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Affordable Learning Ohio


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OhioLINK OER Summit: July 24, 2017

Published in: Education
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Affordable Learning Ohio

  1. 1. Affordable Learning Ohio An OhioLINK initiative supported by ODHE Strategic Initiative Partnerships
  2. 2. • Parent Agency Ohio Department of Higher Ed gave grant of $1.3 Million for OER adoption & Creation • Ohio State University & selected regional community and branch campuses – “feeder courses” to four year degree • Ohio Dominican University – mathematics videos and content • Coalition of 15 community colleges for 20 high enrollment lower division courses • All OhioLINK initiatives directly support portions of the grant proposals • Directive of ODHE to grant participants that OhioLINK will be involved. • Blueprint for initial services to member campuses. OER Grant $1.3 million Strategic Initiative Partnerships
  3. 3. 3 Projects • Awareness and Advocacy • Open Textbook Network • Discovery and Visibility • Affordable Learning Ohio • Creation and Collaboration • Open Ohio OER CommonsStrategic Initiative Partnerships
  4. 4. • Central OhioLINK: Anna Bendo, OhioLINK staff member who is the point person for OER and Affordable Learning initiatives. • Member OhioLINK: The seven system leaders will form the “Affordable Learning” team for OhioLINK to help coordinate and market OTN & other efforts. • Mandi Goodsett, performing arts and humanities librarian, Cleveland State University • Mary Hricko, library director, Kent State Geauga • Steve Kaufman, senior instructional designer, University of Akron • Mark Konecny, scholarly communications and digital publishing strategist, University of Cincinnati • Carla Myers, assistant librarian and coordinator of scholarly communications, Miami University • Joe Nowakowski, professor of economics, Muskingum University • Janet Stewart, acting dean of library services, Shawnee State University • Angel Mootispaw, librarian, Southern State Community College (alternate). OhioLINK Personnel Strategic Initiative Partnerships
  5. 5. • OhioLINK joined as a system in January 2017 • ”Train the trainer” model - workshops to train campus leaders to give further workshops on individual campuses. • 7 System Leaders going to Summer Institute. They will form the “Affordable Learning” team for OhioLINK to help coordinate and market OTN & other efforts • Had application process open to anyone, did not have to be librarians. Open Textbook Network Strategic Initiative Partnerships Awareness and Advocacy
  6. 6. • OhioLINK is covering costs of: • $30K for 5 regional workshops & all costs for 5 OTN System Leaders to attend Summer Institute. • 2 “extras” OTNSI attendees from campuses with individual OTN memberships. • Travel costs for System Leaders to attend regional workshops around the state • Paying for Reviews??? – TBD • Related event: Librarian’s Affordable Learning/OER Summit on July 24th • • 50 attendees signed up, waiting list • Meant to get librarians familiar with OhioLINK’s Affordable Learning initiatives Open Textbook Network Strategic Initiative Partnerships Awareness and Advocacy
  7. 7. Affordable Learning Ohio Strategic Initiative Partnerships Discovery and Visibility OhioLINK branded website (LibGuides CMS) already in development for: • A-Z searchable database for finding OER resources in one place. • Can create ”sub-databases” specific to materials identified of interest to OER grant participants. • Can create guides for each campus; can create guide/sub-site for project. Visibility to legislature and ODHE on campus initiatives very important. • Leverages librarian expertise: most librarians on OhioLINK campuses are very familiar with LibGuides – leveraged on participant’s campuses to help faculty participants find, navigate, add resources. • Affordable Learning aspect. Not just OER, but OhioLINK licensed resources.
  8. 8. Affordable Learning Ohio Strategic Initiative Partnerships Discovery and Visibility Affordable Learning Aspect: • Not just OER materials, but blended materials. No cost to students; materials have already been paid for by library. • Ohio University’s “alt-textbook” program • textbook-initiative/ • “For the past two years, University Libraries, in collaboration with instructional technologists and designers from the Office of Instructional Innovation, has offered a program to encourage and support instructors in efforts to use open educational resources and licensed library content in place of expensive course materials.” • OhioLINK member expertise and collective collection development – “gap analysis” and help with identifying the most useful resources at a statewide level (ebook collections, other resources). • The library and librarians are prominent in their subject mattter expertise role.
  9. 9. Open Ohio Strategic Initiative Partnerships Creation and Collaboration • Branded “microsite” of OER Commons. • Will be designed initially to meet needs of the participants in the OER grant. • Fills repository need and authoring tools for created OER in multiple formats. Video and Advanced Video Integration: Import, host, and build collections of video resources. Video annotation tools are also available.
  10. 10. Open Ohio Strategic Initiative Partnerships Creation and Collaboration • Collaboration tool: can create groups and hubs for collaboration on creation/modification of specific resources – private discussions, ability to curate collections, etc. Ex: Michigan Colleges Online (Community Colleges) • Includes helpdesk functionality, ability to use proprietary materials within site and blend with OER materials, excellent search optimization, ANALYTICS. • Can index and include items hosted elsewhere in a seamless way: OSU ALX materials, for example, are indexed in OER Commons: technical-communications-strategies-applications
  11. 11. How can libraries help? • Awareness and Advocacy • Participate in OTN workshops and other activities like this one; current awareness of what is happening statewide to direct interested parties on your campus to initiatives, experts, reports, grant opportunities. Sign up for the AffordLearn listserv. • Bring your specific expertise to efforts – copyright, licensing, use rights, metadata. • Become the communication hub on your campus to get faculty, instructional designers, etc. to the right people or resources. Identify possible interested faculty and let them know what is happening. • Make sure OER resources are incorporated into discovery tools (catalog, discovery layer, etc.) • New venture: Open Choice from ACRL/ALA. Strategic Initiative Partnerships
  12. 12. How can libraries help? • Creation and Collaboration • Open Ohio (OER Commons) • Assist with custom metadata scheme. • Assist with proper metadata assignment of created/modified items • Assist with usage analytics • Annual review of content to ensure viability over time – when does something need to be upated? Creation of the review process and procedures. • Ensure that new additions are added to local access points; ensure that Open Ohio is a known resource. Strategic Initiative Partnerships
  13. 13. How can libraries help? • Discovery and Visibility • Affordable Learning Ohio • A-Z database sourcing • Find resources, assess the assessment of quality in “publication” terms – adequate rights statements, adequate metadata, durable location. Content quality -- identify who on your campus can assess quality. • Identify OhioLINK resources that are being used for particular classes or curricula in “textbook-like” ways; ebooks, for example. • Enhance metadata in appropriate ways, either in the resource itself (OER) or in access points. Describe accurately in database. • ”Gap analysis” – collectively, can we identify resources (traditional licensed library resources, textbook collections) that would be useful at a statewide level? • Connection between local campus initiatives and the statewide “registry” so that local efforts stay updated and visible. Do you know who your efficiency expert is? Strategic Initiative Partnerships