Lessons from the Third Sector innovators, successful charity campaigns on mobile


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As part of the Third Sector "Integrated Digital Fundraising, Marketing & Comms" conference I had a look at the latest developments in mobile consumer behaviour, and the innovators embracing mobile in the Third Sector. The presentation looked at companies successfully using seamless mobile payment and CRM solutions, and what lessons to take on board for fundraising strategies.

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Lessons from the Third Sector innovators, successful charity campaigns on mobile

  1. 1. Lessons from the Third Sector Innovators successful charity campaigns on mobile Oisin Lunny, Senior Market Development Manager
  2. 2. BackgroundCase studies: !""#$%& 1. DEC 2. Faberge Big Egg Hunt 3. Open FundraisingLessons from the Third Sector Innovators
  3. 3. Changing consumer behaviour "MIND THE GAP" by the Charities Aid Foundation, Sept 2012
  4. 4. Changing consumer behaviour Source: MobileSquared
  5. 5. Mobile primary internet access Source: MCT US
  6. 6. More mobile traffic Source: SiteCounter Global Stats 11/12
  7. 7. New devices adopted more rapidly Source: Apple
  8. 8. Most-missed media activity Source: Ofcom UK Adults’ Media Literacy, 2010
  9. 9. Be aware of smartphone penetration Source: Informa
  10. 10. The evolution of mobile giving CE0,E+- C*E07$&,**F !"#$%&&()$&*(+$+"#*,- !@6$A@BCD 60,7-$ 08*&+#,1 60,7-$;0<*,+- >0+#$;0<*,+- >0))0,81 9:345 :=5 :=5 9?5.((*/0+*,1 2345 Source: Everett, Gladwell, Maloney
  11. 11. The evolution of mobile giving CE0,E+- C*E07$&,**F !"#$%&&()$&*(+$+"#*,- !@6$A@BCD 60,7-$ 08*&+#,1 60,7-$;0<*,+- >0+#$;0<*,+- >0))0,81 9:345 :=5 :=5 9?5.((*/0+*,1 2345 Source: Everett, Gladwell, Maloney
  12. 12. The evolution of mobile giving CE0,E+- C*E07$&,**F CDC$ 8*(0%*( !"#$%&&()$&*(+$+"#*,- !@6$A@BCDGH$ICDC 60,7-$ 08*&+#,1 60,7-$;0<*,+- >0+#$;0<*,+- >0))0,81 9:345 :=5 :=5 9?5 .((*/0+*,1 2345 Source: Everett, Gladwell, Maloney
  13. 13. Massive growth of SMS giving % of respondents who have given to charity in last 3 months “In which of the following ways did you give?” Source: nVision / Charity Awareness Monitor (nfpSynergy) Base: 1,000 online respondents aged 16+, GB
  14. 14. Why SMS? SMS are perceived as personal 90% of SMS read within an hour One self contained channel for all Mobile user is in control initial interaction has overcome the biggest barrier already
  15. 15. Disasters and Emergency Committee
  16. 16. DEC partner network
  17. 17. Keywords to track ROI
  18. 18. Gift aid innovation
  19. 19. Gift aid innovation CMX2
  20. 20. Results• 500% increase in SMS donations• 60% opt-in to gift aid• Double the response from other channels• 25% added to these donations• Over £1,500,000 raised by SMS and Gift aid• OpenMarket processed over £10,000 /second• Record donations by mobile for DEC
  21. 21. Using the shortcode on other mediaTV Peaking at 298k on 08/07/11 £300,000 £225,000 TV events / newspaper ads drove peak donations, in particular support from ITV £150,000 TV £75,000 £0 August 2011
  22. 22. The Faberge Big Egg Hunt
  23. 23. A World Record breaking campaign,
  24. 24. with mobile shortcodes at the heart of the engagement strategy.
  25. 25. The overall campaign raised over £1 million, via sms egg hunt entries, and egg auctions.
  26. 26. capturing the public’s imagination, while generating massive goodwill and pr.
  27. 27. Open Fundraising
  28. 28. Beaten.Neglected.Starved.Will you help feed a doglike Archie until we canfind him a home?When we found Archie, he weighed 3.2kg – just half what he should have. He hadn’t been fed fortwo weeks and was so close to death that his temperature didn’t register on the vet’s thermometer.Thankfully, he was brought to an RSPCA rescue centre, where he was given the food and care hedesperately needed to survive. But there are many more neglected dogs like Archie – and many morehungry mouths to feed.Text FEED to 70030 to give £3to feed and care for a dog like Archie.The RSPCA can only exist thanks to donations from people like you. So thank you in advance for your kindness.The RSPCA helps animals in England and Wales. Registered charity no: 219099The RSPCA brings private prosecutions where appropriate. Your gift will be used to further our work where it’s needed most. You will be charged £3, plus one message at your standard network rate. RSPCA willreceive 100% of your donation, excluding O2 customers where £2.96 will be received. By using this service, you agree that we may contact you in the future. If you’d rather we didn’t, text OPTOUT to 70030.
  29. 29. Mobilise reporting tools
  30. 30. Regular PSMS v Direct Debit
  31. 31. Regular PSMS v Direct Debit
  32. 32. Lessons from the Innovators
  33. 33. Its a mobile world 80 60 40 20 0 UK population v mobile handsets (m) People Phones
  34. 34. Every mobile transactionis a CRM opportunity
  35. 35. Mobile is reinvigorating other marketing channels
  36. 36. Metrics and reporting - vital to measure ROI
  37. 37. Know your target market Getty Images
  38. 38. Take the opportunity Photo: Give A Man A Kick the new album from giveamanakick Cypress ave Cork April 18th 0ut April 18th Whelans Dublin April 19th Roisin Dubh Galway April 24th w w w. m y s p a c e . c o m / g i v e a m a n a k i c k Dolans Limerick April 25th
  39. 39. Understand the key drivers of performance
  40. 40. Focus on improving the areas that will have the biggest impact
  41. 41. Be brilliant at the basics
  42. 42. Optimise everything
  43. 43. Keep It Short & Simple
  44. 44. Choose the right partner
  45. 45. customers and partners
  46. 46. ** THANK YOU **sales@uk.openmarket.com www.openmarket.com text “sales” to 88600