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Current Trends in Small-Mid Scale LNG


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Current Trends in Small-Mid Scale LNG

  1. 1. Is y o ur c o mp a ny c urre ntly inte re s te d in S ma ll/ Mid S c a le LN G p ro d uc tio n? 22% Yes 51% No Maybe 27%
  2. 2. Is y o ur c o mp a ny a n e nd -us e r o r a p ro v id e r o f LN G te c hno lo g y ?56.0% 54.8%55.0%54.0%53.0%52.0% 51.6%51.0%50.0% End-user Provider
  3. 3. W ha t b e s t d e s c rib e s y o ur a re a o f e xp e rtis e ?60.0% 48.6%50.0% 45.7%40.0%30.0% 25.7% 22.9% 22.9%20.0% 8.6%10.0%0.0% in g ns ng n en t ng er t io ni sig ni ne er a l an De lo pm la n gi p P e lP En O c al ev ia i d rc hn s e c es m Te i n om B us C
  4. 4. W hic h a re a o f the LN G v a lue c ha in a re y o u fo c us e d ?45.0% 41.7%40.0% 36.1%35.0% 30.6% 30.6%30.0%25.0%20.0%15.0% 11.1%10.0% 5.0% 0.0% er n rt in n t io po th io ha at O ac ns C fic ef ra e si qu lu /T ga Va Li er Re rri le Ca ho W
  5. 5. W o uld y o u b e inte re s te d in a tte nd ing a n e v e nt fo c us e d o nS ma ll/ Mid Sc a le LN G fro m b o th a te c hnic a l a nd c o mme rc ia l s ta nd p o int? 37.8% Yes No 62.2%
  6. 6. Register and pay before 18th February and save 200€ SMALL-MID Align the business SCALE LNG case with proven SUMMIT 2011 technology Key speakers include: Dr. Tony Acton Principal QUOTE Acton LNG LNGSLIDE TO Formerly BG Group RECEIVE A 20% Francois Cahagne DISCOUNT ON Small Scale LNG, YOUR CONFEREN Group Coordinator CE Two Day Conference: 11th - 12th April, 2011 TICKET GDF Suez Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre, The Netherlands Alan Senior LNG professionals will gather at the Small-Mid Scale Senior Energy Specialist World Bank LNG Summit 2011 to discuss the commercial and business case for smaller LNG projects and the technologies needed to make Peter Blomberg Managing Director these happen through an array of international case studies. Nordic LNG Hear directly from leading experts about: Pablo Quiroga, • The analysis of the business case for small to medium scale projects to LNG Technology Manager, Repsol-Gas Natural LNG (STREAM) achieve maximum ROI • An overview of currently available technologies - understand how they Koos Blaazer can be applied to your commercial plan CEO LNG Europe • Construction of smaller scale plants - what are the key economic and technical differences with larger scale projects? Mustafa Sayin Commercial Manager • Current market dynamic and global trends - is the time right for a small Aygaz to mid scale venture? • Creating a small to mid scale LNG value chain - who are the end users? Petter Nekså Senior Researcher • Developments in LNG shipping - learn how the carrier industry has Sintef moved forward Klaas Kerssemakers Commercial Manager “Excellent discussions on the high impact issues.” Anthony Veder Conoco Phillips Piet Kager Commercial Manager Gasunie Premier Media Partner: Media partners: Telephone: Fax: Email: Visit: +44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301
  7. 7. Conference Day One Monday 11th April 201108:30 Registration and Refreshments 12:30 Lunch and Networking Break08:45 Chairman’s Opening Remarks 13:30 Constructing a small to medium scale LNG plant • Choosing the correct design and technology09:00 The business and technical case for • Case studies of successful construction projects • Overview of market drivers behind the project Small-Mid Scale LNG • Exploring the parameters and business case of small-mid scale production and regasification 14:15 Liquefaction technology for small to medium scale • What are the cost barriers and how can we overcome them? LNG applications • A look at the current technologies, where are we now? • Downsizing proven technology to fit smaller scale projects • Examples of success - the special cases and what could work in the future • Analysis of efficiency and process of liquefaction technology Dr. Tony Acton • What is the return on investment? Principal, Acton LNG, Formerly BG Group 15:00 Making the case for Mid-Scale LNG • Aligning the commercial and technical aspects of medium scale projects09:45 Prospects for Mid-Scale LNG Import Terminals • Monetising stranded gas, is mid scale the answer? in the Philippines and Vietnam • Creating markets in out of reach areas, bypassing infrastructure vacuums • Exploring the political and commercial challenges • Developing a mid scale LNG value chain in South East Asia • Overview of the proposed Vietnam and Philippines projects 15:45 Afternoon refreshments • Scope of investment, technologies, analysing costs versus return Alan Townsend 16:15 Trends in Global LNG Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank • An overview of the most significant current and planned LNG projects globally: outlining cost and technology challenges in a changing market • Evaluating new sources of gas for production and the impact on the market10:30 Coffee and Networking Break • Taking advantage of new small scale production prospects Chris Holms Senior Consultant,11:00 LNG importation challenges for Mid-Scale projects; Purvin and Gertz examining commercial supply restrictions • A review of the limitations and constraints for LNG supply • Assessing alternative solutions to overcome the restrictions of LNG supply. 17:00 Panel Discussion • Exploring the feasibility of Mid-Scale projects in current LNG markets An interactive discussion on the current challenges facing the industry • The commercial and business case for small-mid scale LNG Pablo Quiroga, • The technology involved in smaller LNG production and regasification LNG Technology Manager, • How will the industry move forward Repsol-Gas Natural LNG (STREAM) Francois Cahagne Small Scale LNG- Group Coordinator,11:45 The development of a Small Scale LNG business GDF Suez in Norway Dr. Tony Acton • The development of the project and business case Principal, • Cost analysis compared with traditional large scale LNG Acton LNG, Formerly BG Group • Start up and first operations through to delivery Peter Blomberg, 18:00 Chairman’s Summary and Drinks Reception Managing Director, Nordic LNG “Known players in the field, “Speaker quality was very high” showing their expertise” Enel/Endesa RINA (UK) Ltd. About Oil & Gas IQ Oil & Gas IQ provides over 100 technical and strategic events across Europe, Asia, the US and the Middle East every year, educating almost 5,000 high-level executives annually. Through our website, enewsletter and conferences we seek to keep the industry in the know about the latest issues that affect your bottom line. Our members and delegates benefit from a culmination of 100% industry research and practical information and tools that solve critical everyday business problems. Telephone: Fax: Email: Visit: +44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301
  8. 8. Conference Day Two Tuesday 12th April 201108:30 Registration and Refreshments 14:15 Successful development of a Small-Scale LNG business in Turkey08:45 Chairman’s Opening Remarks • Setting up an LNG supply chain, what are the key challenges? • An overview of the commercial and technical challenges faced • Exploring the customer base and the use of LNG in Turkey09:00 Small-Scale LNG facilities in the Netherlands Mustafa Sayin • An update on the development of small scale LNG in the Netherlands Commercial Manager, • Overview of the business case and commercial case Aygaz • LNG as an alternative fuel and energy source, who are the end users? Koos Blaazer 15:00 Afternoon refreshments CEO, LNG Europe 15:30 The Sintef Mini-LNG concept09:45 LNG Terminal Zeebrugge: creating opportunities in • Explore the technical challenges overcome for reliquefaction onboard small gas carriers the LNG supply chain • An overview of the research and development study in small scale LNG • Regas terminal for all types of LNG ships • Analysing of the findings and technical solution • LNG export by ship loading (from small to big) or truck loading Petter Neksa • Short term opportunities and long term development Senior Researcher, Pieterjan Renier Sintef Development Manager, Fluxys LNG 16:15 Small-Scale LNG developments at the Gate Terminal10:30 Coffee and Networking Break • Creating an alternative LNG value chain in the Netherlands • Break bulking as an innovative way of facilitating LNG distribution • Case study of Gasunie’s vision for small scale LNG11:00 Ship Owner and operator perspective: Piet Kager Supply of LNG to small scale terminals Commercial Manager, Gasunie • Business case and technology; the development of Coral Methane, world first combined LNG carrier • An overview on cost and benefits 17:00 Chairman’s Summary and Close of Conference • Sourcing of LNG: two primary sources: Ship to Ship and Ship to truck transfers • Strategies for the road ahead, are we getting the business case Klaas Kerssemakers Commercial Manager, Anthony Veder11:45 Construction of Small to Medium Scale LNG plants • Case studies of successful projects • An in depth look into the technology and construction concerns • Balancing the ideal location with the local environmental concerns12:30 Lunch and Networking Break13:30 Safety Aspects associated with Small-Mid Scale LNG • Align your project strategy with HSE best practice • Discover the current standards and procedures • What are the implications on HSE when developing smaller projects? Start your Learning Experience Early! Visit the online download centre for free resources such as videos, podcasts, presentations, white papers etc... Visit for more information Telephone: Fax: Email: Visit: +44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301
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