Generac Generators


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Generac generators available at discounted prices by Ohio Power Tool! Visit! Their experienced staff can help you find the right tool for the job.

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Generac Generators

  1. 1. Ohio Power Tool
  2. 2. Get Some Amazing Deals On Bosch Tools From Ohio Power ToolConstruction workers listen up! If you are looking to buy your beloved Bosch tools and want some good value for money,there is one online store that can offer some amazing deals on the Bosch hammer drill, Bosch click and go system and manyother popular products from the company! Ohio Power tool, the leading showroom for all kinds of construction tools fromall the best brands has just unveiled some spectacular discounts on its line-up of Bosch products.The construction industry in the US today trusts only one name when it comes to buying the best quality tools andequipment. And that name is Ohio Power Tool, the top supplier of the widest range of construction gear from all the mostpopular brands in the industry. The store is the one stop shop to buy all the tools you will ever need for your projects, rightfrom the Bosch hammer drill, Generac generators, Ingersoll Rand air compressor, Mag drill and many more!“Have a look at our Bosch line up and take advantage of some fantastic discounts that we have announced on all of theseproducts! The new Bosch Click & Go system, featuring the LBOXX, is designed to increase organization and aid intransportation to and from your workspace. Bosch LBOXXes feature one click stacking making it easy for multiple boxes tobe carried at the same time. The LBOXX solution can help you turn a messy garage, truck, or shop into a professionallyorganized workspace. Other than this, we are also offering the Bosch 12 V Max Metal Shears, Bosch 12V Battery Starter Kit,the cordless Bosch hammer drill, speed drill, Bosch 18V Compact Bandsaw and many other popular products from themanufacturer and we guarantee you will be blown away by these prices!” said the owner of Ohio Power Tool.To go through the full details of the deals and to get a better understanding of the complete Bosch line-up that the storeoffers, customers will need to visit the ‘Top Tool Deals’ section of the website! This truly is an amazing news forconstruction workers who look for economy as well as effective functionality in their tools.For more information about the store or to browse through their entire range of products including the Bosch hammerdrill, Mag drill and more, please visit the website
  3. 3. Get Some Amazing Deals On Bosch Tools From Ohio Power ToolThe Bosch hammer drill is one of the best tools manufactured by the company. The company has a whole range of tools that areused in construction works. For ages, Bosch has produced the best quality hammers, drills and a lot of other products which havechanged the world of construction. If you visit any area where construction work is in progress, more often than not, you will find theworkers using Bosch products. This just goes to prove how much popularity and trust they have earned from their users. To makesure the quality of drilling is high class and efficient, most construction workers use only Bosch products. The hammer drill is one ofthe company’s best products and it has a lot of benefits.The benefitsThe Bosch hammer drill has many nifty features which make it quite an effective gadget. The tool has both drilling and hammeringfacilities. It is so powerful that it can even drill through steel with ease! The charging system of these drills is designed for theconvenience of the workers. It saves time because it takes only about half an hour to charge it to almost 80% power. Once youcharge it fully, it can be used to drill around 150 holes. It takes almost no effort from you. You can use it to drill holes without gettingtired. The hammer can be used to strike any object with great power. As the tool runs with batteries, there is no cord attached to itmeaning that you can easily carry it anywhere.The machine generates the required energy in no time so that you can work faster and get best results. When you are using the tool,you can use the support handle that it comes with. The support handle makes it easier to control the Bosch hammer drill whenhitting something with the hammer. A carry case is included to keep it safely and carry it around. Despite of being this powerful, thetool is actually quite compact in design. If you need to take it somewhere, that won’t be a problem either as the Bosch hammer drillweighs only around 5 kg. The tool has been designed to be medium sized for a better hold.When it comes to drilling, the rotation of the driller is a very important aspect. This machine can generate 1500 rotations everyminute. That is quite high for drilling through hard materials. One thing that troubles the construction drill workers is the vibration ofthe drill. However, this problem has also been taken care of in the Bosch hammer drill. The vibration is minimal which makes workingwith the tool comfortable. Convenience and efficiency are two of the most required aspects of the construction tools, and thismachine offers exactly that.And what is more, the Bosch hammer drill is quite easily available online from websites like Youcan get these tools at some amazing prices along with all the accessories and add-on gadgets from the comfort of your home byopting to buy from
  4. 4. Contact Information Ohio Power Tool 1042 Dublin Rd - Google Maps Columbus, Ohio 43215 Phone: 614-481-2111 Toll Free: 800-242-4424 E-Mail: sales@ohiopowertool.comWebsite: