Using Data To Affect Policy


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This presentation on how to use data to affect policy was given by Keith Dimoff, Executive Director of the Ohio Environmental Council, at the OEC's 2009 Clean Water Conference on Oct 2 and 3.

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Using Data To Affect Policy

  1. 1. Us sing Water Quality Da to Affect Policy ata Kei Dimoff ith Exe ecutive Director Oct tober 2, 2009
  2. 2. Six steps on how to use data to drive policy What is h Wh i the policy goal? li l? What data is available? How can you make the connection between data and policy? Who is the targeted decision- o s t e ta gete e s o maker? What strategy and tactics will work? When do you win?
  3. 3. Case study: Clean Water y Act “TMDL’s” What was the policy goal? CWA swimmable swimmable, fishable goals; CWA “safety net” watershed restoration plans—Total Maximum Daily Load d (TMDL) What data was available? Impaired and threatened waters 303(d) list How did we make the connection between data and policy? “If we’ve put in place all of these new controls (permits), then why are so o many rivers still not meeting safe standards?” Who was the targeted decision-maker? US EPA, Ohio EPA and Ohio DNR What strategy and tactics worked? OEC & NWF lawsuit and politics When did we win? Tighter permits, dam removals, and the state’s Watershed Coordinator program C di
  4. 4. Case study: Household Sewage Treatment Systems What was the policy goal? Modernize Ohio’s “septic systems” law What data was available? Health department and OSU surveys with failure rates and e coli concentrations How did we make the connection between data and policy? “The current law allows children and pets to touch raw sewage” Who was the targeted decision- maker? Ohio General Assembly What strategy and tactics worked? A Republican ally and strong messaging When did we win? Still waiting!
  5. 5. Tools Messaging • Drinking water • Beach closures • Children • Fairness • Responsibility • Other Media • Newspapers (editorial boards, letters to p p the editor, press releases, more) ) • TV • Radio • Other Public participation opportunities • Permit hearings • Rulemaking comments • Other Legal • Lawsuits • Verified complaints • CWA citizen suits ii i • Other
  6. 6. Targets Elected officials • Congress • Ohio General Assembly • County Commissioners • Local officials • Other Agencies • OEPA • ODNR • ODH • Local agencies • Other Other targets • Private sector/industry • Neighbors/public opinion • Other
  7. 7. Types of data Biological (f h diversity and health, l l (fish d dh l h macroinvertebrates, other) Chemical (pH, dissolved oxygen, mercury, other) Physical (erosion, vegetation, other) Aesthetic (smell, color, other) Human health (illness, antibiotic resistance, other) Economic (t i E i (tourism, water supply, other) t l th ) Other
  8. 8. Policy opportunities Scenic and Wild Rivers d ld Clean Water Restoration Act Wetlands and vernal pools/401s Water Quality Rules Clean Water Act enforcement CAFO’s/Industrial agriculture Other agricultural sources Pharmaceuticals AG programs/CRP/EQIP
  9. 9. More policy opportunities Credible Data Program d bl Pollutant trading Agricultural Ditches Stormwater Sewer overflows/CSO s overflows/CSO’s NPDES point sources CWA 208 planning/sewer lines Coal mining/AMD Phosphorus
  10. 10. More policy opportunities Great Lakes Restoration Initiative k Lake Erie LaMP BEACH Act Great Lakes Legacy Act Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Great Lakes Compact Invasive species/Ballast Water
  11. 11. How You Can Get Involved « Become an OEC Member Join a network of more than 3,000 individuals & groups around the state t t « Take Action Sign up for OEC’s action alerts, call & write your lawmakers, get involved in community issues « Donate to the OEC Help secure healthy air, land, and Ohio Environmental Council water for all Ohioans 1207 Grandview Avenue, Suite 201 Columbus, OH 43212 Your donation makes you an OEC (614) 487-7506 member b www theOEC org