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OEC Vernal Pool Workshop 2013


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Presentation by the Ohio Environmental Council and Ohio Wetlands Association at the 2013 Vernal Pool Workshop.

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OEC Vernal Pool Workshop 2013

  1. 1. Ve ernal Pool Monitoring  Workshop Plum Brook Plum Brook Saturday, Apr. 6, 2013 David R. Celebrezze D id R C l bDirector of Air & Water Special Projects
  2. 2. Overview» OEC’s vernal pool program» Monitoring tips This is a space for a photo or graphic or more text.» Common macros of vernal pools
  3. 3. Donations: ations: a
  4. 4. Spon nsors: Anonymous (former workshop Ray Stewart participant)Mick Micacchion
  5. 5. Co‐hostCo‐host
  6. 6. Who is the OEC?
  7. 7. Vernal p l definiti n pool definition A mini ecosystem that plays out every spring. A small but dynamic, wetland y that fills with water, blossoms with lif and hosts a cacophony of sounds and fe a plethora of life forms every spring, o to disappear into the forest floor only every autumn.
  8. 8. OEC s Vernal Pool ProgramOEC’s Vernal Pool Program » Ohio Vernal Pool Partnership  (w/listserv) ( » Curriculum » Educational video Educational video » Field guide » Workshops » On‐line database » Waders in the water Waders in the water » VP smart phone app!!
  9. 9. VP monitoring appVP monitoring app » Look up amphibians known to a county » Record time, temperature, wind, p and precipitation dataplay » Document landowner and observer information » Log species and number » Provide a checklist of tools to bring to the vernal pool » Record disturbances » Send a report via email to the user and the OEC for submission into database » Have frog and toad calls on it » Data emailed to you and OEC and much more!
  10. 10. WetlandsWetlands- Historical Aspect90+%9
  11. 11. Main Culprits
  12. 12. Ohio EPA 401 water quality certification program» Deve eloper/individual must apply for a permit to impa a wetland act» If we etland is one acre or more an individual p mit perm is required q» Must meet certain criteria» Avoid, minimalization, mitigation » Mitigation to “replace” what is impacted
  13. 13. Ohio EPA 401 water quality certification program » Not 1 100% successful » Mitigation banks are not replacing wetlands that are impacted » 2006 study revealed: » ~82% “poor” or “fair” quality poor fair » ~18% “good” quality » “Pond-breeding salamanders and forest dependent frog species were nearly absent…” Overrall: “12 banks assessed in Ohio, 3 were most successful, 5 were tly successful succ cessful in some areas but failed in other area and 4 were mostly failed.” as,OEPA
  14. 14. Solutions: Keep vigilant in your community» Sign up to mailing list » Contact Chris Bowman at: » 614-644-2052 or » Let him know you want to sign up for the 401 application notices for X county.» Subm comments (team up with your local mit wate h d group) tershed )
  15. 15. TipsTi on M nitoring Moni i
  16. 16. How to monitor: Do’s and Don’ts
  17. 17. Do s Do’sBring a cell phoneGo to the vernal pool during the day to plan your routeBring a flashlight with back up batteriesBring wading boots or chest wadersBring your cameraBring monitoring formsBring compassBring frog and toad call CDBring ear p g g plugs
  18. 18. Do s Do’sAsk for permission to be on the properrtyBring a friendcontamination callifthe Ohio it. If you see a spillor Do pick up trash you see EPA. eDo bring a small aquarium.Send a copy of the data to OECDo call the policeDo have a blast!
  19. 19. Don ts Don’tsx Don’t Trespassx Don’t drink the water or eat berries, mushroo oms, etc.x Don’t literx Don’t use hand sanitizer or lotion before goin into the pool ngx Don’t handle amphibians with dry handsx Don’t take anything home with you-intentiona or unintentionally allyx Don t Don’t disturb egg massesAlso…
  20. 20. Tips T when monitoring» If at night » Once get to the vernal pool cut your flashlight and wait a minute to listen to the o frogs » H ld fl hli ht over th water for a minute- Hold flashlight the t f i t fairy shrimp love that! »S Sometimes i takes a minute f your ey i it k i for yes to adjust and for the macros to come ou of ut their hiding places.
  21. 21. Clean off equipment and suppliesLimit the spread of undesirable organisms from m one vernal pool to anotherWith a sturdy brush, pre‐rinse and scrub the wa y ,p aders and boots with water to remove excess debris (ex. caked on mud).Using a bleach and water solution (one capful p per every gallon of water) scrub the items. When done rinse the equipment with water and let air dry.  If you can still smell bleach after the items are dry, rinse and hang dry again.Do not empty the rinse water near a water body (stream creek river wetland) Do not empty the rinse water near a water body (stream, creek, river, wetland). 
  22. 22. OEC s on-line OEC’s on line database» Chec to see if any vernal pools are monitored in ck your area r area.» If a vernal pool may be impacted contact us to v see if it has/is being monitored i» Send a copy of your data to us. d
  23. 23. Macroinvertebrates invertebrates that you can see with the naked eye hNeed to adjust our perspective
  24. 24. WhatWhat is this?
  25. 25. What is this? WA leaf
  26. 26. What is this? WA leafHome for a cadd disfly larva
  27. 27. What is this? WA leafHome for a cadddisfly larvaFood for a copep pod
  28. 28. What is this? WA leafHome for a cadd disfly larvaFood for a copeppodHiding place for an isopod
  29. 29. What is this? WA leafHome for a cadd disfly larvaFood for a copeppodHiding place for an isopodWater cooling syystem thatdoesn’t l t th pool get td ’t let the ol t toohot too fast.
  30. 30. Common Macros of vernal pools
  31. 31. Dave-crawl on over to th P i f thD l to the Prezi for thecommon macros!
  32. 32. How You Can Get Involved» Contact local watershed group» J i h OV li Join the OVPP listserv» Stay on top of legislation and take action  on it by signing up for the OEC’s Action  Alerts at 1207 Grandview Avenue, Suite 201 Columbus, OH  43212 Col mb s OH 43212 (614) 487‐7506 OEC