to protect the contractual entitlements of my clients. Mypersonal background and experience, which includes involvement at many levels and disciplines withinthe construction industry, provides a direct bene t to clients in that I can relate to the needs of clientsfrom both the employer and contractor sides and the individual project personnel through my own pastpersonal ‘hands-on’ experience.Publications: Construction Claims & Responses: effective writing and presentation. e book discusses the di erent types of claims common to construction contracts and presents a step-by-step guide, which demonstrates the process of building up the submission of a claim or response. Itincludes guidelines as to how to set out the claim section by section in a logical manner, to ensure thatthe essentials of a successful claim are included. Worked examples of claims for variations, extensions oftime and additional payment are included together with sample wording to demonstrate precisely howthe claim should be presented in order to contain a persuasive argument to support the claim or response.GLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj PillayJohannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc.Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates
  3. 3. COURSE AGENDA DAY 1The following schedule and contents are preliminary and subject to changeSession OneContract administration: How to ensure that administration systems are in place toensure that claims are managed e ectively• Contract documents• Programmes and planning• Notices• Records• ChronologiesSession TwoTypes of Claim: How to identify a claim situation and what is claimable• Variations.• Extensions of time• Prolongation• Acceleration and disruption• Damages under lawSession ThreeThe essential elements of a successful claim: Analysis and demonstration of theevent in order to Justify the claim• Cause• E ect• Entitlement• Substantiation COURSE AGENDA DAY 2Session OneCompilation and presentation of claims and responses: how to e ectively presentyour case• Format and arrangement of the claim document• What to include and whySession TwoResponses and disputes: Dealing with submitted claims, preparing determinationsand dispute management• Responses• Determinations• Dispute management• Dispute adjudication boardsSession ThreeGeneral discussions• Questions and answers• General discussions.• Closing remarks PROGRAMME SCHEDULEAll timings are approximate due to the interactive nature of the course.08:00 – 08:30 Registration and early-morning tea08:30 – 10:00 Facilitator’s opening remarks and morning session10:00 – 10:30 Mid-morning refreshments and networking break10:30 – 12:30 Mid-morning session12:30 – 13:30 Networking luncheon13:30 – 15:30 Afternoon session15:30 – 15:45 Questions and closing remarks15h45 End of training
  4. 4. CONTRUCTION CLAIMS ONLY R749 15 - 16 February 2012 Per D 0Registration Form Global Prospectus Training Centre eleg ex. VA ate, T. Unit 5 Ferndale Mews, 15 Dover Street ,GPW M4 Randburg , JHB Fax Completed Registration Form To: +27 11 781 6044Company Name:Type of Business:Address:Tel: Fax: VAT Number:Delegate 1:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 2:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 3:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 4:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 5:Position: E-Mail:AUTHORISATION: Signatory must be authorised to sign on behalf of Company CREDIT CARDName: Cardholder’s Name: DETAILSPosition: Credit Card Number:Signature: Date: CVC No: Expiry Date:PAYMENT METHODS1. Bank Transfer - Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. 2. Credit card - Please fill in your credit card details above First National Bank: Randburg 3. Cheques - Made Payable to: Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. Account Number: 62109 270372 Branch Code: 254005TERMS & CONDITIONSThe following terms and conditions will apply: Substitutions Payment is required in full 5 days from date of invoice Delegates must inform Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd in writing All payments to be made directly to Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. of any substitutions. No seats will be reserved, unless Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. receives a signed registration form. There is no charge for substitutions. Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. reserves the right, due to circumstances beyond our control, to change Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd will not be held liable for incorrect speakers, program content, date & venue. Delegate details on Certi s, etc. in the event of substitutions being The signed registration form is a legally binding contract. made on the day of the conference. In the event of Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd having to cancel or postpone an event due to circum-Cancellations stances beyond our control, delegates will be issued with a credit voucher,All cancellations will be subject to approval by the management of Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. - which may be used at another of our events.All cancellations made 7 days prior to date of the above mentioned event will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.Cancellations made within 7 days of date of the above mentioned event, will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee. - Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd will not be held liable for travel and accommoda -The will be no refunds or credit vouchers. tion costs. The conference fee includes: conference material, lunches and refreshments, but excludes travel & accommodation.GLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj PillayJohannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc.Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates