Wetlands Education Team West Geauga Local Schools


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Learn what the Wetlands Education Team has been up to lately and how they have protected and improved our environment.

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Wetlands Education Team West Geauga Local Schools

  1. 1. Wetlands Education Team West Geauga Local Schools C hester lan d , O hi o K elli , Shaw n , C lay an d Z ak
  2. 2. O ur m ission: ed ucating the p ubl ic about O hio’s w ater resources, and enl isting their ef f orts to p reserve w etl and s. Things we have done: C r eat ing a N ew W et l and Marking buckthorn, an invasive sp ecies, to rem ove
  3. 3. Creating Science Kits for Classrooms
  4. 4. H el p ing anot her sc hool st ar t an O u t door C l assr oom
  5. 5. Teaching Other Kids at Lake F arm p ark and H o l den A rb o retu m
  6. 6. Storm grate stickers
  7. 7. Teaching about Wetlands
  8. 8. B uilding Osprey Platforms W e got hel p f rom the G eauga P ark D istrict and D ivision of N atural R esources to instal l som e osp rey p l atf orm s.
  9. 9. We erected Osprey nesting platforms in Lake County using a bucket truck
  10. 10. B r ochur e about O sp r ey
  11. 11. Creating the Outdoor Classroom
  12. 12. Grand Opening of the Outdoor Classroom O u r plant I D sig ns are in th e f ou r lang u ag es stu died at ou r sch ool. We made a directional post so ev ery one cou ld tell w h ere w e H u ndreds of stu dents came to ou r are in th e w orld. edu cational h alf -day .
  13. 13. Bioblitz at the Outdoor Classroom
  14. 14. H igh S c hool O u t door C l assr oom and R aingar den Before our garden installation Installing the raingarden with help from Geauga Soil and Water
  15. 15. Trail from high school to a vernal pool
  16. 16. R aising m oney f or WE T ef f or ts G etting Money f rom bird houses and l ocal and ad vice f rom national W il d B ird s organiz ations U nl im ited H el p ing at the P ancake B reakf ast to raise m oney
  17. 17. Working to have the Spotted Salamander recognized as the official Ohio state amphibian With additional recognition, more people will become interested in animals that need vernal pools to survive
  18. 18. Meeting with Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne
  19. 19. Lobbying Senator Sherrod Brown to endorse the Spotted Salamander bill
  20. 20. Introducing the Spotted Salamander bill with the Earth Balloon
  21. 21. Widespread support for the Spotted Salamander: postcards to the General Assembly
  22. 22. M any way s t o p r ot ec t wet l ands in nor t heast O hio E d ucati on V er n al P ool M on i tor i n g Lob b y i n g R ed uci n g C li m ate C han ge
  23. 23. U sing G P S to m ap w etlands W E raised m oney and bought T he ol d N ational W etl and I nventory a G P S receiver to m ap m ap s are d if f icul t to read , and w etl and s. incom p l ete.
  24. 24. V er nal p ools identif ied using G P S W e used G P S to record ex actl y w here this vernal p ool is l ocated on E arth.
  25. 25. P r ess ab ou t W E T W e m ade t he f r ont p age!
  26. 26. A r ticles about WE T Cousteau Kids magazine
  27. 27. WET wins President’s Environmental Youth Award Nominated by the Geauga Park District and Ohio Environmental Council Upcoming trip to Washington, DC
  28. 28. U p com ing P r ogr am s Assistance to other school s to m ak e O u td oor C l assroom s and start env ironm ental p rog ram s. C F L l ig ht b u l b g iv eaw ay p rog ram to hel p l essen the ef f ects of cl im ate chang e.
  29. 29. Ways we hope to help you Raffle GPS units to use to track the location of wetlands Tshirts We won a Sea World grant, and they gave us some shirts to share CFL bulbs